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Queens: F

Fúamnach ní Beothach (Sonorousness)
(pron. FOOM-na) Original wife of King Midir: Wren who lives in the underworld Sidhe of Brí Léith (pron. BREE LAY). When he abducted the goddess Etain: Waterfall to live with him for part of the year in a grianon: sunhouse, She transformed his lover into a crimson dragonfly with a wand of rowan berries in her bedroom. When Midir abducted Etain for a second time, Fúamnach turned her into a purple dragonfly. The third time was a golden dragonfly. Midhir and Óengus: Youth Son of Bees waited for Fuamach to come and join them and when she did not come, Óengus. hurried back to Brugh na Boinn: Milk River. He found the griannon: sun house of the lover empty, went in search of Fuamach, found her, and cut off her head. Her father is Beothach: Living Flame. Her foster-father is the Druid Bresal. (48, 183)

[NIon: Ash Ogham]Fuinche, Fainche (Ash)
(pron. FIN-hee) Irish goddess fuinseog: common name of nion. Nuin Fuinnseog Onnen The Black Ash - The Tree of Rebirth, Links the World of Spirit to the physical. The passage way between the inner world and the outer realms. The keys to the future but only in time. First Chieftan Tree. 18 February-17 March, Necht or clear in color. [Ogham Divination in the Summerlands] The Hag of the Ashes, once called the Hag of the Wood lives in a wattled-woven ash tree house in the center of a wood with 4 ash trees drawn together at the tops, with no one near her since her 9 daughters went away. Her goat carries the King of he Cats to the Eagle-Emperor’s palace on the top of the Hill of Horns covered with thistles. (80, 147)

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