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Swedish Twelve Nights
The god Freyr has a magical gold boar named Gullinbursti that can shadow and turn night into day. These are solar attributes that signal the death of the midwinter sun and the birth of a new sun. The sonartoltr: holy boar is sacrificed the night before Yule, Bragarfull: holy cup. Prayers go straight to the ears of Freyr himself. When Yule-season is over, it is rung out with bells or beaten out with birch-sticks.

Special, very strong, ale is brewed for Yule (pron. YEWL) time after the Winternights. Beer brewed at Yule is full of magical strength, and may be used throughout the year. The strongest beer in the world is Sanniklaus, at 13.5 %, which is only brewed at Yule.

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