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Queens: U

[Ur Ogham Character]Uroica, Ura, Brug (Heather)
(pron. OO-rah) Breton summer goddess of heather and heather wine. She is honored with the making of alcohol for festivals and sacred purposes with the Fête de la Bruyère: Heather Festival on September 28th. Bagpipers are seen. She is the symbol of Breiz: Brittany. Luneberger Heide: Heather Moon Mountains, Germany. La Virgen del Brezo: The Virgin of the Heather is a mountain in Spain that people climb up by moonlight with lanterns. L’église de Saint Rémy l’Honoré a été marqué par la présence du prieuré des dames de Haute Bruyère. (99)

[Ur Ogham Character]Fior Usga (Spring Water)
Daughter of King Corc of Ireland. She unleashed a flood when trying to draw water and the Lough of Cork was formed. The castle sank to the bottom of the sea and they are feasting there still. Her color is associated with the Ur ogham. (54, 133)

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