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Easter Witches:
Sweden: Children dress up like witches and put Easter greetings into the mailboxes of their friends. Firecrackers are set off to scare away real witches.
Ostern: Easter
(pron. AW-stern) Germany: Rabbit gardens are made ready for the easter hare. He brings dyed hens eggs of purple, green, and yellow and chocolate diorama eggs. Other goodies are pink and blue satin eggs with sweets, perfume, or tiny lace trimmed handkerchiefs inside. Egg duels called EierSpacken or Eier-Doppen (pron. eye-yuhr-shpack-ehn, eye-yuhr-daw-puhn) are popular. On Easter morning egg rolling is done by children. Spring water and dew is gathered in the early morning of Easter by young women to make them beautiful throughout the year (9)

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