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Easter Food

Czechoslovakia, Poland: Coffee bread is eaten. Greece & Portugal: A flatbread is eaten marked with a cross. Syria & Jordan: Honey pastries are made. Italy, Greece, Middle East: Lamb is eaten on Easter(1)

En France: French Food
Pâques est, bien sûr, la fête du chocolat. C’est aussi un grand jour de réunion familiale, à l’église et à table. On fait un grand repas, et au dessert, grands et petits mangent des oeufs, des cloches, des poules ou des poissons en chocolat remplis de bonbons. (10).Easter is, very much, a chocolate holiday. It is also a big day for familial reunions at church and at the table. People eat a large meal, and for dessert, large and small eat chocolate-filled candies shaped like eggs, bells, chicken or fish. (10)

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