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Faeries 2

The Mandevant, Mandubiens, Mandubes (People of the Horses, That Which Gives Foals) Mandubratius ap Llud ap Beli

Faery race of Brittany. Their cities walls, towers, palaces, belfries, and houses are made of silver. They depend on the powerful Aduai / Eduens. Alésia is their capital near Dyon, France. The Celts originally living in Morbihan: Morvan are the Aduai, Mandubiens, Séquanes, Lingons tribes. Auxois mount, chief town of Mandubiens, supported a oppidum. The citadel was protected by a rampart; it sheltered a sanctuary; the inhabitants spoke the Celtic language which was transcribed in Greek characters. Alésia running under the High-Empire had a basilica with three apses doubled, a network of paved streets, sewers, latrines, and thermal baths. Mandubratius is described going to Britain and fighting the armies of Julius Caesar. (49, 112, 113)
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