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Queens: C

Cwyla, Gwyll (Rotation, Orbit) Cywyllog, Gwyllion ab Gwylim ap Aeddan (Culture, Tillage) Mínchloth (Of Gentle Reputation) Gwenllian Deg (Shining Maiden)
(pron. DEEG, MIN-kloh) Fomorian goddess and queen of Fomorian realm of Draca. Her Fomorian sorcerers, the Blue Men, leave Fomoria to wander the seas. In Arthurian mythology she became the wife of Mordred who takes the form of a goat: yn awr maiden. She has brown eyes and wears black slippers. She travels on moonbeams. At the highest mountain in Wales she leads a group of magical vapory goats with vapory horns. In crone aspect she wears an oblong 4-cornered hat, ash-coloured clothes, apron thrown across her shoulder, and a pot in her hand to fetch milk. She haunts lonely roads at Lanhyddel: Stag Mountain in Monmouthshire and Black Mountain in Breconshire. Her father is lord of Castle Gwynn: The White Tower. (71, 75, 80, 96, 122)
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