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Google® Play™ Store (formerly Google® Android MarketPlace & Google® Books) (Digital Rights Management: Adobe® Digital Editions .ACSM: Adobe Content Server Management ePUB: electronicPUBlication & Adobe® PDF: Portable Document Format Books) [October 22, 2008] Named Google® Play™ March 6, 2012: Play Store software pre-installed on Google® licensed Android™ telephones/tablets: Play Store Website (born February 2, 2011) does not allow direct downloading from a Personal Computer. It will save application requests & send them to a registered telephone/tablet. The refund time for those in the 131 countries that can buy applications is 15 minutes. Le Monde, 20% des applications de l’Android Market demandent l’accès à des données personnelles ©Juin 26, 2010: Juniper Networks® SMobile Systems Security Software Company claims 20% of apps in the Android Market request permissions that could be used for malicious purposes, & 5% of apps can make phone calls without the user’s intervention. This is not a claim that the apps are actually malicious, but rather that the potential for malicious activity exists. Google® Android™ C2DM: Cloud to Device Messaging invented in 2010 ‘pushes ad notifications’. Google Director Eric Chu noted in his May 11, 2011 Android Market for Developers speech that applications can be created for all countries & all operating systems if desired with a new area called Trending for the most popular applications. Damon Poeter, Report: Paid Apps Tanking in Android MarketPlace, PC Magazine Online, Columbia Broadcasting Service® Ziff Davis Publishing Holdings Inc. ©May 27, 2011. Mobile Network Group® Appsfire reported: “The Android Market has a relatively high rate of apps that were once available for download & have since been unpublished.” The report stated “Out of roughly 300,000 apps that have ever been on the Market, over 95,000 (32%) are no longer available.” Michael James Williams, Clear Storage on Your Phone, Australia: Gartner Inc.® Nubera eBusiness S.L.® AppStorm® ©January 24th 2011 Notes: <25MB = no install over-the-air updates to your system, <15MB = no sync. Hughster: “The 1 great tip here that has really helped was to use the superb DiskUsage app to find out which apps I thought were safely stowed away on SD: Secure Digital [card] were secretly taking up phone memory.” Math Note: 8 bits a.k.a binary digits; these are either a 0 or 1 = 1 Byte. Example: 00000001. A Byte contains enough information to store a single latin character, like h. Internet speed is measured in bits per second: bps, kbps: kilobits per second & Mbps: Megabits per second. Computer storage & memory is measured in (B) Bytes, kiloBytes (kB), MegaBytes (MB) & GigaBytes (GB). 1 MB = 1,024 kiloBytes or (1024×1024) Bytes. 1 GB = 1,024 MB or (1024×1024×1024) Bytes. See Matisse Enzer® Bit Calculator. Set calculators provided for USA 3rd graders to binary division. :-) Google® Play™ Books for: Google® Android™ version 2.1> [Green robot logo, Bugdroid, by Irina Blok ©November 5, 2007. Android: Greek νήρ/aner: der Mensch: human & ε δος/eidos: das Aussehen‚ die Gestalt: see; menschenförmig: forming human. Star Trek, Return to Tomorrow ©Feb 9, 1968], Apple® iTunes® Google® Books for Apple® iPhone/iPad iOS 5.0> [Apple® iBook Author .iba], eReaders: ソニー: Sony® Reader [Canon® Librié Reader Format .lrf a.k.a Japan BBeB: Broad Band eBook ], 사용설명서: Neolux® NUUT: 누트, William & Charles Barnes & Clifford Noble® Nook® Inglenook: Breton for place by the fire for reading [Adobe® Nookbook], IREX® Bookeen, Guangzhou Jinchan: Canton Golden Toad Software® Dr Yi Reader a.k.a Aluratek® Libre [EBA: Electronic Book Edition] & JinKe Electric Co.® HanLin® [WOLF® .wol files]. Books in the public domain are a full download. Google acquired ETI: Ebook Technologies, Inc. a.k.a Wilde Technologies inventor of 1990’s DynaText & 1999’s Softbook® OEB: Open Electronic Book. “SoftBook had an RJ11 telephone jack & internal 33.6 Kbps MODEM to connect with the SoftBookstore to download books.” – Greg Sandoval, Gemstar buys 2 e-book makers CNET ©Jan 20, 2000, Daniel Chvatik, Review: SoftBook Reader, ATPM ©2000

How to install Google® Apps (GApps) on your Android Device/Phone: If any of these apps already exist on the device, reinstall isn’t necessary. [With some tablets there are certain default apps that start when you turn on the tablet that will lock up the tablet at boot if you disable or delete them. Slatedroid] Depending on which GApps update.zip you downloaded [(Freeware Lovers) AgileSoft Resource® AndroZip can zip & unzip], navigate to data/apps or system/apps & find .APK Android PacKage files. Double click or press on the file to install. [If an error message received, go to telephone/tablet: Settings: Applications: Unknown Sources: Allow installation of non-Market applications checkbox.]
 Google® Android™ Operating System Flavors: 1.0: Astro (Sept 23, 2008), 1.1: Bender/Petit Four (Feb. 9, 2009), 1.5: Cupcake (April 30, 2009), 1.6: Doughnut/Donut (Sept. 15, 2009), 2.0/2.1: Éclair (Oct. 26, 2009/Jan. 12, 2010), 2.2: Frozen Yogurt (May 13, 2010), 2.3: Gingerbread (Dec. 6, 2010), 3.0/3.2: Honeycomb (Feb. 22, 2011), 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich (Oct. 19, 2011), 4.1/4.2/4.3: Jelly Bean (June 21, 2012/Nov. 14, 2012/July 24, 2013), 4.4/4.4w: Rowntree-Nestlé® Kit Kat candybar (Oct. 31, 2013/Nov. 3, 2014), 5.0/5.1/5.1.1 Lollipop (Nov. 12, 2014/March 9, 2015/July 9, 2016), 6.0/6.0.1 Marshmallow Plant (Oct. 5, 2015/Dec. 7, 2015), 7.0/7.1/7.1.1/7.1.2 Nougat (Sept. 6, 2016/Oct 1, 2016/Dec. 5, 2016/April 2, 2017), 8.0/8.1: NaBisCo: National Biscuit Company® Oreo (Aug. 21, 2017: Solar Eclipse/March 5, 2018). Note: Alphabetical Order: Google® is now under parent company Alphabet Inc., a multinational holding company & conglomerate created by Google’s Larry Page & Sergey Brin October 2, 2015 on website abc.xyz. Each flavor has a Custom Creations of New Jersey Android™ lawn statue by Giovanni Calabrese or Themendous. “Google is continuing its tasty tradition of naming Android versions after American sweets & desserts starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet. In recent times we’ve gobbled up Android Gingerbread, enjoyed hints of Honeycomb & hankered after Ice Cream Sandwich. Now Google’s digital dessert cart looks like it will be overturned by a stampede of Android lovers hoping to grab a fistful of Jelly Beans.” Natasha Lomas, Crave: CNET UK ©May 15, 2012 Note: Icing sugar sets gelatin bean molds after 48 hours. Commercial jelly beans are polished with beeswax. Fionna Agomuoh, Android Easter Eggs: Check Out Google’s Hidden Mascots From Gingerbread To Lollipop, USA: NY: International Business Times, 7 Hanover Sq., 5th Fl. 10004 ©Oct. 22 2014 Kike Santamaría, Why you don’t need the Marshmallow update, Germany: Android Pit ©April 11, 2015 Marshmallow warning : “Under Marshmallow, microSD cards can be formatted to a specific device — meaning they will be unusable elsewhere – & treated as another part of internal storage by the Android system.” Mitchman57: I’m still using XP on both of my computers.... & doing just fine. The developers can find their own way to make a living, or go home.
 Google® Apps.zip List based on Android 2.2 Frozen Yogurt Operating System (dated 09/10/2010): Google® Maps™ 4.2.1.apk (GPS: Global Positioning System Satellite. “Report your location to the 911 operator when placing an emergency call. Some designated emergency call takers known as PSAPs: Public Safety Answering Points may not be equipped to receive GPS: Global Positioning System location information from your phone.” “TTY: TeleTYpewriter, also known as a TDD: Telecommunications Device for the Deaf or Text Telephone, is a telecommunications device that allows people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or who have speech or language disabilities to communicate by telephone. The TeleTYpewriter device will connect using a special cable that plugs into your [cellular tele]phone’s headset jack. To turn TTY Mode on or off. 1. From home tap Dialer > Menu> Call settings > TTY mode. 2. Tap TTY Full, TTY HCO: Hearing Carry Over, or TTY: VCO: Voice Carry Over to turn TTY: TeleTYpewriter mode on. ...It is recommended TeleTYpewriter users make emergency calls by other means including TRS: Telecommunications Relay Services, analog cellular & landline communications. Wireless TeleTYpewriter calls to 911 may be corrupted when received by PSAPs: Public Safety Answering Points rendering some communications unintelligible. The problem encountered appears related to TeleTYpewriter equipment or software used by PSAPs: Public Safety Answering Points. The FCC: Federal Communications Commission & the wireless industry & the PSAP: Public Safety Answering Points community are currently working to resolve this.”), GrandCentral® Google Voice™ Mail 1.0.apk (USA Only: Telephone call routing & voicemail. “Google Voice provides no direct phone support contact number.”), Google® VoiceSearch 2.1.4.apk (Also called Voice Recognition: Search, write messages, & initiate calls by voice in English, French, German, Italian & Spanish. Official blurb: “Voice Search by Google lets you speak just about any query that you would normally type into Google Search. After you launch the app, wait for ‘Speak now’ prompt, then speak. That’s it. Google search results for your query will appear in your browser. If you have Android 2.2 Froyo & higher then you can also call your contacts, get directions, & control your phone with Voice Actions. Examples: ‘Send email to John Smith – See you in London next week’ ‘Call Pizzeria Venti in Mountain View’ ̺Weather in New York’ ‘Note to self – do the laundry’”), Google® Eyes-Free Team® Accessability Options (Kickback.apk: Vibrate, Soundback.apk: Sound Feedback, Talkback.apk: Screen Reader with Computer Voice “Also known as ‘speech synthesis’, TTS: Text-To-Speech enables your Android device to ‘speak’ text of different languages” Jean-Michel Trivi, Android Developers’ Blog: An introduction to Text-To-Speech in Android™ ©23 September 2009 “Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology may not be available in some devices. To check if your phone is capable of speech synthesis: Menu – > Settings – > Voice Input & Output – > Text-to-Speech Settings. If not installed, your device may ask you to install the TTS Engine. An Internet Connection may be required.” –Movin’App), Car Dock (Large icons with automobile Bluetooth® connection. “Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communications technology that devices can use to exchange information over a distance of about 30 feet. ...Please power off the Bluetooth function while using hearing aid devices. Hearing aid & wireless phone rating values are added together. A sum of 5 is considered acceptable for normal use. A sum of 6 is considered for better use. A sum of 8 is considered for best use.” FCC: Federal Communications Commission Hearing Aid Compatibility & Volume Control, USA: United States of America How to Fix Bluetooth Pairing Problems, Techlicious ©Dec 29, 2015 Where I find out Bluetooth® Smart™ a.k.a 4.0 of 2013 doesn’t work with Bluetooth® Classic 2.1 of 2007 anymore. :'( ), GenieWidget.apk (Google® News & Weather), GoogleQuickSearchbox.apk, Google® PassionQuickOffice 3.3.apk (Office Suite opens MicroSoft® Word, Excel, Powerpoint files. Discontinued June 2014), Google® YouTube 1.3.apk (Online videos in Adobe® FLash Video format: .FLV born February 15, 2005. Turn CC: Closed Caption button on to see language subtitles. 2013 Update: HTML5 video trial videos in h.264 4+ or WebM VP8 CODEC: COder DECoder. Also for Apple® iPad & iPhone in 2012.), Facebook 1.3.apk (born 2004, worth $96 billion according to NBC® Tonight Show May 8, 2012. CBS® News reports MySpace data merge July 31, 2012. PBS Newshour March 12, 2013: COO Sheryl Sandberg with professional writer Nell Scovell book Lean In, Knopf Pub. ©March 11, 2013. ISBN: 0–385349947. Stu Woo, The Facebook Not Just for Students, USA: Brown Daily Herald ©Nov 3, 2005, “Legal experts agree public information sources such as Facebook can be legally used in criminal or other investigations.”), Twitter 1.0.1.apk (chat/newsfeed program born July 2006 with posts grouped together by topic/type with hashtags: words or phrases prefixed with a “#” sign. Celebrity hired writers called ghost tweeters. The “@” sign is used for mentioning or replying, which requires registration. Scans & imports telephone contacts for database. Bought by the Prince of Saudi Arabia Alwaleed bin Talal for $300 million in 2011. July 13, 2013: Saudis pay princess’ $5 million bail, USA: Santa Ana, CA: “A Saudi princess charged with human trafficking was freed after her country’s consulate posted her $5 million bail, but authorities imposed strict travel requirements & GPS tracking to keep her in Southern California. Meshael Alayban, 42, was released Thursday after the Saudi consulate delivered a check for the full bail amount to the Orange County Sheriff’s department, Lt. Jeff Hallock said. Earlier Thursday, Alayban appeared in court to answer to 1 felony charge of human trafficking. She did not enter a plea. Her arraignment was postponed until July 29.”)

    GApps you will need to run Google® Play™:
  1. Install: OneTimeInitializer.apk – Make sure the steps are installed in order.
  2. Install: SetupWizard_1.3.apk – Google® Account.
  3. Install: GoogleServicesFramework.apk – Google® Account Syncing
  4. Install: Google® Contacts[.apk] (GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk, ContactsProvider.apk [database], GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk [registers calendars on device], GooglePartnerSetup.apk)
  5. Install: GoogleFeedback.apk [log crash report], GoogleBackupTransport.apk [backing up: save apps to Google servers], MediaUploader.apk
  6. Install: Google® Talk_1.3.apk Chat Program (with gdTalk.apk, TalkProvider.apk, IMProvider.apk, gTalkService.apk) [This is optional on some devices. Discontinued Feb. 2015. Hangouts, discontinued April 25, 2017, overwrites GMail & SMS: Short Messaging Service contacts.]
  7. Install: Google® eMail: GMail.apk [This is optional on some devices]
  8. Install: Android MarketPlace with MarketUpdater (Vending.apk a.k.a Market_1.8.2.apk, Updater_1.0.apk). Do NOT open them. Power off the device.
  9. erronr’s Diablotek_Fixer.rar ReadMe: “Now that you have moved all of the [GApp] files over you need, it’s time to get them working. If you look at the apps installed after the date & time you will see rw-r--r-- on most of the apps [in Speed Software® Root Explorer app]. The ones you just pasted over will show rwxrwxrwx. Search the folder you just pasted the apps in (/system/app) for all of the apps that DO NOT show rw-r--r--. 1 by 1 long press on 1 of the apps & select permissions. You will see a bunch of check boxes. On the left you will see Owner, Group, Others. Each one of those has a check box horizontally for read, write execute. You want the end up with Owner having read & write selected & Group, Other to only have read selected. When you press OK that file will then have a value it should of rw-r--r--. If it shows anything else long press again & try the permissions. ...After you have done all of the files then turn your tablet off, then back on. When you restart you will have the Google Apps installed.”
  10. Turn the device back on. Select launcher as the default action if there is a prompt.
  11. Open Android MarketPlace: Accounts & Settings has a new option to enter a Google account! 1st run, a permission request may appear when Sync attempts to contact Google services. Grant as required. Download an app & wait 1-48 hours before next step
  12. To get your phone or device to show up on the Google® Play™ website: Log in to play.google.com website with the same account you used on the phone/tablet.
  13. Click on My Market Account link.
  14. Click settings. If you see your device you are done.
  15. Click Dashboard link under Personal Settings
  16. Under Calendar (I know weird place for it), click on Manage Mobile devices
  17. Go through Verify Device steps
  18. After struggling for hours researching & trying every option out there, I finally found a work-around. Download this app 1st, then access the market through it. It will register your phone with the Android Market. www.appbrain.com/app/oo/com.boonex.oo Badabing! No problem-O! – TamiRoo [Note: AppBrain is an alternate search engine for Google® Play™. So is Goce Bonev® Android Blip, Sandra Perez® AppsZoom for Android™ & iPhone, Nicolas Sorel® AndroLib, Columbia Broadcasting System Interactive® CNET® Download.com (USA: George Westinghouse Electric 1886)]
  19. Hey, you have to do your own work <grin> install the alternate markets but if you don’t have access to the Google® Android MarketPlace from another device you should build yourself an Android SDK: Standard Development Kit AVD: Android Virtual Device Emulator with Android MarketPlace. Just installed NPR News, CNN & USA Today™ from mine. I’m in app heaven! – GJSmith3rd: Eken® Slate Droid Discussion Forum The Largest Android Tablet Forum in the World with 50,000 Members! Domains by Proxy LLC.

Google® Android Market Security Tool March 2011: Combats DroidDream, a Trojan rootkit in pirated applications that allows hackers to steal information such as IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity Number & IMSI: International Mobile Subscriber Identity numbers, phone model, user ID, & service provider. Automatically installed to all infected devices. The only guaranteed way to get rid of the Trojan is to factory reset. [Note: IMEI: International Mobile Equipment ID# printed inside phone battery compartment. It can be displayed on screen by typing *#06# into the keypad on most phones. In Android it is in the About Phone option in settings menu. Used for stopping a stolen phone from accessing a network, whether or not the phone’s SIM: Subscriber Identity Model is changed. IMSI: International Mobile Subscriber ID# stored on a SIM card. Cell phones that do not use a SIM: Subscriber Identity Model Card have ISMI: International Mobile Subscriber ID# data programmed in to their memory. – Phone firms defend security record, BBC, 2002–01–08. SIM: Subscriber Identity Module card lock, simlock, network lock or subsidy lock built into GSM: Global System for Mobile phones by phone manufacturers to restrict use of these phones to specific countries & network providers. IMSI: International Mobile Subscriber Identities may be restricted by: MCC: Mobile Country Code (will only work with SIM issued in 1 country), MNC: Mobile Network Code (e.g., T-Mobile, Vodafone), MSIN: Mobile Subscriber Identification Number (i.e., only 1 SIM can be used with the phone). Unlock code referred to as the master code, network key, or multilock code. Once a valid code is entered, the handset will display Network unlocked. A hardlocked phone is one in which a telecom provider has modified the firmware on the phone to make it impossible to manually enter the unlock codes in any way. The only solution to SIM-unlock such a phone is to change the firmware to a firmware which has not been modified by any telecom provider, a so-called unbranded firmware. Singapore, Chile, Colombia, Finland, Israel, Thailand forbid SIM locking & contract/phone bundling outright.

It is reported Google uses Android smartphones to report the location of Wi-Fi access points it encounters as phone users move around to build vast databases containing physical location of hundreds of millions of access points. These databases form electronic maps to locate smartphones, allowing them to run apps like Foursquare & companies like Google to deliver location-based ads. The company can pinpoint a smartphone user with an accuracy of within 98 feet. In 2010, Google admitted that vehicles, which it had used to gather photographs for its Street View service since 2007, had scooped up data from unsecured home & business Wi-Fi networks in the U.S. & other countries. “[a]llow[ing] Google’s location service to collect anonymous location data. Collection will occur even when no applications are running” when a new phone is set up. – Mike Swift, Google emails highlight value of location data, USA: San Jose Mercury News ©April 29, 2011, Ryan Rosario, ByteMining® Location Tracking on Android, USA: University of California Los Angeles ©April 2011, & Jared Newman, Researchers Discover Android Data Leaks: What You Need to Know, USA: San Francisco: Patrick Joseph McGovern Jr. (1937-2014) Foundation® International Data Group Publishing Inc® PC World, ISSN: 0737-8939 ©May 17, 2011. NBC Today Show, March 13, 2013: Google fined $7 million for 2007–2010 unsecured data collecting. Google makes $7 million an hour.

Sascha Segan, CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access vs. GSM: Global System for Mobile What’s the Difference? USA: New York: Ziff-Davis Publications® PCMagazine, ISSN: 0888-8507 ©August 22, 2012 McGraw Hill Publishing PCMagazine est. 1982 by McGraw Hill Marketing Director Cheryl Woodard & Editorial Director David Hugh Bunnell (1947–2016), founder of The Headlands Press® PC World/Macworld (est. 1983/1984. The Tiberon, California pressman Andrew Cardozo Fluegelman disappeared in 1985 with his car discovered at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. His body has never been found.), Richard Thompson-Paul Julius Reuter® BioWorld (est. 1991), ELDR (est. 1997), & The Washington Post® Upside Magazine (1989-2002: CEO until Bankruptcy, VP: Aaron Bunnell 1974–2000), The Human Resources Outsourcing Association Human Resources Outsourcing Today (Publisher Jay Whitehead, Banker Anthony B. Perkins, Tech Writer Richard Karlgaard, Draper Unversity founder Timothy Cook Draper, Silicon Valley Bank founder Roger Smith & Estée Lauder’s grandson Gary Lauder). “CDMA & GSM are shorthand for the 2 major radio systems used in cell phones. To be considered GSM, a carrier must accept any GSM-compliant phone. That’s not the case with CDMA. ...3G CDMA networks (known as EV-DO: Evolution Data Optimized) also, generally, can’t make voice calls & transmit data at the same time. Once more, that’s an available option (known as SV-DO: Simultaneous Voice & Data Optimization), but one that U.S. carriers haven’t adopted for their networks & phones. On the other hand, all 3G GSM networks have simultaneous voice & data, because it’s a required part of the spec.” “Many telephones have an integrated speakerphone function which can be activated by pushing a single button. This button transfers the sound input & output from the handset to the ambient microphone & loudspeaker. Devices designed specifically for speakerphone use often have multiple microphone inputs arranged radially around the device to maximize sound input. Half-duplex speakerphones only allow sound to travel in 1 direction at a time, either: 1) into the speakerphone from the telephone line & out of its internal speaker to its user, or 2) from its user, into the microphone, & out through the telephone line. While the users of the speakerphone are speaking, the phone only transmits sound to the telephone line; its internal speaker is cut off & no sound arriving from the telephone line can be heard by the user. While the user of the speakerphone is quiet, the speakerphone only receives sound from the telephone line & its internal speaker broadcasts that sound to its user. There is a very definite, noticeable switching action each time the phone ‘changes directions’ & a cough or other transient noise in the room may interrupt incoming sound from the far end of the telephone connection. Full-duplex speakerphones are able to transmit & receive simultaneously & there is no discernible change of transmission direction. These phones are much more complicated & often employ sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms to sort out the incoming sound & the sound in the room for echo cancellation. Their cost is also higher than for a half-duplex speakerphone. A failure to be properly calibrated can be indicated by the occurrence of echoing, ringing sounds, or feedback.” – Wikipedia: Speakerphone

International Data Corporation® InfoWorld Inc® Android Tablets.net: The Android Tablets FAQ © 2011 [“IDC: International Data Corporation is a subsidiary of IDG: International Data Group, the world’s leading technology media, research, & events company. ..AppWELT is PC-WELT’s special magazine for all smartphone users (Google® Android™, Apple® iPhone, Blackberry Ltd.® Blackberry, PSION® Symbian, MicroSoft® Windows Phone 7 & Co.). Each issue features news, apps, tests, tips & entertainment. Every issue also includes a CD-ROM with tools for smartphones. AppWELT was 1st published January 3, 2011.” “18 million tablets shipped in 2010 with Apple Capturing 83% share. ...The official requirements for Adobe® Flash on Android™ include Android™ 2.2 & a CPU better or = to the Olivetti-Acorn Computers® ARM: Advanced RISC: Reduced Instruction Set Computing Machines® Cortex A8 CPU: Central Processing Unit. The Android tablet market is currently dominated by low cost tablets, typically below $200 & originating from Shenzhen shanzhai factories. Shanzhai factories have traditionally been involved with cloning cellphones, & other consumer electronics. However, tablet devices or MID: Mobile Internet Devices are becoming more & more popular, as it is far less risky to manufacturer & has far fewer legal implications such as IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity faking. Larger firms who have promised Android tablets have not yet delivered substantial products, creating a flood of low-end Android devices.”

ReadWrite Mobile: Study: Apps Are for Android, Games For the iPhone, Dan Rowinski, Alcatel-Lucent ©Dec 22, 2011. “A study done by Xyologic shows that of the top 25 app publishers for iOS, only 1 does not produce games. Of the top 25 for Android, only ½ are game publishers. ...The top publishers in the Android Market were Google, Facebook, Rovio: Finnish for Bonfire [2003: Hed Family Owners: Angry Birds], Adobe [Adobe® Flash, Acrobat Reader, PS Touch: Jacob Dix, The Definitive List for Mobile Photography Editing on Android, Mobilography ©February 12th, 2014], DroidHen [Ying Liu, Rm. 1101, Building 37, Nong 595, Yongtai Rd., Shanghai 200123: Fruit Slice, Zoo Trip, Zombie Duck], Magma Mobile [2009: France: Bubble Blast, Pinball, Pool], Glu Mobile Inc./Sorrent [2001: USA: San Mateo, CA: $79 million NASDAQ: GLUU. Bonsai Blast, Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock. Shut down GameSpy in 2014. Bought by Taiwan a.k.a Formosa Island’s HTC: High Tech Computer Corp.宏達國際電子股份有限公司® TWSE: 2498 in 2007. Ran Formosa Plastics 台塑集團;–VIA 威盛電子®WonderMedia Technologies® Wonder App Store a.k a Beijing Zhangzhongda MIG Information Technology Co. Ltd.® ASC: App Store Connect: March 2011–March 2015 for their Android™ wm8650 ARMv5 tablets. Forbes ranked VIA CEO Chen Wen-Chi with his wife Cher Wang of HTC, Taiwan’s Priestess of the PDA: Personal Digital Assistant according to Bloomberg, as the 5th richest of Taiwan. Cher’s late father Yung-Ching Wang founded Formosa Plastics Petrochemicals.], Jiubang Digital Technology Co.® Go Dev Team® 3G Market [Est. 2010: Video, music, ringtones, games: Guangzhou (Canton City): Pron. Gwahng-zoo on CBS News This Morning, Smartphone Security Dec 26, 2012 with news anchor Sharyl Attkisson & Dr. Jason Hong of the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie-Mellon University with weigh-in by Techonomy CEO David Kirkpatrick], Kittehface Software [Live Wallpaper: Not all handsets support the live wallpaper feature. If you’re unsure, please check for a live wallpapers category], MicroSoft® Skype: Skye Peer to Peer [VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol group video-chat, conference call, text message & voice-call program that does not provide the ability to call emergency numbers, such as 112 in Europe, 911 in North America, or 100 in India & Nepal. In Oct 2014, MicroSoft disabled all older Skype software so it will not log-in; requiring new programs. Microsoft CEO Sorry for ‘Completely wrong’ Comments on Raises for Women, USA: ABC News ©Oct 10, 2014 “[Satya] Nadella made the comments in a Thursday appearance at the 2014 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference in Phoenix.”], Notes [2008: ColorNote Notepad. May 04, 2016 Privacy Policy: “We may use ‘persistent cookies’ to save your registration ID & login password for future logins. We may share your information with a 3rd party application with your consent. We are not responsible for what those parties do with your information. ...We do not delete from our servers files that you have in common with other users. Our Policy Toward Children: Our Service is not directed to persons under 13.”], Nikolay Ananiev [Bulgaria: Tiny Flashlight, Bebbled], Swiss Codemonkeys [Paint Your Easter Egg], NHN: Next Human Network [Korea: Hangame, Naver.com search, Line Instant Messager/Shopping/Game Service for iOS, Windows Phone & Android™, KakaoTalk: Developers give 30% of their revenue to Google Play, on top of the 20% that goes to Kakao], Marconi Vodafone Group plc.® Yahoo! [March 31, 2017: Yahoo! Mail discontinues Android™ versions <5 & Apple® iOS <4. Aug. 2016: Verizon buys Yahoo!], Handcent [SMS: Short Messaging Service], Music Genome Project® Pandora’s Box [1999: Banned in China & Unavailable in Ireland: “If you use Pandora’s Android app, beware: Pandora’s channeling your personal info to 3rd party advertisers, including your birthdate, gender, Android ID, & GPS information. The Veracode company found software code that ties the app to 5 online ad companies: Opera® AdMarvel, Google® AdMob, comScore (SecureStudies), Google.Ads, & Medialets. The ad libraries, are designed to routinely assess a smart phone’s status: geographic location, connection to the wireless net & what software it is running.” ConsumerReports. United States Patent No. 7,003,515], AI Factory Ltd. [2003: London: Backgammon], Kaufcom GmbH Games [Switzerland: Gingerbread Run, Talking Joe Ostrich. AdsHandy advertising.], Runnergames [Hong Kong: Yoo Ninja], Backflip Studios [2009: USA: Boulder: NinJump.] & Polarbit AB [2005: Sweden: Penguin Palooza].
...iOS publishers were dominated by games: HTC® Glu Mobile, Ubisoft® Gameloft [France: TAGES Copy Protection System. Ubisoft® Corey May’s Assassin’s Creed™: Assassins vs. Templars in the Crusades. Uplay on-line-gaming platform has installed game on local PCs incomplete & continuously downloads parts of the game-code from Ubisoft’s servers as the game progresses. Produces America’s Army Game for the US. Army & Future Games of London® Hungry Shark], RealNetworks® Big Fish Games [2002: Seattle: Zuma’s Revenge!], Rovio, CAPsule COMpany [Osaka: ¥66.5 billion], EA: Electronic Arts® Chillingo® Crystal [UK: Johnny Coghlan, Architect: Gareth Reese. Distributor for Rovio® Angry Birds 1st published for the Apple® iPhone in Dec 2009. Electronic Arts buys. “What about GameCenter, OpenFeint or Crystal? These networks only tell half the story & they focus on games. Why not get more out of all types of apps on your mobile? Huh? Think big picture champ! ...We’re not here to rip you off or sell you a bad idea. We really just want to see you get more out of your apps. ...Ah, Now you’re starting to think with both sides of your brain. We have a privacy policy that you can check out. We don’t like to treat our users like mindless data-cows that exist solely for our profit. However, good data can really help you make better apps too. The short answer is that you’ll see more data than you do today.” – Triple Five Group LLC.® Appboy using Sierra Game SDK: Standard Development Kit, Edmonton, AB, Canada: Website: Developer Questions. Guide to Mobile Application Stores: App Store Information, Directory & Links Store screenshots: www.mobileappstorelinks.com, MMML, P.O. Box 47090, Ponsonby, Auckland 1144, New Zealand ©February 2010. “In the past I have used CocosLive, Agon, & OpenFeint for various projects. I got burned twice now – 1st by (Aptocore®) Agon being discontinued [Oct 22, 2009–June 30, 2011. Denmark: CEO: Daniel Povlsen] (moved that project to OpenFeint [2008–December 3, 2012], which I’m happy with for that app), & then by (Chukong Technology Co. Ltd: PunchBox Studios® CocoaChina®) CocosLive being discontinued.” davecom – Comparison between OpenFeint, Game Center, Crystal, Plus+ <<cocos2d for iPhone], Storm8 (Team Lava) [2009: USA: 1000 Bridge Pkwy, Redwood City, CA 94065. +1-650-596-8600. Founders: Zynga’s Garrett J. Remes, CEO Perry Tam, Perry’s wife Laura Yip, William Siu, Chak Ming Li], Outfit7 [2009: UK: Andrej Nabergoj: In a Class Action Lawsuit for passing Talking Tom Cat information to advertisers without permission. Co-defendants are GogII, Inc.® Textplus4, Dictionary.com LLC., BackFlip® Paper Toss, Sunstorm Interactive, Inc.® Pumpkin Maker, The Weather Channel, Webmd Health Services Group, Inc. Lalo v. Apple, Inc et al, Case Number: 5:2010cv05878, Dec. 23, 2010], EA: Electronic Arts [USA: Redwood City, California. Founder: Trip Hawkins. Consumers Union® Worst American Multi-National Company 2012. Subsidiary: indiePub® lasted 2007–2012: Kona’s Crate], Gamevil [Korea: ZENONIA 3, Kami Retro. CEO: Byung Joon ‘James’ Song, Pres: Kyu Lee, CFO: Yong Kook Lee], Halfbrick Studios [2001: Australia: Age of Zombies], DeNA Company Ltd.® Mobage [moh-bah-geh] (BackFlip/NG:MOCO® Plus+) [2006: Japan: Online Games part of Yahoo!® Japan. In December 2007 the Japanese government banned wireless carriers from allowing children under 20 years old to use any interactive mobile Web site. “For now teens get around the ban by getting their parents to sign a release form, lying about their age or buying phones at a retailer not owned by 1 of the 3 biggest wireless carriers.” – Chana R. Schoenberger, Japan’s Richest: Queen of Mobile, Forbes Magazine: USA ©May 19, 2008, On December 8, 2010, the company was raided by Fair Trade Commission with a suspicion of violation of Japan’s Anti-Monopoly act. CEO: Tomoko Namba, CFO: Makoto Haruta, COO: Isao Moriyasu, Director: Shuhei Kawasaki. – Mobile game firm suspected of strong-arming developers searched by fair trade commission. Mainichi Daily News ©December 8, 2010. The Plus+ Publishing Group is headed up by former SEGA of America & LucasArts executive Simon Jeffrey, EA® Bing Gordon & NG:MOCO:) founder Neil Young, Bob Steveson, Alan Yu, Joe Keene. DeNa bought Plus+ for $400 million in 2010. Game: We Rule with the Italian Gods of Rome. Disney® closed LucasArts April 3, 2013; opened 1982.], Zynga/Newtoy/NaturalMotion, Streetview Labs [USA: San Francisco: Tap Zoo], 腾讯控股有限公司 Téng xùn: Galloping Message: Tencent Mobile International Ltd.® My App Store (was YouApp: 有App) [est. August 21, 2009: QQ Browser using their SOSU search engine, QQPlayer: Video player Version 1.1 plays videos on Android™ Éclair ARMv5 processer & supports SMI subtitles, MKV embedded subtitles & multiple audio tracks, QQGames, WeChat/Weixin Social Media instant messenging & bill pay est. 2011 with ½ the country using it. 3rd largest internet company in the world behind Google & Amazon: Kejizhongyi Ave, Hi-tech Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong (Canton), China. Founder: Zhang Zhidong. Chairman: Mr. Ma ‘Pony Ma’ Huateng. Die NAScionale PERS®: The National Press, Capetown, South Africa: owns 50% of 10¢ Holdings Ltd., Brazilian companies Editora Abril: April Editorial Press, BuscaPé: Search, Compera nTime, Mail.ru, Tradus auction & Polish Gadu-Gadu: Chit-Chat. Funded India’s largest online bookseller, Flipkart Bookstore, Bangalore, Karnataka. Founders Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal worked for Amazon.], NimbleBit [2008: Powray, CA: Founder Ian Marsh accused Zynga of copying Tiny Tower to create Dream Heights. Pocket Frogs], EA: Electronic Arts® PopCap [2000: USA: Seattle. Jason Kapalka’s Bejeweled, Plants Vs Zombies 73 MB. Electronic Arts bought in 2011 for $1.57 billion], Saban Entertainment® Playforge [2009–2013: Zombie Farm, Kris Ligman, Report: Playforge to shutter, entire staff facing layoff, Gamasutra ©October 25, 2013], EA: Electronic Arts® Chillingo® Clickgamer, Com2uS [1998: Korea: Inotia3: Children of Carnia Ad Free, Homerun Battle 1.6], Burbn [Instagram: “Rival photo app Hipstamatic laid off its entire staff today. ...PicPlz is allowing users to log in to reclaim saved photos before flushing its system on Sept. 3.” Stephanie Mlot, Hipstamatic Drops All But ‘Core Team’ of Employees, PC Magazine Online. ©Aug. 16, 2012. Michael Liedtke, Associated Press, Feb 20, 2014: Facebook buys Instagram for ¾ million, Instant Messaging firm WhatsApp est. 2009 for $19 Billion with 1.2 billion subscribers & Oculus Rift for US$2 billion. There is no desktop version of Instagram!?! I say. Windows 10, Apple® iOS & Android™ versions.] & Orangenose Studio [2010: Taipei: 0.03 Seconds].

How To Find Android Apps For Your Tablet, eReader, or Other Large-Screen Device, TechMedia Network® Laptop Magazine, February 28th, 2010 by K. T. Bradford: As excited as I am about the slew of Android-driven tablets & other non-phone devices coming out in the new few weeks & months, the lack of the official Android Market on many of them is dampening my enthusiasm. Android is a great OS, & without apps it’s pretty limited. The manufacturers behind these devices usually offer their own app stores, & it takes time to build numbers. Just ask Palm. So what’s an Android lover to do? Don’t despair, there are ways to install your favorite apps on your tablet, eReader, or other large-screen device. You just need to find the app’s APK (installation) file. Click to install. Here are 5 easy ways to find your favorite Android apps:

  1. Download the APK from the developer’s website. Some developers allow users to download the file from their websites even if they’re available through the Android Market. Depending on the developer, you may also find versions of the app optimized for larger screens.
  2. Search 3rd-party app stores. No, the official Google Market isn’t the only one. There are many independent repositories such as Accel Partners® GetJar® App Store [2004] [Oracle®JavaME™, PSION® Symbian, BlackBerry Ltd.® BlackBerry], Gigamarket Ltd.® Soc.io Mall (ViewSonic® AndAppStore) [2009] [soc.io pending deletion March 8, 2017], Slide.Me LLC® Slide.Me MarketPlace a.k.a Mobentoo (SAM: Sylvania Apps MarketPlace) [April 2008] [Catch, Ttorrent, PDFLite: Yong Zhang ‘yongzh’® NESoid, Gameboid, SNESoid, N64oid, Ataroid, Gearoid: Pulled from AndroidMarket May 29, 2011: He has moved them to Slide.Me], Freeware Lovers GmbH® Androidfreeware.org [2008] [Direct Web Download: Kontact Adresse: Orchideenstraße 5, 90542 Eckental, Deutschland: Metago® ASTRO, Xeudoxus® Privacy Inspector/Privacy Blocker, Lupis Labs® Robo Defense Game, Waryam: Matt Hawley® Video to Facebook Ad-Free, MixZing® Media Player Ad-Free, Yuku® HI-Q MP3 Recorder: Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits-Moving Pictures Experts Group Audio Level 3 Recorder, Quartic® RealCalc Scientific Calculator, RIM: Research In Motion® DataViz® DocumentstoGo, Video Downloader, Angry Birds. Freeware Pages: BlackBerry Ltd®; BlackBerry, Palm Inc.® Palm, MicroSoft® Windows Mobile & PSION® Symbian] & Brothersoft [2002/Dec 2010] [Now uses carrier UNOMobile® Carrefour Mobile® 1Mobile Market for Google® Android™, Apple® iOS, Oracle®JavaME™ & PSION® Symbian: France: PayPal Holdings Inc.: 240 countries: €76.127 billion, Euronext: CA, CEO: Georges Plassat, Est: 1 January 1958. “Carrefour, a French company, has 31 European-style hypermarts in China, including 3 in Beijing, handling half the consumer-goods sales in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, & Chengdu.” – Professor Brett Wallach. Note: Carrefour means crossroads in French. Grocer Markets: Atacadão, Bairro, Champion Mapinomovaoe, Dia, Docks Market, Ed, Gima, Globi, Gross IPer, GS, Hyperstar, Minipreço, Promocash. Convenience stores: 5 minutes, 8 à Huit, Dìperdà, Express, Marche Plus, Ok!, Proxi, Sherpa, Shopi, Smile Market.] You should also check out the app stores created for specific devices, as they may allow you to search & download from a web browser, like the Camangi Webstation® Camangi MarketPlace [2009]. Some of these markets have a store app that works similarly to the Android Market, installing the apps for you.
  3. Haunt device-specific forums & websites. If an Android gadget is lucky enough to have gathered a fanbase, those dedicated users are likely on the hunt for their favorite apps, too. You may be able to find a forum topic, FAQ, or a wiki with links to APK files for popular apps or repositories. For instance, the users at ArchosFans have had months to find & test a variety of apps they can’t find in Archos® AppsLib [2009] [Archos Only]. They’ve even created a dedicated wiki page for them with download links.
  4. Google It. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is simply search for [app name] APK & see what comes up. You might find it on a buried page on the developer’s website or repository. Be careful, though, because many hits will come from anonymous uploads on file storage or torrent sites. Don’t download a virus in your zeal to obtain your favorite note-taking app.
  5. Get them from your Android phone. If you have access to the official market then you can grab almost any APK from your phone. 1st, download something that will allow you to make backups of your apps. I like Metago Inc® Astro File Manager because it allows me to choose which apps to back up. On the app’s main screen, tap the Menu button > Tools > Application Manager/Backup. Choose the apps you’d like to move to your tablet, then tap Backup. Once that’s done, connect your phone to your PC, find the ‘backups’ folder, then copy the APK files to your computer or storage device, then transfer them to your Android device. You may not be able to make copies of every app, & transferring paid ones may break the TOS or EULA, so be mindful. Using your favorite apps on all of your Android devices is the 1st step to Android bliss. If there’s one you can’t find or discover doesn’t work with your gadget, drop a line to the developers. The tablets are coming fast & furious this year, & Android’s life outside of phones may be more robust & rewarding than they realize.
  6. clhromeo, Introductory Computer Class: How to use a laptop trackpad / left vs. right click, Google® YouTube Video © April 28, 2016 Demo with a Microsoft® Windows Laptop Computer & a Google® Chromebook Laptop Computer “There is often an area marked on the right or left where you can run your finger up or down to scroll through a document. ...As touchpads began to be introduced in laptops in the 1990s, there was often confusion as to what the product should be called. No consistent term was used, & references varied, such as: glidepoint, touch sensitive input device, touchpad, trackpad, & pointing device.” – Wikipedia Encyclopedia: Touchpad, USA: San Francisco: Wikimedia Foundation ©March 29, 2017. George E. Gerpheide, Methods & apparatus for data input, Patent US 5305017 A ©Apr 19, 1994.
    3rd Party App Stores
  1. Alternative Android Market List [“Here is my 1st attempt at using Google® docs to collaborate on a document. Here is the link to get to the spreadsheet, no sign-in required to edit.” – Smoke signaler, R3 Media® Android Community: Alternative Android Markets / Android Mart® Publish/Sell Your Applications to Worldwide Android App Marketplaces! “1 of the challenges facing Android developers & ISV: Independent Software Vendors today is the fragmentation of app distribution. With Android being an open platform, mobile device & OS: Operating System manufacturers, wireless carriers & operators, or any participant of Android ecosystem can start an app marketplace & use whatever leverage they have to get distribution business. Consumers can shop for apps, & now they can choose venues too. ..Apple’s App Store & Google’s Android Market still do not have distribution service for all countries in the world as of late 2010. It could be regulatory, tax, legal, or technical problems that stop them from providing marketplace access to all developers. With our presence on various worldwide app marketplaces, it is possible for us to bring as many developers access to as many countries as possible. As an example, China has a huge wireless user base that many developers do not know how to sell to. We can help those developers localize, submit & sell their apps on major Chinese Android marketplaces.” – Alex Zeng. Digi-Go Publishing, 712 Hillcrest Dr. Garland Texas 75040, digi-go.com]
  2. WIP: Wireless Industry Partnership Connector Inc. [2008] [Editor’s Note: Just after the June 2011 Report was published, we here at WIP received a letter from Apple’s lawyers. Apple has trademarked, or has filed for trademarks for, the term ‘app store’ in the US, Canada & several other countries. ...Apple has demanded that we cease & desist calling this WIP Appstore wiki. June 13, 2016: Carlo Longino is revamping the site. ;-).]
  3. Store: Caíxa Magica® Aptoide [2009] [Portugal: Server where you can create your own repository! Client where you can download from repositories. All versions downloaded infected. Paulo Trezentos, R Frei José María, Vila Lusitano Horta dos Figueíras, Evora, PT 7005-495. Xu.Hel® Apk Top: AVG: Anti-Virus Guard Technologies® AntiVirus Pro 2.81, X-Rite Inc.® Pantone 1.0, Infraware, Inc.® Polaris Office.]
  4. Store: Gerikon Ltd.® 4pda: Apple® iPhone OS, Google® Android™, MicroSoft® Windows Mobile [2008] [Russia: Arabic Numeral Registration.]
  5. Store: Beijing Gamease Age Digital Technology Co., Ltd.® Appia® MoboGenie® [2017]
  6. Store: FonPit AG® AndroidPITApp Center [October 19, 2010] [Germany: Pasteurstraße 42, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany 10407. Telefon: 49 / 30 / 60985754: Multiple Language: Hello Kitty Puzzle. Paid Apps Return Policy: Within 24 hours. “Proceed as follows: 1. Open the App Center on your mobile device; 2. In My Apps click on the app in question; 3. In the app profile click on Uninstall & Refund” ]
  7. Store: Mobango Inc.® Mobango [July 2009] [UK: London: VC company: Kajaine House, 57-67 High Street, London HA8 7DD. Téléphone: +1.02036176200. CEO: Fabio Pezzotti: Applications, games, ringtones, themes]
  8. Store: Mobile Network Ltd.® Android Freeware Mobile Network Ltd® PSION® Symbian, BlackBerry Ltd.® BlackBerry, MicroSoft® Windows Phone 7 & Windows Mobile® PocketPC Freeware [November 7, 2007] [Direct Web Download: Bulgaria: Haskovo Province: Veselin Nedev, Mobile Network, Prolet 3, Haskovo 6300. Téléphone: +359.888264294]
  9. Store: Panda Electronics® PandaApp® Game Download Center [Android™, Apple® iPhone, MicroSoft® Windows Mobile, PSION® Symbian] [2008] [Direct Web Download: English: China: Fujian Province: TM Websoft Inc.® Fuzhou WebQuanzhi #58, Building 851, Fuzhou, CN 3500000]
  10. Store: Qingfeng Li® Android Games Room [2010] [Direct Web Download: China: Sichuan Province: Xicheng: English: Support system version: 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.0. Support phone resolution: 320×480, 480×800, 480×854.]
  11. Store: Shanghai The9 Information Technology Co., Ltd.® 9Apps: 九城游戏中心 [2011] [China: English Menu: The9 a.k.a Ninetowns (NASDAQ:NCTY). CEO: Jun Zhu. Building 3, 690 Bi Bo Rd, Zhang Jiang, Pu Dong District, Shanghai 201203.]
  12. Store: Thomsen Trampedach GmbH® MoboMarket: More Apps More Fun [June 21, 2014] [Switzerland: Riedstraße 1, Rotkreuz, Zug 6343 CH +41.798319275: Asia Electronics Corporation® Aquamarine Networks® Jota Text Editor [Now for Google® Android™ Oreo. pandora@aquamarine.sakura.ne.jp: Megarita 1-19-35, Higashi Muriyama Tokyo], S4BB® WorldDict German: Android 1.6>]
  13. Store: Alibaba® 淘宝: Tao Bao App Market (Yun 雲: Cloud) [July 4, 2012] [Eastern China: Zhejiang (Chekiang) Province: Hangzhou (Hangchow): Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang’s online shopping company expanded for Android™. Sept. 2011: NY Times notes an executive leaving to spend more time with the family a euphamism for being fired. Yahoo! Founder Jerry Yang leaving his Alibaba as well. “Taobao’s app allows logging in, buying & account management on Taobao.com’s ubiquitous consumer shopping site. It has nice features over & above the standard mobile site, such as voice search, viewing history, & much easier scrolling.” Steven Millward, Chinese Android apps blossom, with help from unofficial markets, forums, CBS: Columbia Broadcasting System® CNET® Asia, Sinobyte ©Feb. 15, 2011 CNET® mySimon (indexes USA prices by zip code), PriceGrabber.com, BizRate & Shopzilla (affiliated). Bought USA Social Media Instant Messaging, video chat & gaming app Tango Labs® Tango est. 2009 for $215 million in 2014. Tango allows subscribers to connect only to each other.]
  14. Store: BAIDU 百度: Hundreds of Times® myApp 吧 formerly 易: Yi: Simple App Market (Android Operating System: BAIDU® Yi 易 a.k.a Qiushi) [July 4, 2012], BAIDU® NetDragon Websoft Inc.® NetDragon [91.com] BAIDU® NetDragon® Hi-Market [hiapk.com] [2009] [Eric Xu: HQ: Baidu Campus, Shangdi 10th St, Haidian District, Beijing (Peking), China 10085: Apps download through BAIDU Browser BAIDU Browser with cellular telephone identification tracking 1st releasesd Oct 26, 2011 for Android Éclair™ with icon of spaceman. (NASDAQ: BIDU) established in year 2000. “The name Baidu, whose literal meaning is 100s of times, is a quote from the last line of Xin Qiji’s classical Song Dynasty poem Green Jade Table in The Lantern Festival. The poem compares the search for a retreating beauty amid chaotic glamour with the search for one’s dream while confronted by life’s many obstacles. ...100s & 1000s of times, for her I searched in chaos, suddenly, I turned by chance, to where the lights were waning, & there she stood.” Founders: Yanhong “Robin” Li, who developed his February 5, 1997 US Patent #5920859 RanDex site-scoring algorithm for search engines results while at IDD Information Services® Dow Jones Inc. in New Jersey & the software program for the online edition of The Wall Street Journal. Ads It! Media Corporation® Baidu Movies (2004: Qiyi geo-restricted to China viewing only)-Chinalawinfo.com® Legal Search (2006)-China Telecom® Yellow Pages (2005)-EMI® Music Master (2005)-Baidu AntiVirus/Toolbar/Desktop Software (2006)-Baidu Baike: China Digital Village Encyclopedia (2006)-Baidu Tieba: Paste Bar: BBS: Bulletin Board System (2003)-Blind Search (2007)-Book Search (2007)-City Map (2005)-Country Statistics (2007)-Culture Search (2006)-Baidu Yun: Cloud (2012)--Dictionary (2004)-Directory (2003)-Education & University Search (2006)-Entertainment Channel (2008)-File Search (2004)-Baidu Wenku: File Sharing ()-Front Page Celebrity (2007)-Game Channel (2007)-Gov. Info (2006)-Greetings (2005)-Baidu Hao123 (2004)-Baidu Hexun: Finance (2006)-Baidu Hi: Instant Message (2008)-Hot Discussion (2007)-Image Search (2003)-Industry Report (2007)-Baidu Japan (2007)-Baidu Zhidao: Knows (Forum for asking questions online: 2005)-Baidu Guoxue: Library: Ancient Chinese Literature (2006)-Local Search (2003)-Love-Mobile Ringtones (2005)-Mobile Website (2004)-MP3: Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits-Moving Pictures Experts Group Audio Level 3 (2002)-Tianhe Music Group® Music Box (Cloud Storage: 2006)-News (2003)-Olympic Channel (2007)-Baifubao: Online Payment (2008)-Baidu Zhuanli: Patent Search (2007)-Postal Codes (2006)-RSS: Really Simple Syndication News (2004)-Search Ranking Index (2006)-Baidu Youa: Shopping ()-[Blog]Space (2006)-Baidu Soucang: Bookmarks (2006)-Talk: 百度说吧-Top of the Charts (2003)-Train & Flight Schedules-Translate (English>Chinese, Chinese>English)-TV (2007)-Tuan: Shop ()-Union-Voice Search (2008)-Youth Search Filter (2006)-Weather. Wikipedia References: China Analyst: Baidu’s 57 Products/Services: Introduction & History / Direct Web Download: China: 58 Hot Spring Branch Rd., Fuzhou, Fujian 350001. Chinese: Games: Absolute Force 3D, Conquer, Disney® Fantasy, EA® Dungeon Keeper, Era of Faith, Eudemons, Heroes of Might & Magic, Monster & Me, Yuan, Tou Ming Zhuang, Transformers, Stock Tycoon, Way of the Five, Zero. TechNode. “In July 2013, Baidu bought 91 Wireless for $1.85 billion USD, recording the most expensive deal that time. ” – Eva Yoo, The Top 10 Android App Stores In China 2015 TechNode © Sep 22, 2015.]
  15. Store: ChinaNet Jiangsu Province Network® Yangbo® Mumayi Market [2010] [Direct Web Download: Chanzhou: “It’s freeeee, but dangerous. Nickibot Spyware is difficult to detect. It can record telephone calls, monitor logs & SMS: Short Messaging Service [texts], detect location & send information to a remote server.” – Xiang Pan, Biyan Zhou, George Liu, Crawling Chinese Android Markets Power Point Presentation, USA: Northwestern University, Network Penetration & Security EECS 354 ©2011.]
  16. Store: Huang Kaipeng® Fei Peng Market飞鹏网: FPWAP Android & Apple Market [May 5, 2010] [Direct Web Download: No Registration: China: Hubei Province: Zhou Peng, Wuhan City 430000, Téléphone: +86.18671329601: UC Browser, Maxthon Browser, Opera Browser, Wallpapers, Games. – Xiang Pan, Biyan Zhou, George Liu, Crawling Chinese Android Markets Power Point Presentation, USA: Northwestern University, Network Penetration & Security EECS 354 ©2011]
  17. Store: Liu Zhefeng® Àn Fêng Network® Anfone 安丰网® T-Market [October 7, 2010] [China: Fujian Province: Registration: MMarketPay.A virus found. Links: Changsha Spring Culture Communication Ltd.® 卡卡西游MO [kakaxiyou.com], Shi Naiqing® News 浪涛网, Fuding Wang® 安豆苗 [andoumiao.cn]]
  18. Store: mAPPin Inc® 机锋软件: GFan Center [2007] [Direct Web Download: China: Beijing (Peking City): Terry Tan: 12F, ChaoyangSOHO, Dongcheng District: Shows cute little robot eating an m: Between 300,000 & 400,000 apps: application software are downloaded daily. China2Valley MMarketPay.A virus found.]
  19. Store: Yandex: Яндекс LLC® Yandex: Яндекс.Store & Yandex Antivirus, NASDAQ: YNDX, MCX: YNDX: Russia: Lev Tolstoy st. 16, Moscow 119021, CEO & Founders: Billionaires Arkady Volozh, & Arkady Borkovsky: Arkadia Software & Ilya Segalovich (1964–2013). Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus & Turkey. Yandex Search, Yandex Direct, Yandex Mail, Yandex Fotki, Yandex Browser, Yandex Maps, Yandex News, Yandex Music, Yandex Video, Yandex Money, Yandex.Translate, Yandex Catalog, Yandex Taxi, Ya.ru, Moikrug.]
  20. Manufacturer: Yulong Coolpad Co.本站地址® 酷派市场 Coolmart [May 2009] [Direct Web Download: China: Guangdong Province (Canton): Shenzhen: Makers of the Coolpad: 3,000 excellent chinese language applications. Executive Vice President: Li Wang. “The store is also 100% compatible with all applications of Google’s Android Market, so consumers have multiple choices.” – Nye Sha, C//4: Chinese domestic mobile application stores tend to be free ©December 6, 2010]
  21. Carriers: TELUS [Open Handset Alliance], Telstra [Androidland Store, Melbourne], Rogers/SaskTel [Canada], ECTESA® CubaCell, Lintel® Africell Holding [Lebanon: Gambia, Sierra Leone], Bezeq [Israel], Bhutan Telecom Ltd., Мобиком Корпораци: Mobicom [Mongolia: Newcom 40%, Sumitomo Bank, KDDI. Other Mongolian Telecom Mobile: Skytel, Unitel, G-Mobile], Micronesian Telecommunications Co., Safeway Grocery Jordan [“Safeway Jordan is part of The Sultan Center. The Sultan Center owns: TSC: The Sultan Center Telecom (Sole telco for the Kuwait Free-Trade Zone), ATCO, Horizon Telecom Services Co. (Bahrain), & Arabian Information Technology Solutions Co. USGC: United Security Group Co. specializes in security services, security equipment, K-9 dogs, valet delivery, transportation & cleaning services.” www.safeway.com.jo], Somali Telecom [Dubai], Fujitsu® VietTel [Owns 60% of state monopoly Télécommunications d’Haiti in 2010 with Haitian Government at 40%. Currency: Haitian gourde. Phone service to: Laos, Cambodia, Mozambique & Peru], Budget Telecom S.A. [France: Montpellier: Khaled Zourray et Pascale Greppo’s VoIP est 2000 for France, Spain, Italy & Belgium], Corsica Télécoms
    Mobile phone batteries can be recharged using a solar panel or motorcycle battery in areas without electricity. “In some parts of the world, mobile phone sharing is common. Families & groups of friends often share 1 or more mobiles among their members.” Update: The Jinhan U-Mate Commander Pro telephone ©2012 uses SIM cards & has a ‘non-electrical charging system that manually hand cranks with a USB connector.’
  22. Carrier: América Móvil Sociedad Anónima Bursátil de Capital Variable® Claro® Ideas (Digital Rights Management: Region-restricted ClaroVideo) [Nov 15, 2010] [México: GPS: Global Payment Solution Systems® Value Transfer System™ USA-México money wire. El anclaje a la red (tethering) está prohibido (prohibited). Incorporated in México by Carlos Slim Helú: The richest man in the world. NYSE & BMV: AMX, NASDAQ: AMOV, BMAD: AMXL. Central & South American widget appstore available on devices exclusively for 210 million Telcel® phone subscribers – WIP. Wireless Industry Partnership América Móvil® TracFone Prepaid/SafeLink® Apple iPhone, CompUSA, Claro® Argentina-Brazil-Chile-Dominican Rep-Ecuador-El Salvador-Guatemala-Honduras-Nicaragua-Paraguay-Perú-Puerto Rico-Uruguay, Comcel® Colombia, MiPhone® Costa Rica-Jamaica-Panamá. Owns 3% Apple Computer, 8% The New York Times, Benjamin Newton Duke Mansion at 1009 Fifth Ave, NY, 23.7% Telekom Austria (Mobilkom® Liechtenstein, Mobiltel® Bulgaria, Velcom® Belarus, Vipnet® Croatia, Si.mobil® Slovenia, Vip mobile® Serbia-Macedonia), 30% KPN Netherlands, 40% Imperial Tobacco (British), 50% Hershey Candy, Jarritos del Sur, Fundación Carlos Slim Helú® Museo Soumaya (named after his late wife Soumaya Domit: 66,000 pieces, religious relics & coins from the viceroys of Spain), Fundación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México A.C. (Plaza Mariana Basilica de Guadalupe), Química Fluor Chemicals, Gruppo Financiero Inbursa Bank, Sears-Roebuck Mexico, General Tire, Reynolds Aluminio Mining, Bimex Hotels, Sanborns Restaurant/Books & Volaris Airline. NBC Tonight Show July 11, 2013 reports the USA National Security Agency monitoring Mexico telephone calls.]
  23. Carrier: AT&T: American Telephone & Telegraph® AppCenter® [July 28, 2010], USA Post Offices & 2013 Oregon Conservation Postage Stamp Contest (Christine O’Keeffe’s squirrel & seal), BCE: Bell Canada Enterprises® Bell Mobility [1986] [USA: Est: Alexander Graham Bell/Chichester Bell Telephone Co., March 1879. GSM: Global System for Mobile: AT&T# login: San Antonio, Texas: CFO: Richard Lindner. CEO: Randall Stephenson. NYSE & BMV: T, Frankfurt: SOBA. $270.344 billion. For Google® Android™, Apple® iOS, BlackBerry Ltd.® BlackBerry & MicroSoft® Windows Phone. AT&T will not allow install of 3rd party Android™ apps: application software on their branded devices..NOTE: Those accessing AT&T AppCenter for the 1st time will have the Terms & Conditions displayed, select I agree to continue. The AT&T Mall home screen will be displayed. CenturyLink® AT&T U-verse® Digital Subscriber Loop internet/tv est. 2008 for 22 states 26Mbps in exclusive fiber-opticlly wired “AT&T-monopolized telco areas only.” with Alcatel-Lucent® VRAD: Video-Ready Access Device boxes. Regular copper wire speeds 1.5Mbps–18Mbps. Acquired Super-Regional carrier Leap Wireless International® Cricket Communications Inc. March 14, 2014. NBC reports July 11, 2013 the average monthly USA cellular telephone bill is $73.00. AT&T World Traveler Plan: If you don’t want to pay for data roaming charges, turn Data Roaming off & use Wi-Fi says Hyde Flippo. The USA Federal Government’s subsidized telephone service is Lifeline. Lifeline credit para una sola línea telefónica por cada hogar, línea fija o celular: for 1 telephone line per household, landline or cellular. ©July 12, 2013. Bell System refers to all telephone companies owned by AT&T, referred to internally as BOCs: Bell Operating Companies: Western Electric Co (telephone manufacture), Western Union, ITT: International Telephone & Telegraph Co. est. International Bell Telephone Co, 1879. Cuba: Bell Carribean regional operating companies. Lorena W. Weeks vs. Southern Bell Telephone Company 1967 Lawyer Sylvia Roberts represented Lorena W. Weeks, mother of 3, denied a switchman job due to gender. John Mack Carter of Ladies Home Journal confronted March 18, 1970 for Kraft® Jello ad copy stating a senior VP could make gelatin as easily as a dim-witted woman. Wife-beating not discussed in USA until the 1970s. Women had no access to medical records & could not apply for a credit card or loan. Medical & law school quotas 5% women. NYC Fire admits women beginning 1982. 1st Family Violence Law 1984. There is no national daycare. AmericaOnLine, Peter Kunhardt–Dyllan McGee Productions & Storyville Films, Narrated by Meryl Streep, Makers, USA: PBS: WETA Washington D.C. ©February 26, 2013 / Canada: Montréal, Québéc: CEO: George A. Cope. Qualcomm® CDMA: Code Division for Multiple Access (2005: 600kb/s) & Ericsson® GSM: Global System for Mobile™ HSPA: High Speed Packet Access+ (2009: 7Mb/s) 850 & 1900 MHz: MegaHertz radio frequencies: Toronto & NYSE: BCE. $19.49 billion. Est: Bell Telephone Co., Alexander Graham Bell March 1879. “The Bell Telephone Company of Canada & Northern Electric were structured similarly in Canada to the analogous portions of the Bell System in the United States; the regional operating company (Bell Canada) sold telephone services as a local exchange carrier, & Western Electric (Northern Electric) designed & manufactured telephone equipment. As part of the consent decree signed in 1956 to resolve the antitrust lawsuit filed in 1949 by the United States Department of Justice, AT&T & the Bell System proper divested itself of Northern Electric & Bell Canada. Northern Electric renamed itself Northern Telecom in 1976, which in turn became Nortel Networks in 1998.” Wikipedia. NERD: Northern Electric Research & Development, Bell Aliant (Atlantic), BellWest, NorTel (ON), Northwestel (BC, AB, NW TER), Télébec (QC), Virgin Mobile Canada.]
  24. Carrier: Aircel® PocketApps™ (Digital Rights Management: Infosys® Flypp™) [January 5, 2010] & Maxis Communications® Maxis 1Store [September 24, 2010] [Chennai (Madras), India: Aircel# logon: “Aircell’s battle with some companies allowing VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol calls on flights is another example of the growing conflict of interest between incumbent operators & new VoIP operators.” Wikipedia: Mobile VoIP COO: Mr. Gurdeep Singh. COO: Mr. SD Shibulal. Aircel ownership: 74% Maxis, 26% Sindya Securities & Investments Private Ltd, whose current shareholders, according to The Star, are the Reddy family of Apollo Hospitals Group of India. / Malaysia: Maxis# logon: Owners: Exoil Trading/Usaha Tegas Investment Co. oil billionaire Tatparanandam Ananda Krishnan & Saudi Telecom 25%. “Maxis most popular service is its prepaid brand Hotlink. ...They are currently heavily promoting a new IDD 132 service, which offers cheaper calling rates mobile & landlines in selected countries, at a rate of 8 sen (roughly 3¢ US) per minute which is, at certain times for many subscribers, even cheaper than a local call.” Oracle® Java™-PSION® Symbian-BlackBerry Ltd.® BlackBerry. Maxis eBuuk Store [July 6, 2012–February 15, 2014] “After downloading the app (Maxis eBuuk for Android) you can browse a huge selection of best sellers, new arrivals, sales & reccomendations in English, Malay, Chinese & Indonesian. ...Kindly notice that in order to register the app, you should have a valid Maxis number.” – Android Zoom]
  25. Carrier: Bharti® Airtel App Central [February 10, 2010], SingTel® Apps Shop (Google® Play™ Direct Carrier Billing Aug 12, 2013) [February 5, 2010], PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia–Telkom Indonesia: Telkomsel® Appzone [2010] [New Delhi, India: Airtel GSM: Global System for Mobile# >1,250 apps. $18.24 billion: 52.7% Bharti: Sunil Bharti Mittal, 34% SingTel, 4.4% Vodafone. 2010: Buys Zain Africa BV® Celtel: Burkina Faso, Chad, Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia & Telecom Seychelles. SEAS: Seychelles East Africa Submarine cable. 3G-4G Network: Ericsson India, Nokia Siemens, ZTE & Huawei. Wikipedia: “In the 2000s mobile telephony in Africa has been booming. Africans who have access to broadband connections are estimated to be in percentage of 1% or lower. ...Power availability is also scarce, with vast rural areas that are not connected to power grids as well as frequent black-outs in major urban areas such as Dar es Salaam. ...In 2006 Africa contributed to only 2% of the world’s overall telephone lines in the world. As a consequence of this general lack of connectivity, most Africa-generated network traffic is routed through servers that are located elsewhere.” /Singapore: Chairman: Simon Israel, CEO: Chua Sock Koong, Chairman Great Eastern Life: Fang Ai Lian. Ms Gan Siok Hoon, SingTel’s Vice President of mCommerce. Its other mobile companies are: Advanced Info Service (Thailand: Tom Yum Kung Crisis 1997 collapse of the Thai baht. Indonesian rupiah devalued. South Korean won weakened. “Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad accused George Soros of ruining Malaysia’s economy with ‘massive currency speculation.’ Soros claims to have been a buyer of the ringgit during its fall, having sold it short in 1997. ...International Monetary Fund $40 billion program to stabilize the currencies of South Korea, Thailand, & Indonesia.” Affected: China yuan, Lao kip, Vietnamese dông, Philippine peso.), Globe Telecom (Philippines: NTT–First Pacific® PDLT: Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.was the monopoly), Citycell (Bangladesh), Lankacom (Sri Lanka): Singtel phone # & login. Exclusively for Singtel’s 3.1 million subscribers. / Jakarta City (Batavia, Djarkata City), Java (Jawa), Indonesia: IDX: TLKM, NYSE: TLK, LSE: TKID. CEO: Arief Yahya, CFO: Honesti Basyir, COO: Rizkan Chandra, CTO: Indra Utoyo. GSM# $7.838 billion. Cards: simPATI, Kartu As, kartuHalo. Apple® iPhone, & Sony-Ericsson® Java-based apps: application software.]
  26. Carrier: Cheung Kong Hutchinson Holdings Ltd.和記黃埔® John Duflon Hutchinson Asia Telecom /Hong Kong Electric: 香港電燈有限公司® TOMPDA: 手机软件 & 3UK [2010] [Hong Kong, China: UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System: Est. 1863. CEO Hong Kong Billionaire Li Ka-Shing 李嘉誠爵士, age 88, the 2nd richest person in Asia & richest person in Hong Kong with an estimated net worth of US$31.5 billion. Named Cheung Kong, Chang Jiang or the Yangtze River, the longest river in China. Owns 0.8% of Facebook, Index Ventures® doubleTwist (March 2007: USA: Monique Farantzos, President & Chairman, Jon Lech Johansen. Syncs iTunes media library from a computer to a mobile device through USB: Universal Serial Bus.), Somo Mobile Marketing Agency® Summly (2009: London: News Aggregation App. Apptimiser Ad Network), Wibbitz (2015: Tel Aviv: Zohar Dayan & Yotam Cohen: Paid Text-to-Video for Publishers.), Zoom Video Communications, Inc.® Zoom Video (Jan 2013: USA: San Jose, CA.: B2B: Busines to Business Video Conferencing software for ‘Enterprise Networking’ by WebEx CISCO Systems®. Eric S. Yuan & David Berman.) & Spotify AB® Spotify (Oct. 7, 2008 DRM Adware: Stockholm, CEO Daniel Ek, Martin Lorentzon: Music, podcast, & video streaming service.) Australia, Sri Lanka (GSM/EDGE at 900/1800 MHz. HSPA services using 2100 MHz), Vietnam (moved from CDMA to GSM) & Indonesia. “The early days of UMTS saw problems in many countries. Overweight handsets with poor battery life were 1st to arrive on a market highly sensitive to weight & form factor. The Motorola A830, a debut handset on Hutchison’s 3 network, weighed >200 grams & even featured a detachable camera to reduce handset weight. Another significant issue involved call reliability, related to problems with handover from UMTS to GSM. ...In most networks around the world this is no longer an issue.”]
  27. Carrier: China Mobile 手机中国下载® MM: Mobile Market & Bookuu Mobile Book Store, CNMO: Zhôngguó Yídòng Tôngxin (Android Operating System: Borqs® 蜜蜂 OPhone or OMS: Open Mobile System & Google China® Tapas Mobile Tech Ltd.® 点心 DianXin [mandarin: dee-an sheen] cantonese: Dim Sum) [August 2009], Ying Yong Hui® 应用汇 AppChina (formerly AppOnHand) (Tapas Mobile Tech Ltd® 点心 DianXin: Dim Sum) [2010] [China: CDMA2000: Code Division Multiple Access 2000: The world’s biggest Telco: Open Handset Alliance: Voice over IP: Internet Protocol a violation of their terms of service: Direct Download with China Mobile#: Largest wireless operator in China with ¾ billion subscribers. Formed in 1998 from China Telecom. Chairman & Chief Executive: Xi Guohua (was Wang Jianzhou), Department of Data Service General Manager: Liu Xin. Tapas CEO: Lei Zhang. Zehjiang Xinhua Books: 29 Jhrong Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing (Peking), CN. “The country has already pulled ahead of the U.S. as the world’s largest smartphone market by volume. This is an incredible statistic given that 3G penetration in China stands at only about 18% currently. ...As the country grows & the average Chinese buyer sees an increase in buying power, we expect to see a growing shift in demand from 2G to 3G smartphones.” Trefis Team, Apple Faces A China Mobile-Sized Stumbling Block Limiting Its Reach, USA: Forbes ©October 10, 2012, Star Chang, Android Malware Found in China Mobile’s App Store Racks Up Huge Phone Bills, M.I.C. Gadget ©July 18, 2012 [http://micgadget.com/28271/android-malware-found-in-china-mobiles-app-store-racks-up-huge-phone-bills/]: TrustGo Mobile Security Co. found a new Trojan Horse named MMarketPay.A in infected apps which bypasses a customer’s SMS: Short Messaging Service security log-in to secretly download paid videos & apps. >100,000 subscribers affected. More info here Android Malware Forensics / eMail Registration: Firm incubated by Li Kai-fu, former head of Google China. “AppChina gives the option of downloading an app from its site straight to the afore mentioned PeaPod desktop utility” – Steven Millward, 8 Alternative Android App Stores from China, Tech in Asia Pte Ltd.: 157B Rochor Rd., Singapore SG 188432 ©September 8, 2011]
  28. Carrier: China Telecom 中国电信® eStore (Xiaolingtong: Personal Handy-Phone System) [October 2010] [China: Open Handset Alliance: Voice over IP: Internet Protocol a violation of their terms of service: Trunkbow® mPayment system. 138 million subscribers. Formed in 1994 at the breakup of Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications into a duopoly. Operates: Jitong, China Net Communication. “Just as we have observed in other developing regions, in China cell phones have become the real Net, to the extent that China Telecom recently announced that it will no longer invest in fixed Internet connections in rural areas” – Octavio Kulecz, Alliance internationale des éditeurs indépendants, Mobile Phones | Digital publishing in developing countries, 38, Rue Saint-Sabin, Paris, FR 75011.]
  29. Carrier: China Unicom 中国联通® WoStore (formerly UniStore) (Android Operating System: UPhone® UniPlus) [February 2010] [China: China Unicom # login: 2nd largest wireless operator in China. 236 million subscribers. Voice over IP: Internet Protocol a violation of their terms of service: 沃: Wo: Fertile. Chairman: Chang Xiaobing. Formed in 1994 at the breakup of Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications into a duopoly. Google® Android™, PSION® Symbian, Oracle® Java™, Apple® iPhone – Ankush Johar Corp, Wireless Federation: China Unicom & ZTE: Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Co. 中兴通讯股份有限公司 Plan to launch WoStore, 315, Chiswick H Road, London W44HH GB. ZTE, CN¥1,067.2 million, Founder Hou Weigui, in a patent dispute with Huawei. Haymarket Media Pty Ltd® Brand Republic Asia: China Awards 3G Licenses, January 2009, Australia: 52 Victoria St, McMahons Point, Sydney, New South Wales NSW 2060]
  30. Carrier: Chunghwa Tien-hsin/Telecom 中華電信: Zhînghuá Diànxàn [1996] [Taiwan (Formosa Island): China State Telephone Company (NYSE: CHT, TWSE: 2413): SIM cards are available in both standard sizes & micro-SIMs for the iOS devices. HQ at the old Taipei Prison, says Wikipedia.]
  31. Carrier: CPRM: Companhia Portuguesa Rádio Marconi® Portugal Telecom® TMN: Telecomunicações Móveis Nacionais App Store [2010], Marconi Vodafone Group plc.(previously GEC: General Electric Co. plc)® Vodafone 360 Shop [November 2009–2011], MCI: Microwave Communications Inc doing business as Verizon Business® Verizon VZApps [2010–2011] & MCI: Microwave Communications Inc doing business as Verizon Business® AOL Tech. Fringland Ltd® fring™ [January 2007] [Portugal: Guglielmo Marconi: CTT: Correlos, Telégrafos e Telephone, est. 1533 as Correio Público, King Manuel I, State-owned monopoly until 1994: Login: Portugal, Brazil (R$: Real), Macau/China, 41% Timor Telecom. Owns 75% AfricaTel Holding Company: Guinea-Bissau (CFA: Communauté Financiere Africaine Franc), Cape Verde (CVT: Cabo Verde Telecom: Esc: Escudo), Angola (Unitel: Kz: Kwanza), Namibia (MTC: N$), São Tomé & Principe (CST: Companhia Santomense de Telecomunicaçoes: Db: Dobra). / London-USA: Chairman: Sir John Bond. CEO: Vittorio Amedeo Colao. The world’s 2nd-largest mobile carrier. LSE & NASDAQ: VOD: Originally for HTC: High Tech Computer Corp.® Desire, Legend, Magic, Wildfire, Motorola® Milestone phones. Launch Markets: South Africa (Vodacom® South Africa includes Lesotho-Mozambique-DR Congo: Rand), Tanzania-Kenya (British East Africa Shilling. Now each country has own), Turkey (₤: Lira), India (৲:), Egypt (E£: Sole Egyptian long-distance provider), Romania (Leu), Czech Republic (Koruna), Hungary (Ft: Forint. “The Hungarian market is one where direct debits are not standard practice, so the facility eases the burden of queuing for the postpaid half of Vodafone’s subscriber base in Hungary”.), MTS: Moscow Telefonnaya Set Russia (Ruble), UK (£), Germany, Spain, Portugal & New Zealand (was BellSouth). Phone Coverage: Albania (L: Lek), Azerbaijan, Fiji, Finland, French Polynesia (Pacific Mobile Telecom), Ghana (cedi), Greece, Vodafone Iceland (Undersea Cable from Scotland-Faroe Islands to Iceland: Financial Crisis: Oct 2008: Private Bank Failure: Glitner, Landsbanki/Icesave & Kaupthing Singer & Friedlanders’ 9.5 trillion Icelandic króner/€50 billion debt), Malta, Qatar (QAR: Qatari riyal), Sweden (kr: kronor). / Tethering applications are in violation of the USA terms of service & are blocked from Google® Play™. Vodafone owns 45% Verizon with AT&T using CDMA. Verizon bought MCI–WorldCom, est 1963, after its 2003 bankruptcy where CEO Bernard Ebbers overextended himself ‘in excess of $400 million in margin calls’.(WCOM pre-bankruptcy & MCIP post-bankruptcy). Verizon buys Alltel (disbanded 2016) & partners with Time-Warner Cable October 30, 2012 with the goal of creating what NBC’s Tonight Show calls the slowest TV, Internet, phone service in the entire world, Ladies & Gentlemen. 3 mobile phone service brands cover all Russia: Sovintel® a.k.a Golden Telecom Beeline (Designed by Wolff Olins & Marina Willerr: Alfa Group, Telenor), North-West GSM® MegaFon (Alfa Group, TeliaSonera, Telecom-invest), & Sistema® MTS (Sistema, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens). NSA: National Security Agency has bulk archived Verizon consumer email & calls, monitoring telephone/Internet under Operation Prism & Blarney, Internet Security Researcher Ken Weston. Informant Edward Snowdon: NBC® Today Show June 7, 2013. Buys Cable & Wireless Worldwide PLC a.k.a Imperial & International Communications Ltd. (Panamá, Carribean: Montserrat, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, Saint Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Vincent & Grenadines). / Verizon bought AOL May 12, 2015: USA, UK expanding to >200 countries: Founders: AOL VP Avi Shechter, Boaz Zilberman & Alex Nerst. VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol: audio voice only calls & 2-way video calls from mobile phones. fringOut call termination for calls to any regular telephone number worldwide from 1¢ a minute. For Google® Android™ (Nov 2009), Apple® iOS (April 2008), MicroSoft® Windows Mobile (June 2007), Linux (July 2008), Oracle® JavaME™ (July 2008), PSION® Symbian S60 & S40 (Jan 2007). Utilizes Wi-Fi: Wireless Fidelity Radio, GPRS: General Packet Radio Service & 3G based data plans instead of GSM: Global System for Mobile talk minutes. Calls destined to GSM: Global System for Mobile & PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network networks pass through a circuit switch such as a SIP: Session Initiation Protocol. Comcast Xfinity® the future of awesome™ Your guide to summer! 9 Ways to Make the Most of the Season #J-62453 Cover Photo: Getty Images ©June 23, 2014 “Thank you for being an XFINITY® Customer! We want to show our appreciation. That’s why we compiled these 9 easy ways to make the most of your XFINITY services – enjoy your summer. Read on & enjoy! 1. Take Control. Cut through the clutter by using My Account. With the XFINITY My Account app, you can pay your bill, check your connection status, manage appointments & more – & soon, chat with an expert on Twitter or request a call back. No lines, no waiting! 2. Make your move easy. Moving can be stressful, but setting up your XFINITY® TV, Internet & phone services in your new home doesn’t have to be. With the XFINITY Movers Edge® program. Schedule a professional installation within a 2-hour appointment window. Ask how you can take your equipment with you. Easy troubleshooting tips. Visit comcast.com/moversedge for more. 3. 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Comcast® Internet Essentials™/Internet Básico 1-855-8-INTERNET o 1-855-SOLO-995 para español/XFINITY® Internet Economy Plus Hotspots available in select locations only. Standard data charges apply. XFINITY Home License #s: CA: 7118 OR CCB License: 192945. WA: COMCABS892DS, TX: Home Security: B-02571, B-16922, ACR-1818, ACR-1672104, NM: 373379, UT: 8226921-6501.30. Verizon Wireless activation fee/upgrade fee/line: Up to $35. Up to $350 early termination fee/line.Josie Cox & Patricia Kowsmann, Markets Tumble On Portuguese Bank Woes: “Fear of Fear” Drives Broad Selloff Amid Concerns About the Country’s Biggest Lender, WSJ ©July 10, 2014 “Worries over the financial health of a major Portuguese lender spooked global markets Thursday” That bank is Espíritu Santo: Spirit of the Saints. Wishing it some Midsummer white health.]
  32. Carrier: Etisalat: Emirates Telecommunications Corporation® Ufone [2010] [U.A.E: Ittisâlât, literally Communications: Voice over IP: Internet Protocol a violation of their terms of service. Numeric IP addresses, anonymous proxies, explicit content, & the entire Israel country code top-level domain blocked. Ebtikar Card Services SIM/smart card manufacturing & payments. Etisalat Nigeria: 1st cellular network in Africa to launch the Samsung® Galaxy Tab. Etisalat® Afghanistan, India (Swan Telecom), Ivory Coast (Atlantique Telecom® Moov: Bénin, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Gabon, Niger, Togo), Egypt, Saudi Arabia (Mobily), Sudan (Sudatel), Qatar (Emir’s Law #34 November 2006 lifts Qtel: Qatar Telecom monopoly. “Qtel runs & manages the Qatar Data Centre that hosts AT&T’s 1st global node (AGN) in the Middle East. On February 3, 2008, Qtel reported that a [undersea] cable connecting Qatar to the United Arab Emirates has been damaged, causing disruptions in already damaged Middle Eastern communication networks. According to Egypt’s transport ministry, there were no ships in the area. The problem is said to be related to the power system.”), Tanzania (Zantel), Sri Lanka (MIC: Millicom International Cellular) & Pakistan (PTCL: Pakistan Telecommunications). “The Emirati government, as part of its support to the National Transitional Council in the course of the 2011 Libyan civil war, requested Etisalat assist the NTC restore mobile communications to the rebel-held areas of Libya, which had been cut off by the government of Muammar Gaddafi. Etisalat provided the equipment needed to restore the main mobile network of Libyana, the primary carrier in the country.” – Wikipedia. Aya Batrawy, Censors cut 45 minutes from ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, angering Dubai audiences, The Associated Press ©January 15, 2014: Mr. Juma al-Leem. “Dubai [U.A.E], which hosts an annual international film festival, has a reputation for being much less conservative than countries such as Saudi Arabia, where traditional movie theatres are banned.”]
  33. Carrier: Far EasTone Telecommunications Co. Ltd. 遠傳電信® SmartApp® S市集 Market [www.smartapp.tw] [October 2010] [Taiwan (Formosa Island): Chinese: Ruiguang Road, Taipei 468, China. Tél: (02) 4495888]
  34. Carrier: France Télécom S.A.® Orange App Shop [December 2009], Orange TV® Dailymotion [March 15, 2005], Orange-Sony® Deezer (was BlogMusik) [September 2007], Orange® StarMedia [August 1996], & France Télécom® Voila Search Engine (formerly Echo) [September 1996] [Est: 1878. PTT: Posts, Télégraphs et Téléphones. €43.5 Billion. UK, France & Romania: Embedded on Orange GSM telephones. Prices added to existing Orange bill. “Firstly, don’t use the Orange App Store, it’s overpriced & pathetic, use the Android Market. Secondly, as it says, turn your WiFi off. You must be connected by 3G to use it since Orange use that to identify your phone.” moshbeard: Yahoo! Answers. Orange Group: Investment AB Kinnevek Group® Millicom (Sweden/Luxembourg: OMX: MIC-SDB) & Investment AB Kinnevek Group® Tele2 (OMX: TEL2), Leo® Algeria (Algerian dinar), Orange Armenia (ARD: Armenian Dram), Orange Austria (Yesss), Mobistar® Belgium, Orange Botswana (BWP: BotsWana Pula: Rain Blessing in Setswana replaces the South African Rand), Burundi (Burundian franc), Namibia (N$ =Rand), Cameroon, Equitorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, Senegal (CFA: Communauté Financiere Africaine Franc), Socatel® Central African Republic (CFA franc), Dominica (EC$: East Carribean), Dominican Republic (Dominican peso), SAIT® DR Congo-Zimbabwe, Mobinil® Egypt (E£), French Guiana (€), French Polynesia (Mara Telecom liquidated. Now Tikiphone SA® VINI: CFP: Change Franc Pacifique franc), Guadeloupe (€), Israel (Google bought Waze traffic GPS for $1 billion, ABC: June 12, 2013), Orange Jordan (1999: 60% Jordan Telecom, 35% France Telecom, 5% Arab Bank), Kenya (shilling), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg (former VOXMobile), Madagascar (Malagasy ariary), Martinique (€), Mauritius (former Celplus: Mauritian rupee), Moldova (L: Moldovan Leu), Morocco (49% Méditel: Moroccan dirham), North Korea (koryolink: won), Poland (Telekomunikacja Polska: Currency: złoty: golden), Portugal (Optimus), Réunion (€), Saint Barthélémy/Ouanalao (€), Saint Martin (€), Slovakia, Spain (Ya.com), Switzerland, Thailand (baht), Orange Tunisie (Tunisia dinar/Tuntel), Uganda (Uganda shilling), Vanatu (Vt: vatu). / Dailymotion CEO: Cédric Tournay, CTO & Founder: Olivier Poitrey, Co-Founder: Benjamin Bejbaum, EVP Global Content: Martin Rogard, SVP & General Counsel: Giuseppe de Martino. HQ: 140 Blvd. Malesherbes, 17th arrondissement, Paris: Video sharing for 34 countries/16 languages. Slogan: A Breton word meaning host call, genetive Ó Sluagháin: Regarder, publier, partager: Watch, publish, share. Not for USA until 2013 & banned in Kazakhstan since August 2011. Сокращенное решение Сарыаркинского районного суда города Астаны от 8 августа 2011 года № 2-4780/2011, zakon.kz. ©2011-08-11.]
  35. Carrier: Japan Telecom® ソフトバンク株式会社: SoftBank Mobile Group® 株式会社: ACCESS Co. Ltd.® NetFront™ Life Browser & Amazon Kindle Silk Browser by NetFront™ [February 2010], Boost Mobile® BoostApps [2000], SoftBank® GungHo Online Entertainment, SoftBank® Oak Pacific Interactive® Xiaonei 校内网: Campus Network a.k.a Ren-Ren: 人人网: Everyones’ Website [December 2005] & ACCESS® Palm Computing Inc.® Palm Software Store [RIP: Rest in Peace: Dec 16, 2008–December 31, 2009] [Open Handset Alliance: UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System™ 3G Tokyo, Japan: TYO: 9984/OTC Pink: SFTBF. Revenue: ¥3.202 trillion. Chairman & CEO: Masayoshi Son: Runs Willcom of Okinawa, is the biggest shareholder of Yahoo! Japan Corp., & owns 78% of SPRINT: Southern Pacific Railroad Intercontinental Network of Telecommunications-NEXTEL® purchased July 10, 2013 for $21.6 billion. The only official Japanese carrier of Apple® iPhone until iPhone 4S for KDDI. SoftBank & Tiffany & Co. made 10 limited-edition cellular telephones in 2008, each containing >400 platinum diamonds, totalling >20 carat, costing >¥100,000,000. In 2012 TechCrunch reported SoftBank invested $200 million into mobile ad network company InMobi. Android 2.1> Browser No Adobe® Flash: No exit button, laggy/unstable: tabs, bookmark, popup blocker. Also for Apple® iPhone. – Cellular-News: Bill Morrow, Vodafone’s Turnaround Guru walks away ©July 24, 2006 / HQ: Ren Ren Inc. Jing An Center, #8 N. 3rd Ring Rd. E., Chaoyang District, Beijing (Peking). NYSE: RENN: Chinese Facebook for college students purchased by SoftBank. Instant Message Chat, point system for repeated use. Currency is Xiaoneidou, or Xiaonei beans: 校内豆 used to purchase gifts, advertising, commence the Purple Bean service: 紫豆服务, & game coins. Founder, Chairman & CEO: MIT & Stanford Business School Graduate Joseph Chen. / HQ: SPRINT, Abilene, Kansas, USA. CEO: Dan Hesse. Handmark: 909 Walnut St. #400, Kansas City Missouri, USA. 1-816-472-7256. VP Development & Distibution: Jason Ford: 4 oligopolic USA railroads: SPRINT (NYSE:S), Northbrook-Southern, CSX & Union-Pacific, control 90% freight. Warren Buffet bought 1 railroad in 2009 & owns H.J. Heinz foods. Sprint launches ‘guarantee’ for unlimited plans, The Associated Press, July 12, 2013: $50 a month voice/text + $30 a month unlimited data. Notes AT&T & Verizon ditched unlimited data offerings to new customers & late last year introduced shared data plans that allow all of a family’s devices to share a pool of monthly data usage. / Boost: Slogan: Cartoon Network® Aqua-Teen HungerForce Master Shake’s Where you at? Wireless iDEN/CDMA: Code Division for Multiple Access Pre-pay Service: Website buying & shipping. Activate online or 1-888-BOOST-4U. Flat-rate unlimited plans. No overage, roaming, activation or convenience fees. Nationwide SPRINT® or NExtel® National Network. Also: México, NII® Brazil, NExtel® Argentina (Olga Cossenttini #360-363, Dique 4 Complejo Puerto Madero Centro, Buenos Aires), Chile, Perú, Canada, Boost Mobile Fiji, Nexus® ReachOut Mobile® Lifeline USA. SPRINT bought out General Wireless® MetroPCS & NExtel (formerly FleetCall®). Cleyson L. & Jacob Brown Telephone Co.,1899, consolidated as United Telephone & Electric Co. Southern Pacific Communications, a unit of the Southern Pacific Railroad, in 1972 sells surplus system capacity to corporations, circumventing AT&T’s monopoly. 1980s merger Sylvania® GTE: General Telephone & Electronics Corp.-SPC: Southern Pacific Communications-UU: United Utilities. / Palm Founder Jeff Hawkins in 1992. 3COM: Computer Communication Compatibility bought USRobotics, owner of Palm Inc., in 1997, Software division named PalmSource 2002 & hardware division named palmOne Inc. 2003. Japan Telecom® ACCESS, acquired PalmSource for US$324 million in 2005, running the Palm Software Store from Dec 16, 2008–June 6, 2009. Alan Grassia, Smartphone Fanatics: Palm Halts Production of Handhelds ©February 2009. Hewlett-Packard purchased Palm for $1.2 billion in an all-cash deal July 1, 2010. TCL, who manufactures phones under the Alcatel® OneTouch brand acquired Palm January 6, 2015. 38 million devices sold since 1996 from hardware manufacturers including Palm, Inc., Samsung, IBM: International Business Machines, Aceeca, AlphaSmart, Fossil, Inc., Garmin, Group Sense Personal Digital Assistant, Kyocera, PiTech, Sony, & Symbol. The Palm Operating System recognizes only 2 file extensions Palm Resource Code .prc. or Palm DataBase .pdb, the default text file database format on Palm devices. It is a RLE compressed ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange text file using line ends to mark the end of the paragraph. No text formatting is allowed. pdb. Palm Database Programmer: Rick Bram. Originally used on PalmOS devices by Aportis Technologies & called DOC, AportisDOC & PalmDOC. PalmSource Inc.® Palm Digital Media Secure eReader -er.pdb uses PML: Palm Markup Language DRM: Digital Rights Management. iSilo -is.pdb is a large, proprietary format made popular in the days of Palm devices. It’s an old format, & has its die-hard fans, as evidenced by the hefty pricetag. iSilo, as a format, is hard to convert *from* but easy to convert *to*. This app comes with the CIA World Factbook.]
  36. Carrier: KDDI: Kokusai Daini Denden Idô Corp: 株式会社® au® LISMO: LISten MObile Music Store [pron. risu] (Digital Rights Management: ソニー: Sony® Chaku-Uta: うたとも™ CPRM-AAC .KMF) [January 2006], KDDI-Toshiba® Biblio Leaf [December 25, 2010], 浦電気: Toshiba: Tokyo Shibaura Denki K.K America Information Systems® Toshiba Book Place (No Digital Rights Management: K-NFB Reading Tech Inc® Blio .xps) [September 28, 2010] [Tokyo, Japan: CDMA: Code Division for Multiple Access 1X WIN phones: Open Handset Alliance: TYO: 9433. CEO: Takashi Tanaka. Revenue: US $36.83 billion. Kyocera: 12.76%, Toyota: 11.09%, Master Trust Bank of Japan: 4.94%, Japan Trustee Services Bank: 4.15%, State Street Bank & Trust Co.: 3.32%. Mascot for music service is LISMO-kun squirrel. According to ZYXYZ company, the brand establisher, the name au is based on the Japanese verbs for meet & unite (both pronounced au). KDDI explains au comes from 2 letters which stand for few words. A is for access, always & amenity, & U is for unique, universal & user. Slogan: access to u – Wikipedia / The Biblio Leaf is a solar-powered black & white eReader exclusively under KDDI phone contract. / Mitsui Group zaibatsu: family-controlled vertical monopoly owns Toshiba. CEO: Norio Sasaki. Revenue: ¥6.3 trillion. “Membership in a keiretsu has traditionally meant loyalty, both corporate & private, to other members of the keiretsu or allied keiretsu.” Owns UK Westinghouse, one of the world’s largest producers of nuclear reactors. Toshiba in partnership with K-NFB Reading Technology, Inc., a joint venture between Raymond Kurzweil® Kurzweil Technologies Inc. & the National Federation for the Blind® Toshiba BookPlace for USA credit card addresses only :-( eReader software called Blio with text-to-speech, animation & video for Toshiba Laptops, Google® Android™ (12MB), PSION® Symbian, MicroSoft® Windows Mobile & Apple® iPhone telephones. – Ami Hamilton, Toshiba Opens E-Book Store for Laptops, Access Communications: Business Wire ©September 28, 2010 & Kurzweil Takes on Kindle with New E-Reader Platform Blio, Singularity Hub ©January 4, 2010, John Hrabe, The Huffington Post, USA: HQ: 15 Walnut Street, Suite 2, Wellesley Hills, MA, 02481: Kurzweil sold his Omni-Font OCR: Optical Character Recognition company (1978) to Lernout & Hauspie in 1980. Following the bankruptcy of the latter, the system became a subsidiary of Xerox. Kurzweil Computer Products co-founders David Boucher & Harry George formed Interleaf in 1981. Kurzweil 1000 text-to-speech converter (1987) has a computer read electronic & scanned text aloud. In 1999, Kurzweil created a hedge fund called FATKAT: Financial Accelerating Transactions from Kurzweil Adaptive Technologies. – Colleen Taylor, Ray Kurzweil Joins Google In Full-Time Engineering Director Role; Will Focus On Machine Learning, Language Processing, USA: AOL®TechCrunch ©December 14, 2012 ]
  37. Carrier: KT: Korea Telecom® Sun Kyung Telecom: 에스케이텔레콤® ONE Store (formerly SK Planet & T Store merge with Olleh App Market formerly KT Show), Ubinuri® AppZil [2011], Samsung:삼성전자: 3 Stars Group® Samsung Galaxy Apps (Open Handset Alliance) [September 2006] & Turkcell AppMarket a.k.a Turkcell T-Market (formerly Uygulamala Pazari & Samsung Android Market) [September 14, 2009] [Korea does NOT use GSM. Uses CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access 3G: Daegu, South Korea: Founder Lee Byung-Chull: 1938. KRX: Korean Exchange: 005930/LSE: London Stock Exchange: SMSN. Multi-National 재벌: Jaebol (from Jae: wealth or property + bŏl: faction or clan). ¤317 trillion Won: “There are several dozen large Korean family-controlled corporate groups which fall under this definition. ....The acquisition of Korea Telecommunications, an electronic switching system producer, was completed at the start of the next decade in 1980.” Wikipedia: Samsung. Subsidiary of the state monopoly telephone company Korea Telecom: Games, broadcasting, cartoons. CEO: Seong Min Ha. KRX: 017670/NYSE: US $13.601 billion. “As with many other Chaebols SK Group’s chairmanship was inherited from father to son: from its founder the late Chey John-hyun to its present chairman Chey Tae-won. Chey Tae-won is married to the daughter of the former South Korean President Roh Tae-woo.” / #1 App Gateway to & from Korea. Powered by the Ubinuri® AMS: Application Management System: Ubinuri: 3907 EnC Venture Dream Tower 6, Guro 3-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea 152–775. / AppzilApp® Counter Fire 1.4.1: Not compatible with ARMv5 Generic Tablet says Google® Play™. Game authentication & 50 MB download. / Google® Android™ (July 2009), Samsung® Bada: 바다: Sea (April 2010–February 2013), Samsung® LiMo: Linux Mobile™ (release date moved 2011 to 2014 & renamed Tizen), Windows Mobile: Note to Samsung Users: Some Galaxy S devices cannot download this app (Mika Mobile® Battleheart 1.2 RPG) due to its size exceeding 30MB. Please be aware of your device’s limitations before attempting to purchase. App discovery is a big problem for Honeycomb. Samsung Apps doesn’t have tablet sections or show which apps run best on tablets. 1000s of apps may scale up to tablet sizes well, & it’s difficult for consumers to tell which ones those are. For every Zepto Lab® Cut The Rope (17MB), which works beautifully, there’s an official Twitter app which looks utterly awful. –PCMag Online. ShopNBC: Sun February 6, 2011: Samsung® Galaxy Tablet will play Adobe® Flash video files. $799.00 the price without AT&T 3G 2 year Wireless Service. The plot thickens yet again in the seemingly endless patent war between Apple & Samsung. A new ruling by a regional court in Düsseldorf, Germany has granted Cupertino a preliminary injunction, blocking the sale & advertising of the Samsung® Galaxy Tab 10.1 across Europe, save for the Netherlands. According to The Telegraph, the likely appeal will take about a month to be heard by the judge who granted the injunction. – German Apple suit ruling blocks Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sale in Europe, Brian Heater, Engadget ©August 9, 2011. Wi-Fi Tabs: When I Charge My Wi-Fi Galaxy Tablet From A Completely Drained Battery, I Am Unable To Turn It On. Why Is That? Important: You will not be able to simultaneously charge & use your Galaxy Tab if you are connected to a PC’s USB port. The USB connection on a PC does not provide enough power for you to charge & use the device at the same time. If you need to simultaneously use & charge the device, we recommend you use the factory travel charger. If your Galaxy Tab won’t turn on: 1. Charge the device using the factory charger for 1 hour. The battery charging indicator may take up to 10 minutes to appear on the tablet’s screen. 2. Disconnect & attempt to turn it on by holding the power button for 15-20 seconds. 6 hours of additional charging will be needed with the device turned off. If it does not turn on they suggest another power outlet, then another power adapter, then another USB cable (might have a short in the cable) & finally customer service. Soft reset. Volume Up+Home+Power buttons until it shows Restore screen & do a factory reset. / GSM Telephone#: 35 million+ subscribers. 51% Çukurova Group owned by Mehmet Emin Karamehmet, Turkey’s 2nd richest man, 37% TeliaSonera AB, 12% Alfa Group. Çukurova grew out of industrial agriculture, textiles, banking [Pamukbank, Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi], newspapers, & television media. Albtelecom® Eagle Mobile [Çalik Holdings & Türk Telekom – The Economist Newspaper Ltd: Turkish corporate governance ©April 21st 2012]
  38. Carrier: LG: 법인: Lak-Hui Chemical Industrial-GoldStar Telecom® [pron. lucky] LG SmartWorld™ (Open Handset Alliance) [July 14, 2009] [South Korea: Jaebol founder: Koo In-Hwoi, 1947. ¤191 Trillion Won. KRX: 003550. 1st launched for Windows Mobile Phones in Singapore & Australia. Now updated with Android™. 23 countries. Registered my # under Canada Bell. Android 2.2 with a Bell® P99OHN. 6MB English LG World download for LG phones only. :-( Powered by Handster GmbH & Co.: 601 Skokie Blvd. Suite 105, Northbrook IL 60602 USA, Markstraße 9 D-39625 Kalbe/Milde Germany bought out by Telenor® Opera.]
  39. Carrier: Mobile Telecommunications Network® MTN App Store (formerly Play) [March 2009] [Johannesburg, South Africa: Private: CEO: Phuthuma Nhleko. Owners: Belgacom 57.6%, Swisscom 22.4% & MTN Group 20%. Store announced March 2009 with Android phones not shipped to Africa that year. 7 app stores in Africa for 2012 & Oware game. Service Areas: Afghanistan, Bénin (Benin Telecoms fixed line. Mobile: Bell Bénin Communication, Globacom), Guinea Conakry, Guinea-Bissau, Sudan, Syria (STE: Syrian Telecommunications Establishment fixed line), Uganda, Botswana Mascom, Cameroon, Congo S.A., Côte d’Ivoire, Cyprus, Ghana, Irancell (Iranian law limits home subscribers to <128kbit/sec), Liberia: Lonestar Cell, Nigeria, Rwandacell, Swaziland, Spacetel® Yemen, Zambia – MTN Brings West African Board Game To App Store, IT News Africa ©March 23, 2012]
  40. Carrier: Motorola Global Telecom® Zhi-Jian-Yuan: Place for Apps Wisdom a.k.a SHOP4APPS MotoAppStore (Android Operating System: Borqs® 蜜蜂 Ophone) [January 21, 2010], EasyLink Zhiyuan Wireless Technology Co., Ltd.® eOe Mobile® 优亿市场 eOe Market [August 2009] / Liánxiäng: Connected Thinking® 乐商店: Lenovo LePhone App Store (Android Operating System: Liánxiäng® Mondrian) [May 2010] & Doùbàn® SouApp搜应用 [April 8, 2010] [China Only: “Accessible through mobile browser, mobile client, or MML: Motorola Media Link. MyLocker account stores purchased goods to be deployed to your handset.” PacificNet, Inc.Ventures® 手机之家: imobile, est. 2002, NASDAQ: PACT, Manager: Liu Lei, Rm 2303, 23/F, Tower A, TimeCourt, No.6, Shuguang Xili, Chaoyang District, Beijing (Peking) 100028 picked to run the Motorola Telecom Store in 2007. “PacificNet’s gaming products are specially designed for Chinese & Asian gamers. PacificNet’s gaming clients include the leading hotels, casinos, & gaming operators in Macau, Asia & Europe.” PacificNet iMobile Partners with Nokia to Provide Online E-Commerce Distribution in China, United Business Media® PRNewswire ©May 23, Xinhua News Agency. pron: sheen′·hwah. 2010: Skyhook Wireless sues Google (preliminary injuction denied) alleging Google blocked Skyhook’s mobile positioning service (XPS) from Motorola’s Android mobile devices. Motorola had terminated their contract with Skyhook as Skyhook wanted to disable Google’s location data collection functions on Motorola’s devices, which would have violated Motorola’s obligations to Google & its carriers. 2011 Update: Google bought Motorola for $12.5 billion. Motorola the leader in television set-top box revenues for 2011. / China: Chinese: Founder: Jin Yan.Technical Director Ma Wanzheng of Motorola. Chaoyang District, Beijing City (Peking City) Triumph Beiyuan Rd. 170, Block C, Room 1202. / Registration: Lenovo: Le- (Legend) + novo Latin for new. Chinese company name is liánxiäng: association or connected thinking. Chinese Academy of Sciences, acquired IBM in 2005 for $1.75 billion & Motorola. CEO Yang Yuanquing. / Chinese SNS: Social Network service & store. Douban Radio streams music. Founder: IBM research scientist Ph.D Bo Yang.]
  41. Carrier: Nepal Telecom [Nepal’s MCC: Mobile Country Code is 429. Nepal Telecom’s MNC: Mobile Network Code is 01. IMSI analysis is the process of examining a subscriber’s IMSI: International Mobile Subscriber Identity Module to identify the network the IMSI belongs to, & whether subscribers from that network may use a given network (if they are not local subscribers, this requires a roaming agreement). If the subscriber is not from the provider’s network, the IMSI must be converted to a Global Title, which can then be used for accessing the subscriber data in the remote HLR: Home Location Register. Outside North America the IMSI is converted to the MGT: Mobile Global Title format, E.214.]
  42. Carrier: NTT: Nippon Telegraph & Telephone® 株式会社エヌ · ティ·ティ· ドコモ: DoCoMo, Inc. Market® Join jAPPan [2011] DoCoMo Digital Germany GmbH® net mobile AG® Bankverein Werther AG [2000], NTT DoCoMoCapital® Evernote Corporation®, NTT® Guamcell [2012] [Japan: Open Handset Alliance: TYO: 9437. ¥6.948 trillion. CEO: Ryuji Yamada: “The Bell System owned 54% of NEC & NTT before the 1956 boundaries were emplaced”: It will be an open platform. Mobile strategy is in response to SoftBank Mobile’s exclusive distribution deal with Apple iPhone in Japan. It is not unlike Verizon vs AT&T here in US. Name officially an abbreviation of phrase, do communications over the mobile network, & is also from a compound word dokomo, meaning everywhere in Japanese. Provides phone, video phone (2001: UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System™ 3G FOMA: Freedom of Mobile–Multimedia Access), i-mode (1999: Compact HyperText Markup Language monochromatic display: no tables, frames, style sheets), & mail (i-mode mail, Short Mail, & SMS: Short Messaging Service) services. HQ in Sanno Park Tower, Nagatachö, Chiyoda, Tokyo. Company mascot is Docomodake, a mushroom hero in the Nintendo DS® Boing! game. He also has a wide variety of merchandising such as cell phone straps, keychains, & plush dolls. As 1 type of advertising method, there are many types of Docomodakes such as mother & father. musume (daughter), jiji (grandpa) which symbolizes the plans NTT Docomo offers. NEC: Nippon Electric Corporation. July 2012: NTT Docomo acquires Buongiorno for €209 million. April 2013: NTT Docomo buys net mobile AG. net mobile AG® Astral Commander 1.4 game mentioned by Waryam in 2011. Evernote is an online app only: Notes saved on their servers: lots of permissions. Hacked March 2, 2013. – Wikipedia]
  43. Carrier: Olive Telecom® Olive Browser & Olive Telecom® Olive Office [2011] [Gurgaon, India: Chairman: Arun Khanna. In partnership with Haier Group® HaiPad V7: Android 2.2 with Adobe® Flash 10.1 & VIA Technologies® Wondermedia® 8650 ARMv5 processor. Add-ons, normal mode & picture-free mode. Save current page as a .jpg file to SD: Secure Digital card.]
  44. Carrier: Olivetti® TIM: Télécom Italia Mobile App Store (Open Handset Alliance), TIM: Téléfonica Italia Móviles® Brasil App Store (Digital Rights Management: Qualcomm® Plaza Retail™) & Olivetti® Télécom Italia® Cubolibri® (Biblet eReader: ePub: electronicPUBlication & Adobe® PDF: Portable Document Format) [Todos: All 2010] [Italy, Brazil, Bolivia: BIT: TIT, NYSE: TI: Chairman: Giuseppe Recchi, Director: Marco Patuano (was Telefónica CEO Cesareo Alierta Izuel a.k.a César [Emperor] Alierta until December 14, 2013’s Brazilian anti-trust legislation. 8.1 million dropped calls in a single day in 2012 had the Public Ministry of the Paraná State filing a lawsuit according to Globo: Ministério Público pede a suspensão de venda de chips da TIM no Paraná.) Telecom Italia SpA: 22.4% Telefónica, 5% Marco Fossati’s Findim Group S.A. Login: Telephone#, Password: Store For: Oracle® Java™ (1998), Nokia® Novarra® BREW: Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless® (2001) & Google® Android™ (2008). Qualcomm® CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access 2G Telephone Standard.]
  45. Carrier: TaiwanMobile 台灣大哥大® matchApps 軟體商店– (match Market) [2010] [Taiwan (Formosa Island): Sanrio® Sugarbunnies. “Today’s Taiwan Mobile’s logo is more colorful but still have the look of the original satellite gateway station of Iridium with hexagonal shapes. The older logo used to be all red & had a legacy red from the now defunct Pacific Electric Wire & Cable Co. Ltd.” Google® Android™, Apple® iPhone, BlackBerry Ltd.® BlackBerry, MicroSoft® Windows Mobile 6.5, PSION® Symbian S60 V6 & S3. Mike Hsieh: 6F, #172-1, Sec. 2, Keelung Rd., Taipei City 106, Taiwan, China]
  46. Carrier: Tata Group® Tata Indiacom a.k.a Virgin Mobile India: Croma Electronics® Megastore [2011] [Qualcomm® CDMA: Code Division for Multiple Access & Ericsson® GSM: Global System for Mobile™.Tata Group owns Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces with a revenue of $347.85 million & properties in: USA, England, Australia, South Africa, UAE, India including the Taj Mahal, Falaknuma Palace, Jai Mahal Palace, Nadesar Palace, Rambagh Palace, Umald Bhawan Palace & Usha Kiran Palace, Maldives, Malaysia, Bhutan & Sri Lanka. Founder: Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata. Chairman: Ratan Tata. Tata Power, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Tata Chemicals (British Salt), Tata Global Beverages (Good Earth Teas, Eight O’Clock Coffee & Tetley), Tata AIG General Insurance, Tata McGraw-Hill.]
  47. Carrier: Telefonaktiebolaget AB Lars Magnus Ericsson® Appia Venture Capital® Ericsson Estore formerly Ericsson Mobility World (Open Handset Alliance) [February 15, 2010], Appia Venture Capital® Dell® Mobile Applications Store [RIP: Rest In Peace: August 12, 2010–December 13, 2013] Appia Venture Capital® Handango® InHand [RIP: Rest In Peace: 2009–January 13, 2013] [Wireless Valley: Kista, Stockholm Municipality, Sweden: OMX: ERIC B/ NASDAQ: ERIC $226.9 Billion: Owner: Marcus Wallenberg Swedish Banking family: Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken. Est. 1876 as a telegraph equipment repair shop by Lars Magnus Ericsson: The worlds’s largest mobile telecommunications equipment vendor with a market share of 35% & the inventor of Bluetooth. Invents GSM: Global System for Mobile™ 2G telephone standard (has 4 radio frequency bands: 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz. GPRS: General Packet Radio Service 2.5G & EDGE: Enhanced Datarates for GSM Evolution 2.75. “Because Bell’s invention was not patented in Sweden & a Swedish private competitor, Allmänna Telefon, was thus able to find an independent equipment supplier in Lars Magnus Ericsson.” – Wikipedia “The design of the service [GSM] is moderately complex because it must be able to locate a moving phone anywhere in the world, accommodate the relatively small battery capacity, limited input/output capabilities, & weak radio transmitters on mobile devices. ...The phone will search for the nearest mobile phone mast (also called a Base Transceiver Station) with the strongest signal. ...The call setup request message is handled next by the Mobile Switching Center, which checks the subscriber’s record held in the Visitor Location Register to see if the outgoing call is allowed. If so, it routes. ...During a GSM call, speech is converted from analogue sound waves to digital data by the phone itself.” The GSM standard can transmit digital data. “This allows a mobile phone to act like any other computer on the Internet, sending & receiving data via the Internet Protocol.” – GSM Standard: Wikipedia. 3G UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (2001) Speeds: HSPA+: High-Speed Packet Access Evolved 3.75G (28 Mbps), DC: Dual-Cell-HSDPA: High-Speed Downlink Packet Access, LTE: Long Term Evolution 3.9G, E-UTRA 3G. In some instances, 3G networks do not use the same radio frequencies as 2G. “12 companies accounted in 2004 for 90% of the [3G] patents (Qualcomm, Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, Motorola, Philips, NTT DoCoMo, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Hitachi, InterDigital, & Matsushita-Panasonic). ITU: International Telecommunication Union ‘a minimum data rate of 2 Mbit/s for stationary or walking users, & 384 kbit/s in a moving vehicle,’” – Wikipedia: 3G. “There are very few 3G phones available supporting all 3G frequencies (UMTS850/900/1700/1900/2100 MHz). Nokia has recently released a range of phones that have Pentaband 3G coverage”. Saeed Kamali Dehghan, Iranian consumers boycott Nokia for ‘collaboration’, UK: The Guardian, ©Tuesday 14 July 2009 16.22 EDT “Wholesale vendors in the capital report that demand for Nokia handsets has fallen by as much as ½ in the wake of calls to boycott Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) for selling communications monitoring systems to Iran. Some Tehran shops have removed Nokia phones from their window displays. The Iranian authorities are believed to have used Nokia’s mobile phone monitoring system to target dissidents. NSN spokesman Ben Roome said: ‘As in every other country, telecoms networks in Iran require the capability to lawfully intercept voice calls.’ ...The SMS: Short Messaging Service boycott, meanwhile, has apparently forced TCI into drastic price hikes. The cost of an SMS has doubled in recent days. Protesters view the move as a victory.” ]
  48. Carrier: TeliaSonera AB® Omnitel Programles [2010] [Lithuania: Sturegatan 1, Stockholm: Merger of Telia & Sonera. Denmark [Telia], Sweden [Halebop], Finland [Sonera], Norway [NetCom], Belarus [“TeliaSonera delivers mobile devices can be intercepted by police officers that regimes & to tap phones that dissidents are using, but Telia Sonera turn away from him & would not comment on alleged interception of private individuals, tailgating, disappearance of dissidents. (a)As in Belarus” Wikipedia], Afghanistan [12.5% Roshan: Persian for Clear Meaning 51% Aga Khan, 36.75% Monaco Telecom. “In January 2003, Roshan was awarded the 2nd GSM license in Afghanistan at a time when there was virtually no telecommunications infrastructure in place; national calls were prohibitively expensive & Afghans had to travel abroad to make an international call.”], Estonia [Eesti Telekom], Lithuania [Omnitel], Latvia [LMT/Lattelecom: Latvia now on the € :-)], Moldova [74% Moldcell], Georgia [Geocell], Kazakhstan [Kcell], Azerbaijan [Azercell: 43%, 57% Turkcell], Nepal [80% Spice Nepal & Ncell], Russia [MegaFon], Spain [76.6% Yoigo], Tajikistan [Tcell], Uzbekistan [UCell]. Radiolinja & TeliaSonera the 1st telephone companies in the world to offer SMS: Short Messaging Service texting in 1995. SMS is used to send welcome messages to mobile phones roaming: connecting to different networks between countries. – The Mobile World, Global Multinationals: Consolidating Customers, Issue 40, pg 21 23, Oct 2006]
  49. Carrier: Virgin Group Limited® Virgin Mobile [2001] [UK: The School House, 50 Brook Green in London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham: British branded venture capital conglomerate organisation founded by business tycoon Richard Branson. Companies House class it as a holding company; however Virgin’s business & trading activities date to the 1970s. Net worth is £5.01 billion. Consists of >400 companies. Although Branson retains complete ownership & control of the Virgin Brand, the commercial set-up of companies using it is varied & complex. Each of the companies operating under the Virgin brand is a separate entity, with Branson completely owning some & holding minority or majority stakes in others. Occasionally, he simply licenses the brand to a company that has purchased a division from him, such as Virgin Mobile USA (Sprint-Nextel), Virgin Mobile Australia (SingTel), Virgin Radio & Virgin Music (now part of EMI). The brand name arose when Branson & a partner were starting their record shop. The current logo was originally sketched on a paper napkin & remains largely unchanged since 1979. –Wikipedia Chris Parsons, Virgin Mobile USA data throttling starting in March, Android Central ©Jan 18, 2012: “We’re putting a data speed reduction in place for anyone who uses over 2.5GB of data in a month.” afallingstone says: Well that will drop their data speeds from 400k to 50k like every one else on the Sprint network. bsharitt says: Back when I had Virgin, I don’t think I could ever get a fast enough connection to use that much data.]
  50. Carrier: Vivendi® SFR: Société Française de Radiotéléphonie Mobile, Vivendi® HSN: Home Shopping Network, NBC: National Biscuit Company® Netflix (Digital Rights Management: MicroSoft® VC-1 Video on Amazon® EC2 Cloud Server) [September 1999], General Electric–Comcast® NBCUniversal® Hulu: 互录: Interactive Recording (Proprietary Adobe® Flash Video on Amazon® Cloud Server) [March 12, 2008] [France: Est: 1853 as La Compagnie générale des eaux: The General Water Company. Multinational French telephone company. Président: Jean-Yves Charlier, CEO: Stéphane Roussel. Products: Neufbox Evolution, SFR TV,, mobile phones. €12,577 billion. UMG: Universal Music Group, Canal+ Group, Maroc Telecom, Gabon Telecom, Mauritel, Activision Blizzard. GE' General Electric® RCA: Radio Corporation of America (from British owned Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America & the Pan-American Telegraph Company) formed October 17, 1919. “In follow-on agreements, RCA also acquired the radio patents that had been held by Westinghouse & the United Fruit Company.” The company acquired Hertz (rental cars), Banquet (frozen foods), Coronet (carpeting), Random House (publishing) & Gibson (greeting cards) / USA: Los Gatos, California. NASDAQ: NFLX. US$3.61 billion. MicroWarehouse Marc Randolph, CEO: Reed Hastings, CFO: David Wells, CTO: Neil Hunt. In February 2007, the company delivered its billionth DVD & began to move away from its original core business model of mailing DVDs by introducing video-on-demand via the Internet Subscription service in USA (36> million customers)-Canada (Sept 22, 2010)-Latin America (Sept 5, 2011)-UK/Ireland (Jan 9, 2012), Scandinavia (Oct 18, 2012), Netherlands (Sept 10, 2013: 40.4 million global) for: Roku Player [May 2008], TiVo® Premiere DVR: Digital Video Recorder [Oct 2008], MicroSoft® Xbox 360° [Nov 19, 2008], LG-Panasonic-Philips-Samsung-Sharp-Sony-AmTran Technology’ Vizio Smart TVs [Jan 2009], Sony® PlayStation 3 [Nov 2009], Broadband Internet Connected INTEL:INTegrated ELectronics chip computers running MicroSoft® Windows or Apple® Macintosh Apple Operating System X [2010], Nintendo® Wii/3DS [Jan 13, 2010], Apple® iPad [April 2010], William & Charles Barnes & Clifford Noble® Nook® [Nov 2011], Amazon® Kindle [2011], BlackBerry Ltd.® BlackBerry 10 [2011]. Ashlee Vance, Netflix, Reed Hastings Survive Missteps to Join Silicon Valley’s Elite, BloombergBusinessweek ©May 09, 2013: “On a normal weeknight, Netflix (NFLX) accounts for almost ⅓ of all Internet traffic entering North American homes. That’s more than YouTube, Hulu, Amazon.com (AMZN), HBO Go, iTunes, & BitTorrent combined. Traffic to Netflix usually peaks at around 10 p.m. in each time zone, at which point a chart of Internet consumption looks like a python that swallowed a cow. By midnight Pacific time, streaming volume falls off dramatically.” / USA: “In September 2007 that Hulu acquired Bejing-based startup Mojiti & used its platform for the basis of the product.” USA & Japan geo-restricted, ad-serving Internet video on demand subscription service for: Apple® iPad, Roku Player, Smart TVs, TiVo® Premiere DVR: Digital Video Recorder, Nintendo® Wii/3DS, Sony® PlayStation 3, & MicroSoft® Xbox 360°. Internet Apple® Macintosh Apple OS X 10.4/Linux/MicroSoft® Windows eXPerience: PC video will load in Adobe® Flash Player 10.1 (.53.64)> with either MicroSoft® Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla® Firefox 2, Apple® Safari 3 or Google® Chrome Browsers. HTC: High Tech Computer Corp.® Evo View 4G 1st Android Tablet to Support Netflix. Why? PC Magazine Online. David Murphy, June 25, 2011: The tablet is SPRINT’s 1st 4G Android tablet to hit the market, period, ...1st tablet to ship with built-in support for NBC® Netflix movie & video streaming. In doing so, it joins an exclusive club of Android devices that support the service: A sad list that’s currently limited to just 9 Android smartphones. ...Even NBC® Hulu hasn’t been able to get its Hulu Plus streaming app up-&-running on an Android tablet. The company’s streaming television launched supporting 6 Android smartphones.]
  51. Carrier: Zain Group® MTC: Mobile Telecommunications Co.® Zain Create [March 20, 2009] [Kuwait: Customer#: $6.42 billion on Kuwait Stock Exchange: CEO: Nabeel Bin Salamah: For: Bahrain, Iraq(na), Kuwait, Jordan, MTC Touch Lebanon, Saudi Arabia & Sudan Full-track audio & video downloads, java™ & online games. Telephone service: Wana Morocco – Zain Press Release, Zain Create to offer a vast world of digital entertainment, Zawya [Zawya.com] ©March 20, 2009]
  52. Historical Bouygues S.A® TF1: Télévision France 1 Group & Bouygues Télécom [pron. bwig] [1987] [France: €32.706 billion. Euronext Paris Stock Exchange: EN. Est: 1952. Martin & Olivier Bouygues, CFO: Philippe Marien. Bouygues Construction, Bouygues Immobilier, TelBINA Istra motorways, Alstom railways, Metro France Press, & TV Breizh: Breizh a.k.a. Brittany: Little Britain, Breton/Bretagne, France. Built: Parc des Princes, Musée d’Orsay 1986, Grande Arche, Mosquée Hassan II 1992, Channel Tunnel 1994, Bibliothéque nationale de France 1995, Pont de Normandie: Normandy Bridge 1995 & Stade de France 1998. French woman recieves a trillion-euro mobile bill, Agence France-Presse ©Oct, 11, 2012: (Solenne San Jose of Bordeaux) “Bouygues Telecom said the mix-up had been due to a printing error & a subsequent misunderstanding between the client & staff at their call centre.” Denis Lherm, Bouygues Telecom réclame des milliards à une ancienne cliente, Sud Oueste ©Oct 10, 2012]
  53. Historical British Telecom Plc. & Telefónica Móviles® O2 PLC® Litmus Apps Ingrid Lunden, mocoNews: Telefonica’s O2 Litmus Fails The Litmus Test; App Effort Closes Down, UK: ©June 17, 2011 [RIP: Rest in Peace: December 15, 2008–June 17, 2011] [City of London, England: Royal telegraph, post office, & telephone monopoly founded 1846 as Wheatstone & Sir William Fothergill Cooke’s Electric Telegraph Co. Royal Post/GPO: General Post Office founded 1660. Barrister Harford Montgomery Hyde (1907–1989), The Cleveland Street Scandal, London: William Henry Allen & Co. Ltd./Virgin Books ©1976 ISBN: 0-491-01995-5: Constable Luke Hanks & Detective Inspector Frederick Abberline discover Charles Hammond’s Poses Plastique Brothel of 19 Cleveland Street, Fitzrovia, London procuring underaged male prostitutes: Charles Thomas Swinscow, Charles Ernest Thickbroom, Algernon Allies & George Alma Wright from the London Central Telegraph Post Office, July 1889. Postmaster Charles Veck & Postal Clerk Henry Newlove plead guilty to indecency September 18 at Sir Thomas Chambers’ Court. Hammond flees the country & his passage to America paid by Lord Arthur Somerset’s Solicitor Arthur Newton. Newton sentenced to 6 weeks prison for obstruction of justice. Somerset blocked from prosecution by Lord Chancellor Halsbury & retires to France in October. Editor Ernest Parke of The North London Press ©September 28, 1889, sentenced to 12 months prison January 16, 1890 under Judge Sir Henry Hawkins for libel. GPO privatized 1993. £18.897 billion. Museum of National Telephony: Chris Godsmark, BT to pull the plug on phone museum, UK: England: The Independent: 2 Derry St. London W8 5TT ©Nov. 5, 1996: “While BT executives toast their pounds 13bn takeover deal with the US long distance phone giant MCI, the company is considering pulling the plug on Britain’s national telephones museum due to lack of funds. The BT musuem, tucked away beneath a concrete multi-storey car park near Blackfriars Bridge in London, houses countless treasures in the UK’s proud technological history from the discovery of the telegraph in the 1830s. ...Staff at the museum have already begun the sad process of giving away exhibits which, though not valuable in money terms, have a priceless place in British industrial history. 1000s of old telephones, switchboards & memorabilia are housed in an unmanned warehouse near Heathrow Airport. They include 17 vintage GPO vans & crates of bakelite handsets which have never even been catalogued.” O2 branding in 2002 by Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest with brand consultancy Lambie-Nairn. Networks: O2 PLC. (former British Telecom® Viag Interkom [.de], KPN: Koninklijke PTT: Postbank-Telefon-Telegraf Nederland® Telefort Mobiel [.nl], Cellnet-Esat Digifone [.uk]), Cesky Telecom, Eurotel Slovakia), BT Mobile® UK, Spain, Italy & Netherlands uses Vodafone UK, Vodafone Spain (GSM900/1800MHz:2G, UMTS:3G. The CEO’s last name Coimbra is an alternative spelling of my last name), Vodafone Omnitel BV® Vodafone Italia & 6Gmobile network. KPN: E-Plus, Getronics, Telfort-Tiscali, Simyo, Ortel, Hi, BASE, Vybemobile, Blau Mobilfunk]
  54. Historical CNTE: Compañía Telefónica Nacional de España® MóviStar mStore, MóviStar bq, Grupo Planeta SA® Mundo: World Reader (Mob4Hire Billing System) [RIP: Requiescat In Pacem: January 2011–April 24, 2012] [Futura Network® Campus Party Conference: Madrid, Spain: Spanish public telephone monopoly. €129.623 billion. NYSE, Buenos Aires, Lima & Madrid: TEF, Euronext: TFA, London: TDE, Frankfurt: TNE5, Tokyo: 9481. CEO/Director/Chairman of the Board: César (Emperor) Alierta a.k.a Cesareo Alierta Izuel Tomas Catan & Jason Sinclair, Télefonica Chief Gets Mixed Verdict in Trading Case, USA: Dow Jones & Co. Inc.® The Wall Street Journal ©July 18, 2009 “A Spanish court found that César Alierta, chairman of Telefónica SA, enriched himself through insider trading before he joined the telecom company. It acquitted him on the ground that the statute of limitations had run out. ...Mr. Alierta, 64 years old, is seen as central to Telefónica’s success — & to its stock-market value by many investors. He also has a tight grip on the company & no obvious successor. ... The alleged insider trading took place in 1997, when Mr. Alierta was chairman of Spain’s state-owned tobacco company, Tabacalera SA. The court said ‘knowing the impact that the announcement of the purchase of Havatampa would have on the market,’ & made a €1.86 million profit.” “Even as almost ½ of young Spaniards are unemployed, some technology products are thriving in the southern European country battered by the European sovereign debt crisis.” Movistar e-reader: 6-inch display, 169€/$227. Manuel Baigorri, Bloomberg Business Week: Telefonica Reaches E-Book Deal With Planeta in Challenge to Amazon Kindle ©March 1, 2012, Telefónica Atento, Telefónica Unifón (Argentina), Telefónica Brasil S.A. [IANA ID# 1458: Alameda Chucri Zaidan, 860 2nd andar Iado A Saõ Paulo SP 01404-001. “ ICANN notes that on 23 April 2013, Telefonica, under the name A. Telecom S.A., received a notice of breach regarding past due fees & failure to update contact information” Feb 7, 2014], Movicom (Uruguay), MóviStar Chile (former Compañía de Teléfonos de Chile), (Colombia-Costa Rica-Ecuador-El Salvador-Guatemala-Nicaragua-Panamá-Venezuela: all formerly BellSouth), MóviStar México (Cedetel, Bajacel, Movitel, Norcel & Pegaso), Perú. Terra internet: Uno-e (online banking), Rumbo (travel), Atrea (real estate with Spanish bank BBVA), Azeler (cars), & Maptel (online maps).]
  55. Historical Deutsche Telekom AG® T-Mobile® Mall [RIF: Ruhe in Frieden: March 26, 2011–June 1, 2014], (Google® Play™) E-Booki T-Mobile Poland a.k.a Legimi® Legimi Reader (Cloud: MyBox) [2010], MicroSoft® Skype Ltd.: Sky Peer to Peer® Qik Inc.® T-Mobile Video Chat [RIF: Ruhe in Frieden: Januar 3, 2011–Februar 23, 2016] [Germany: Est: 1495, Kaiserliche Reichspost: Imperial Postal Service, Jannetto de Tassis of Das Fürstenhaus: the Princely House of Thurn & Taxis a.k.a Princes della Torre e Tasso. NYSE: DTE. HQ: Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia. CEO: René Obermann.T-Mobile GSM#: Open Handset Alliance: Tethering applications are in violation of T-Mobile USA’s terms of service. Amazon customers wrote in to say their T-Mobile phones will not download from the Amazon Appstore anymore now that AT&T bought out the company. Nick Sears, Vice President of T-Mobile, founder of Android Inc® October 2003. Deutsche Telekom AG® Programm Manager for Android provides an overview of German TV programs for the next 14 days. Germany has a per minute charge for all calls: gespräche: domestic (Inlands), international (Auslands: Outlands), & local (Ort: Town). T-Mobile International AG: T-Mobile USA (‘Uses a different band than AT&T for its 3G data signals, the iPhone will only work at 3G speeds on the T-Mobile 1900 MHz network’)-Canada-Puerto Rico, Croatia-Macedonia-Montenegro, Netherlands, T-Mobile Deutschland: Germany-Czech-Slovakia-Hungary, T-Mobile Poland (Legimi ePubs stored in the cloud: Read-out-loud is a paid feature.), Telecom Argentina® Personal (formerly Sociedad Licenciataria Norte Sociedad Anónima Bursátil de Capital Variable®) Olde URL: /ar/institucionales/estructura/estructura.html, Personal Paraguay Ownership: Werthein Group & France Télécom: Northern Argentina including all of Buenos Aires. In 1990 the monopoly of state-owned phone service ENTel was split into 2 territories: France Télécom was given the upper half of the country, from the middle to the north, & Telefónica was given the southern part. At privatization in 1990, the wait was 4 years to get new service & 40 days for repair. In 2005, the Bank of New York was appointed as trustee, registrar, paying & transfer agent for Telecom Argentina’s $1.5 billion debt restructuring. El País: Un recurso de Claro traba ingreso de otra telefónica móvil en Uruguay ©August 28, 2009., Ying Liu, Datafile of Latin American Telecommunications, LynxTech: 12670 Seventh St. 18, Monterey, CA 93940 USA. Bill Moyers & Co., Sheila Baer notes 1 bank has spent $24 billion in defensive litigation following restructuring; noting bankruptcy follows restructuring. Economist Dr. Richard Wolff claims governments attempting to fiscally or environmentally regulate the wealthy “is an exercise in futility.” As soon as outsourcing is announced; USA workers should be encouraged to set up a rival business with USA government funds he says. USA: PBS ©Sunday March 24, 2013. Charlie Rose, funded by the Von Fürstenberg Foundation & American Express, Reporter Jonathan Alter on college graduates with student loan debt “They are road-kill in the Global Economy.” USA: PBS ©Wednesday June 5, 2013. “In Argentina, Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said the country’s situation raises questions about the precariousness of the U.S. justice system, & said the government would take its battle to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.” Nicole Hong, Ken Parks & Matt Day, Argentina’s Markets Pull Back After Debt Default, USA: Dow Jones & Co. Inc: Wall Street Journal ©July 31, 2014 / Banned by some networks: MicroSoft® Skype Ltd.® Skye Peer to Peer Software by Estonians Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu & Jaan Tallinn of Kazaa fame born 2003. TOM handles China: VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol. Call landline & mobile telephone numbers (previously known as SkypeOut) using Skype Credit or a calling subscription. Online Number (until 2010 named SkypeIn) allows Skype users to receive calls to a Skype-provided phone number. Redwood City Company Qik by Ramu Sunkara, Bhaskar Roy & Nikolay Abkairov bought by MicroSoft, renamed Skype Qik & dismantled. “Among the disclosures from Snowdon that were published in [Amazon] The Washington Post & the Guardian was that Skype, the Internet calling service, was among the systems that provided data to the NSA’s secret PRISM database.” Ken Dilanian, Officials, USA: The Tribune Washington Bureau ©June 29, 2013. “The father of NSA leaker Edward Snowdon acknowledged Friday that his son broke the law but said he doesn’t think he committed treason, as the Obama administration renewed its calls to Russia to expel Snowdon so he can be tried under the Espionage Act. Meanwhile, Ecuadorian officials say Russian authorities have stymied the country’s efforts to approve a political asylum application from the former National Security Agency’s systems analyst. In conceding his son’s guilt, Snowdon’s father, Lonnie Snowdon told NBC’s Today show that his lawyer had informed Attorney General Eric Holder that he believes his son would return to the United States voluntarily if the Justice Department promises not to hold him before trial & not subject him to a gag order. ‘If folks want to classify him as a traitor, in fact he has betrayed his government,’ Lonnie Snowdon said, ‘But I don’t believe that he’s betrayed the people of the United States.”, NSA leaker’s dad says son would return to U.S., USA: The Associated Press, ©June 29, 2013]
  56. Historical M1 Telecom® MiWorld AppShop (previously known as MobileOne) [May 11, 2010–May 11, 2015] [Singapore TelCo: Login needs M1 mobile GSM# Home Broadband or Fixed Voice ID. Chairman: Teo Soon Hoe, CEO: Karen Kooi Lee Wah. SGX: B2F. Owners: Keppel Telecoms 19.89%, SPH Multimedia 13.84%, Telekom Malaysia Bhd. 29.51%, Khazanah Nasional. Moved customers over to Google® Play™, BlackBerry Ltd.® BlackBerry World & Apple Inc.® App Store (Stephen Blum “Singapore – which once had more iOS devices per capita than anywhere in the world – has plummeted. 72% Jan 2012 to 50% Jan 2013”), Oracle® Java™, PSION® Symbian, MicroSoft® Windows Mobile. Axiata Group Berhad the international operations arm of Telekom Malaysia Bhd. “Axiata’s mobile subsidiaries & associates operate under the brand name ‘Celcom’ in Malaysia, ‘XL’ in Indonesia, ‘Dialog’ in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), ‘Robi’ in Bangladesh, ‘Smart’ in Cambodia, ‘Idea’ in India, ‘M1’ in Singapore & ‘MTCE’ in Iran (Esfahan).” Wikipedia. CEO: Dato’ Sri Jamaludin Ibrahim. MYX: 6888.]
  57. Historical Yataraporn Teleport [Rangoon, Myanmar (Burma): Minister Thein Tun (resigned), President Thein Sein (2011). “The telecommunications sector is decades behind any of Myanmar’s neighbors, with a mobile-phone penetration rate of 9%, compared with more than 100% in Thailand – meaning more than 1 cellphone per person – & 70% in Cambodia. The Myanmar market is crippled in part by expensive SIM cards, which cost $150 to $350 in a country with a per capita annual income of roughly $379. The cost of a SIM card is about $4 in neighboring Thailand.” Shibani Mahtani & Celine Fernandez, Telecom Officials Face Corruption Probe in Myanmar, USA: Dow Jones & Co. Inc: Wall Street Journal pg.A9 ©January 25, 2013.]
  58. Online Gaming: Downjoy Information Technology Co. Ltd® 地瓜游戏中心: DiGuayOuXi® for Google® Android™, Apple® iPhone [app.d.cn] [June 1, 2010] [Beijing (Peking). China: Floor 13, Huayi Holding Building, #11, Caihefang Rd, Suzhou St., Haidian District, 10008 CN: No Registration: Founder & CEO: Yongquan “Harry” Xiao established 2004. Claims they are the largest mobile gaming store in China: Ads for Rovio® Angry Birds Space, DJ Net & NG:MOCO:) games.]
  59. Online Gaming: Han Yuan® 安智市场 Anzhi a.k.a Shanda® Go Market [goapk.com] [February 2010], ChinaNet Shanghai Province Network® Ndoo Inc. 安卓应用® N多网: N-Dimension Market a.k.a Shanzhai Market [May 2010], Shanda® 云中书城: Yun Zhong Shu Cheng: Library in the Clouds (Bambook Sunflower eReader a.k.a Fujitsu-Qualcomm® Mirasol) [October 2010] 20% Chinese e-Reader Market [Direct Web Download: Shèngdà Hùdòng Yùlè Yôuxiàn Göngsî: Co-Founder: Chen Qiao. Shanghai Game publisher founded by ex-Sina employees, NASDAQ: GAME, whose flagship game is Korean developer WeMade Entertainment® Chuan Qi (The Legend of Mir 2). “The team of Goapk is mainly from NetDragons’ 92.com & hiapk.com.” – Lucifer, GameLook: Shanda invested tens of millions of RMB in Android appstore Goapk.com, Chief Editor Eric Hong ©June 15, 2011. “Chengyu, or idioms are an integral part of Chinese culture. Usually 4 characters long, the idiom may or may not have the literal meaning of the characters it is composed of. Sometimes. when there seems to be absolutely no correlation between the characters & the chengyu’s meaning, a story accompanies the idiom to explain why it is understood the way it is.” – David Wu, The Essence of China ©Sept 6, 2012. “There exist many unoffcial Android application markets in China. Unfortunately, they are the biggest repositories of smartphone malware. In this project, we would like to write crawlers for these markets which could scrap these markets & collect hosted applications on a large scale. These applications can then be tested for malicious activities. ...Anzhi is another market where a DroidDreamLight sample is still downloadable.” – Xiang Pan, Biyan Zhou, George Liu, Crawling Chinese Android Markets Power Point Presentation, USA: Northwestern University, Network Penetration & Security EECS 354 ©2011 // Shanda funding: Android PIT reports the Ndoo market has collected >2000 Chinese applications & games. ...Trojan Spy.54 adds certain web-addresses to browser bookmarks on the smartphone. Spy.54 was found on the Chinese Internet resource www.nduoa.com – Dr. Web, New Android.Spy modification turns smart phones into zombies ©April 30, 2011. MMarketPay.A virus found at NDuoa.]
  60. Online Gaming: NetEase Inc.® iAndroid AppYao 要应用 [163.com] [November 5, 2007] & NetEase Inc.易趣網® Yôu dâo: Theres a Way Search Engine [2007] [Direct Web Download: Wàng Yì: Net(work) Ease. HQ: Beijing (Peking), China: NASDAQ NTES: $7.8 billion: Search engine has Chinese-to-English dictionary. Founder & CEO: Lei “William” Ding. MMORP: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game: Mèng Huàn Xï Yóu: Fantasy Westward Journey. “The Chinese government & NetEase, the licensee for [Vivendi-Universal® Blizzard Entertainment’s] World of Warcraft in China, have imposed a modification on Chinese versions of the game which places flesh on bare-boned skeletons & transforms dead character corpses into tidy graves. ...<2 months after beginning operation of World of Warcraft in China on September 19, 2009, NetEase was ordered to immediately stop charging players & to cease accepting registrations. A press estimate indicated that if World of Warcraft were shut down in China, the loss of subscribers would have caused Activision Blizzard’s earnings to fall from 65¢ per share to 60¢ per share.” Alexei Oreskovic, China clamps down on Activision’s top online game, Reuters ©Nov 2, 2009. World of Warcraft ©November 23, 2004 requires a paid subscription with game cards or credit card. Warcraft: Orcs & Humans ©1994, Warcraft II, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Dec 10, 2013: NBC reports the US National Security Agency follows Warcraft game players.]
  61. Online Gaming: NetQin Mobile Security, Inc. 网® FLMobile: Fei Liu Tech Co.®飞流手机软件® FeeLiu Apple® iPhone & Android™ GameCenter [2005] [China: Shanghai (NYSE: NQ): Offices in Beijing (Peking), Hong Kong,Taipei, London, Zug, Switzerland & USA Silicon Valley, Founder & CEO: Dr. Lin Yu, Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications, Networking & National Laboratories. Publishes NetQin® Antivirus Software. NetQin Companies: Nation Sky, Rui Feng Technology® Rightiphone of Chengdu.]
  62. Online Gaming: Sina 新浪® EUREKA (Shanghai) Information Technology Co. Ltd® KUQU酷趣网 [kuqu.com] [2009], Sina 新浪® Weibo 微博 (pron. way-bore): Microblog [September 2009], Sina 新浪: Xînlàng: New Wave® Book [1999] [China: Registration: NASDAQ: SINA. $482 Million. CEO: Charles Chao. Board Chairman Mr. Daolin Mao is married to CCP General Secretary Jintao Hu’s daughter, Haiqing Hu. Lynn Fan, “weibo means microblog in Chinese” – Sunny Ye, Sina Weibo...Launches New URL, China: Beijing (Peking), Tech Rice ©April 4, 2011 . “MMarketPay.A virus may arrive as repackaged applications with the following package names: com.mediawoz.goweather, com.mediawoz.gotq, com.mediawoz.gotq1, cn.itkt.travelskygo, cn.itkt.travelsky, com.funinhand.weibo, sina.mobile.tianqitong, com.estrongs.android.pop” TrustGo Mobile Security. MMarketPay.A virus found at: Min Zhang® LIQU, TalkPhone.cn, Zhuwen Yong® AZ4SD]
  63. Online Gaming: Sky-Mobi Ltd ADR® MaoPao Application Store [51mrp.com] (Sky-Mobi® Opensky SDK: Standard Development Kit) [2009] [Login & registration: Online Game Engine is Opensky, similar to Open Feint: China’s leading appstore with revenues of $81.2 million USD in 2009. Google® Android™ (2008), PSION® Symbian (1998–2012). Founder & CEO: Tao Song. CFO: Carl Yeung. Games: Happy Dou Di Zhu, Legend of Sky & Swordsman, Fantasy of the 3 Kingdoms. “The company enters into contracts with handset manufacturers to pre-install this store into the handsets.” – Chinese Media Industry: Global Media Market Intelligence G2Mi.com, Advertising Age White Paper, Heernet Ventures Ltd. ©September 30, 2011, P604 of 737]
  64. Online Gaming: Specific Media LLC.® MySpace® Jam City formerly SGN: Social Gaming Network [2008] [USA: Palo Alto, CA: Founder: Shervin Pishevar. CEO former LucasArts executive Randy Breen. Bought by MySpace founder & CEO Chris DeWolf in April 2011. SGN boasts 1 in 3 iPhones & iPod Touches running its games. SGN released its Mafia title on the iPhone after months of legal battles between the company & David Maestri, the creator of Mob Wars, over the game’s rights. – Christopher Mack, Inside Social Games™: Mob Wars Creator Sues Zynga ©February 2009, USA: WebMedia Brands Inc.® Inside Network, 50 Washington St., 9th Fl, Norwalk CT 06854. Tee Morris, All a Twitter, USA: Pearson ISBN: 0–7897-4228-4 ©2010: “The hours of productivity lost when going on MySpace & weeding through the variety of friend requests, trying to figure out which profiles are truly legitimate people & which are spambots (automated programs that search out accounts, send requests to join your network & serve as portals to other ‘unsavory’ websites) posing as bikini-clad singles.” Myspace’s $20M relaunch deletes its remaining users’ blogs, CBC News ©June 2013 “On 13 June 2013, it was reported [Specific Media LLC] MySpace deleted nearly all existing user content & discontinued Classic MySpace. The mass deletion, which took place without giving users any warning or opportunity to back up their personal data, caused an outcry from 1000s of users who had lost years’ worth of blog entries, emails from loved ones who had since died, evidence related to pending court cases, & games in which they had made considerable monetary investments.”]
  65. Online Gaming: Swarm LLC® SwarmConnect (Swarm SDK: Standard Development Kit) [February 23, 2010] [USA: Florida State: Dan Sherman, 6925 SW 107th St, Pinecrest, FL 33156. Téléphone: +1-305-666-6218. “Plaintiff Swarm, LLC (“Swarm”) filed a complaint against Defendants Micah A. Cohen & his mother Nancy Sidonie Cohen for trademark infringement, false designation of origin, federal & state unfair competition, intentional interference with economic relations, breach of duty of loyalty, & declaratory judgment. Swarm had hired Mr. Cohen to design a line of men’s apparel under the mark SHADES OF GREIGE. After more than 2 years, Mr. Cohen resigned from Swarm & began to design clothing under the mark SHADES OF GREY.” United States District Court Central District of California: Swarm , LLC, Plaintiff, v.Micah A. Cohen et al., Defendants, Case No. CV 10-03188 DDP (FFMx) Order Granting Defendants’ Motion to Confirm Final Arbitration Award Dkt. No. 11, United States District Judge Dean D. Pregerson ©Dec 7, 2012]
  66. FTP Web Browser
  67. Broken Link Checker
  68. Online Gaming: Internet Payments [May 11, 2011] [CAPCOM® Smurfs Village: 4-year-old made Associated Press News for downloading $500 worth of smurfberries, Bionic Panda Games® Aqua Pets: pearl purchases are non-refundable, Bitsize Games® Fish Tycoon: buy meds, eggs, plants & sell fish, HWADOSOFT® Jewellust, LoLStudio® Treasure Fever: “Lost the papayas, DID NOT GET MY PURCHASE.” Amy, Nubee PTE LTD® Coins vs Zombies: In app purchases, people say it lags, stops at level 200, Yo Yo Games Ltd.® SkyDiver HD 1.0.2: GameMaker SDK developed by CEO Sandy Duncan, ex VP Xbox Europe & purchased by online gambling & sports betting software firm Playtech, LSE: PTEC, for £10.65 million, Bakumens Inc.® Zombies VS. Ninja [CNET: 5 year old buys £1710.43/$2,500 worth of keys & ecstasy bombs in 10 minutes], (oYo) Games® Attack of the FanBoys: In-game currency via PayPal Holdings Inc., The Pill Tree® SpaceCat 3D: “Forget 666, the number of the beast is 7,222,078 a.k.a patent number for in-app billing” – sla_shalafi. Ben Halpert, Savvy CyberKids 501 Nonprofit, Home Technology Rules for Jan 2015: 1 screen at a time, charging drawer for overnight & guests, ask before downloading apps/games, no chatting online with strangers, usernames must not have any personal information as well as games & software, ask before sharing, do not overshare, only post nice things, if you see something that seems strange/wierd ask mom or dad to explain it to you, mom & dad will know passwords & will check what you do to make sure you are safe.]
  69. Online Gaming: Large Downloads [May 11, 2011] [According to Eric Chu, Google® Play™ increased its download size from 50MB to 2GB in May 2011. Jet Set Games Inc.® Highborn 1.2.3: Because of the current file size restrictions carriers place on their 3G & 4G networks Highborn cannot be downloaded via these means. As a result, those who purchase Highborn must have an active Wi-Fi connection in order to download the application, – Amazon.com]
    Applications Forums
  1. BlogSpot Waryam Soomro® Mobile Downloads (Not a repository: just has links) [February 2010–September 2011] [Blogspot.com: Registrant: DNS Admin Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 +1.6502530000. CEO & Founder: Larry Page 8%, Co-Founder: Sergey Brin 8%: Alawar Entertainment Inc.® Alabama Smith in Escape from Pompeii is 78.2MB (Russia: 200+ casual games), Audio Cambridge Dictionary, Coconut Laboratories LLC. Coconut Labs® Lullaby Sheep 1.2.1, MP3 Downloader Pro Ad-Free 1.4, NBC® Netflix® Modified for Unsupported Devices, CBS® Play by Yahoo! Music 1.0 [2005: “Sometime in early 2013, Yahoo Music has deleted its entire database of artists, & their albums & songs as well as the users’ ratings. However, music videos continue to be accessible.”]
    Games: Apostek Software India Pvt. Ltd.® Pocket Bingo Pro 1.1.1, (Amazon) code_zombie® Deadly Dungeons RPG (05/2011: 15.41 MB), Myriad Apps® Galactic Blast 1.1, HyperDevbox Japan® ExZeus Arcade, Ballater Games® Last Stand (zombie survival: The company is now liquidated), (DownloadAtoZ) fzusa® Mad Race Ad-Free 1.3: 5.28MB (China), AslanGameStudio® Mad World (Arcade), MicroSoft® Mojang® Minecraft Game: Minecraft creator Markus Persson ©2009, (Brothersoft) MoPower® Horror Rush / Monkey Touch® Super Rush 1.1.1 (Android™ 1.5> Google® AdMob: Super Rush girl who was abandoned in a haunted graveyard...), (Amazon) Trese Brothers Software® Star Traders RPG Elite 3.9.0, (DownloadAtoZ) Anima Games® Toy Crafter 1.0, HIT Entertainment® Thomas Game Pack 1.1 [the tank engine], fungameland® Zombie Village 1.0
    Games Incompatible with ARMv5 Unknown Generic Tablet: ASH® Trap Hunter Lost Gear 1.3 (Dungeon crawler RPG), (Google® Play™) XLab Technologies Ltd.® Freestyle Dirt Bike 1.04, Katun Studios LLC® Grambo, GoTow.Net® Hex Defense 1.3.2, (Amazon) Gibs & Gore® Micronytes 1.3.0, (9Apps) Canvas Games® Nature’s Jewel 2.4, Marco Mazzoli® Spirit 1.5 (asteroids), Imperial Games Studio® Turbo Grannies 1.1.2, ideaBox® Rainy Day, Massive Finger® Pinball Ride 1.1.6 (Has a press kit.), Resco® Resco Bubbles 1.02 (pop bubbles), bgame® Take Me Home, (HTC Mania Archives) 3DSquad® Undead Swarm 1.1 (1GHz CPU & 512MB RAM)
    Crashing Games: (Amazon) Fire Maple Games® The Secret of Grisley Manor (2011), (Tom’s Guide) Mobile Gaming® Speed Skater 2.0.2: 1.7: Give me my 7.31 MB back! This game is complete waste of time... Sasha
    War Games: Words Mobile® Army Sniper 1.1, Black Ops Pops® CamGun 1.9, Bram Buurlage® Minebuilder 1.6.4, Bendroid LLC® Mystique Ch1: Foetus, Ch2: the Child, Ch3: Obitus (Horror: ghosts, bloodstains, no save), KONAMI: Kagemasa KOzuki, Yoshinobu NAkama, & Tatsuo MIyasako® ビーマニ® DanceDanceRevolution S 1.0.0 Japanese (39 MB), X-Men 1.1 & 魂斗羅: Contra 4: Redux 1.0 (ending theme of the original game is Sandinista: サンディニスタ. Probotector: 2 robot soldiers, RD-008 & RC-011, replacing Bill & Lance by German Federal Agency BPjM, which prohibited sale & advertisement of media “content which glorifies war”), DotSite Software® Pacific Navy Fighter 2.1.1, Ominous Game Labs® Parashoot 1.0.4 (19.5 MB), Hangfire Arcade® Skyball & Space Squadron 1.4.2, Andosoft® Star Rocket 3.0, Clapfoot Inc.® Tank Hero 1.4, Galapagos® Trial XTreme 1.1 (motorcycle race)
  2. FileSonic cyberlocker offline after piracy complaints UK: BBC ©August 31, 2012: “Both services (FileSonic, Oron) were being sued by a pornography company (Miami-based Flava Works).” Ilmu Grafis Komputer® Android BOS: Android Apps & Games Pack Feb 2011 Live Wallpaper/Weather: (Slide.Me® MarketPlace) Aurora Softworks® Quadrant (Poland: Krakow: telephone specs), François DesLandes® Pure Messenger, LevelUp Studios® Beautiful Widgets, Rootbeer Software® Redialer, GreyThinker® Extreme Call Blocker Droid, Michael Diener® Rain Alarm Pro, (Mobango) Mobilityflow® Animated Weather, MobiTobi® Gentle Alarm™
    Radio/Photo: Audials® RadioTracker, Doggcatcher® Podcast Player (tracks behavior), Dooblou® SECuRET Camera UK/WiFi File Explorer Pro, Effective Apps® Photo Enhance Pro (Android™ 1.6>), Fluffy Apps® Extensive Notes Pro, iBookTreasures LLC.® Ambling BookPlayer Personal (audio books), JEFIT, JLead Lab® Advanced Facebook, (Google® Play™) Niko20® Electrum Drum Machine (USA: OR: Salem), Torsten Zey® DreamStreamoid Pro (TV Remote)
    Games: Arb Studios LLC.® 3D Bio Ball HD, ArtOfBytes Ltd. Gdansk® GRave Defense Gold, Camel Games® Camel Heads Team® Forbidden Brakes, Curved Cat Games® Tales of Pocoro, (UpToDown) FDG Ent. GmBH® Cover Orange 1.1: 47MB Version 3.0 is 87MB, way bigger, HandyGames™ GmbH® Super Dynamite Fishing Full, Hexage Ltd.® EVAC HD, (PandaApps) Hyperbees Ltd.® Kilgamore Castle & Speedx 3D, Koehlers® Piggy Drop, Kronos Games Online® Sheep Launcher Plus! (phone size only), Mike Zaimont® Jelix Full (2010 on Google® Play™), Lemon Team® OrangePixel®, Reflexive Entertainment® Airport Mania, Smartpix Games® Crystallight Defense, TC Games® ShootMe (apples), True Axis Pty. Ltd.® Jet Car Stunts, Naim Cesur® iKamasutra 1.04: 13.6MB (censure)
    Discontinued: Apps by Andy® WhoIsIt, Crazy Dude Software® Crazy Home/Better Keyboard, Don’t Need Coffee® GeoStar, Escapist Games® Star Chart, Happy Maau Software LLC.® Math Reference (Apple® iOS), InnoWeb Tech LLC.® GOTO (screen locker) [June 4, 2010– Dec. 9, 2013], Josh O’Clock® Vertigo Towers, (AllFreeApk) Junsuke® Weigh Weight EX, Oliver Lan® Touch Calendar, Measured Software® Galataxi (UK), Mindjet/Thinking Space® Thinking Space Pro, Mobile Merit Apps® UltimateFavesPro, Requiem Software Labs Inc.® Armored Strike, Samalyse® TapeMachine (memory hog), Shsh Software® aTAKEphONE Dialer, XiMAD Inc.® Bubble Birds Premium: 7.94MB (Eugene Devyatyh; 400 Beale St. Suite 103, San Francisco, CA 94598: Bubble Birds 4 earliest supported. Apple® iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry & Symbian)
    News & Forums Manufacturers: Casio, Cowon, Enso, Evolve III, ICD, INQ, Interpad, Jawbone, MSI: Micro-Star International, Pantech, Parrot S.A, RocketFish, Sanyo, Airis, CompuLab, FirstOne, Forsa, Highscreen QiGi, Saygus, Sunno, Viliv, wayteQ, Ziss.
  1. Verizon® AOL Tech. Engadget [2004] Engadget’s Holiday Anti-Gift Guide, Stuff you don’t want, December 22, 2010. AOL USA HQ: 770 Broadway, New York City. Its global offices include Bangalore, India; Dreieich, Germany; Dublin, Ireland; London, England; & Tel Aviv, Israel. Verizon bought AOL in May 2015.]
  2. Verizon® AOL Tech. Gizmodo [2002] [Creator Peter Rojas. Nielson versions in: Gizmodo French, Gizmodo Italian, Gizmodo German, Gizmodo para Univision: Spanish, Gizmodo Portuguese, Japanese]
  3. Verizon® AOL Tech. TechCrunch, TechCrunch Europe [2009] [JooJoo was produced by Fusion Garage. Originally, Fusion Garage was working with Michael Arrington/TechCrunch to release it as the CrunchPad. In November 2009 Fusion Garage informed Arrington it would be selling the product alone. Arrington responded by filing a lawsuit against Fusion Garage. On November 11, 2010. Fusion Garage announced that the Joojoo tablet at its current iteration is at its end of life & the company will be exploring several new platforms that will not have backward compatibility.]
  4. Fuze Inc.® Fuze Meeting (formerly CallWave Inc.) [2010] [USA: San Francisco: For BlackBerry Ltd.® BlackBerry, Apple® iPhone/iPad, Google® Android™, Mac/PC. $15/month fee. “Videoconference with multiple friends with Fuze Meeting on Android Market. Get tons of live video with Ustream.tv. TV Shows Stream aggregates & links to streaming TV. Trial, $8.03 on Android Market.” – Your Guide To the Latest Tablets & Smartphones, by John Chase, Photograph by John David Becker, USA: Time Inc.® Entertainment Weekly, pg 51-54, ©April 15, 2011]
  5. Ashutosh® Discover My PC.com: Android Partitions Explained: boot, system, recovery, data, cache & misc, by Haroon Q. Raja ©May 19, 2011 [/boot: includes the bootloader image .nbh & the kernel. Without this partition, the device will simply not be able to boot. uboot, loads kernal into RAM: Random Access Memory & kernal will look in root file system for the process found under system/core/init & launch it. a locked bootloader prevents installing a modified or entirely new operating system. /system: contains the entire operating system, other than the kernel & the bootloader. /radio:you can not brick a phone unless you are flashing radio/SPL packages. a bricked phone cannot boot into bootloader, recovery or normal operation modes. you can only see 1 screen on the phone & it will be the 1st splash screen. fastboot: name of a tool used to manipulate the flash partitions of the android developer phone. It can boot the phone using an image which resides on the host machine rather than in the phone flash. the fastboot program works in conjunction with firmware on the phone to read & write flash partitions. it needs the same USB: Universal Serial Bus Implementers Forum, Inc.® USB On-the-Go device setup between the host & the target phone as ADB: Android Debug Bridge. retail android devices have fastboot protocol disabled. JB Online Media, LLC® XDA Developers® [Newbie Guide] adb/fastboot/bootloader/android 101, USA: Joshua Solan, 1400 N Providence Rd, Suite 303, Media, PA 19063-4623 from creators NAH6 Crypto Products B.V. , /recovery: alternative boot partition that lets you boot the device into a recovery console. by replacing your recovery image, you might not be able to have ota: over the air updates. boot loop fix: boot into recovery. go to wipe in recovery mode & clear delvik cache. restart phone. /data: also called userdata. wiping this partition performs a factory reset on your device, restoring it to the way it was when you first booted it. /cache: stores frequently accessed data & app components. /misc: contains miscellaneous settings in form of on/off switches. if it is corrupt or missing, several of the device’s features will not function normally. /sdcard: SD: Secure Digital card.]
  6. GizChina: Access Facebook-YouTube-Twitter in China [2011] [Zhang Wenhua, Spring Gardens, Qingdao 266102, Shandong, China: Wikipedia: “Foreign microblogging services like Twitter, Facebook, Plurk & Google+ are censored in China. The users use Chinese weibo: microblog services”. Microblog: small web-log published on the World Wide Web consisting of entries displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent appear 1st “allow users [people] to exchange small elements of content such as short sentences, individual images or video links. These small messages are sometimes called microposts.” Phrase invented by Jorn Barger 1997. Peter Merholz separated web-log to we-blog in April 1999 & Evan Williams of Pyra Labs® Blogger removed the we in 1999. Google bought Blogger & named it Google® BlogSpot. Blogger is banned in China along with YouNow, Inc.® Mirabilis® BlogTV (Israel: 2004), True Ventures® Automattic, Inc.® WordPress (USA: San Francisco: 2003: blog: 30 year-old Founder & CEO Matthew Charles Mullenweg. Bought LearnBoost a.k.a CloudUp as a “For-profit venture capital startup holding student records in Grads®”in 2013.), Verizon® Yahoo!® Ludicorp® Flickr (photo: 2004), Yahoo!® Geocities Japan (1994), Verizon® Yahoo!® Tumblr (blog: 2007), Verizon® Yahoo!® Video, Yandex® Fokti Inc.® Fokti: Slavic for Fotografii (Russia: 1998), MIT ΦΔΘ’s Andrew Houston® Dropbox In.® Dropbox (file share: 2007), Google® Lifescape Inc.® Picasa (RIP: Rest in Peace: Oct. 15, 2002–Feb. 12, 2016: Now Google Photos), Google® Appspot (2008), Amazon Inc.® IMDB: Internet Movie DataBase Ltd. (UK: 1990. Col Needham), Google®Sites (Feb. 28, 2008), Google® YouTube (Feb. 14, 2005), Bill Bain Capital® Blip.tv (RIP: Rest In Peace: May 5, 2005–Aug. 20, 2015), FC2: Fantastic Kupi-Kupi クピクピ (Japan/Las Vegas: 1999: pornography), Niwango Inc.® Nico-dó: Smile (Japan: video: Dec 12, 2006: Founder: Nobuo Kawakami), Twitter® T.Co (Web address shortener owned & used by Twitter. Twitter is blocked in North Korea & Iran. RIP: Rest in Peace Vine: Jan 24, 2013–Oct 27, 2016. Mike Issac, Twitter‘s 4-Year Odyssey With the 6-Second Video App Vine, USA: New York Times ©Oct 29, 2016), BBC: British Broadcasting Co., Nowigo Inc.® Scribd (USA: San Francisco: 2007. CEO: Trip Adler), Wikimedia Foundation® Wikipedia (USA Encyclopædia: San Francisco: Jimmy Wales: 2003), Sunshine Press® Wikileaks (Iceland/Australia: 2006), Norwegian Broadcasting Corp, NBC: National Biscuit Company, Time-Warner® CNN: Cable News Network, Deutsche Telecom® Xing/Open Business Club GmbH (Hamburg: FWB: O1BC.DE: 2003: Bought Turkish Social Network Cember & Spanish Social Networks Neurona & eConozco, merging them.), Edelman® Technorati™ (2002: USA: “The company’s core product was previously an Internet search engine for searching blogs. The website stopped indexing blogs & assigning authority scores in May of 2014 with the launch of its new website, which is focused on online publishing & advertising.” “A fake blog, sometimes shortened to flog or referred to as a flack blog, is an electronic communication form that appears to originate from a credible, non-biased source, but which in fact is created by a company or organization for the purpose of marketing a product, service, or political viewpoint. The UK Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ social media guidelines cite the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 & state that both astroturfing & fake blogs are not permitted. ...One notorious example of identity cloaking, resulting in a fake blog, was exposed when Edelman, an international public relations firm, created a fake blog in 2006 called Walmarting Across America.” – Wikipedia) & Brewster Kahle’s Internet Archive (USA: San Francisco: May 12, 1996).]
  7. Phone Arena [Not Italia: Domains by Proxy LLC.: Reviewed: WierdHat® Rough Animator: Oct. 13, 2014: 38.54 MB: USA: NY: NY: Jacob Kafka, Stupefix Inc.®Legend: Jul. 9, 2015: USA: CA: SF: 169 11th St. 94103: 6 sec. videos, Smackall Games Pvt. Ltd.® Lyan 3D: Where did it go? Needs Internet to run: Dec.14, 2015: India: Chennai: 3/1A Ramarao Garden, 2nd St. Royapettah 60014, miSoft® Animation Creator HD: Apple® iOs Only, Visual Blasters LLC.® Flip A Clip: Apr. 2, 2012: 36.38MB: USA: FL: 150 SE 2nd Ave. Miami 33131]
  8. YulMedia Interactions Inc.® Androinica [2006] [How-to videos posted on YouTube. :-) They also run iphonefreak.com. Canada: VP CEDROM-SNI Stéphane Dion, 3432 St-Hubert, Montréal, Québéc H2L3Z7]
    Shopping eBay: electronic Bay Area Inc. (originally AuctionWeb)® DealTime & Shopping.com, eBay® Craig Newmark® Craig’s List, eBay® PayPal Holdings Inc.& eBay® StubHub! Tickets [affiliated: USA Multi-National: HQ: 2025 Hamilton Ave., San Jose, CA 95125. CEO: Nike Board Director John J. Donahoe. Past: Jeffrey Skoll, Hewlett–Packard Margaret Cushing Whitman, The Power of Many, USA: CA: San Francisco: Crown. ©2010. ISBN 978-0-307-59121-0. Founder: Pierre Morad Omidyar, 1 of the World’s Richest Men according to Forbes Magazine. Owns 25% of Private Multi-National For-Profit Company Craig’s List. Bought Eric Baker & Jeff Fluhr’s StubHub est. 2000. “Still in our survey, conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, only about 1 in 5 respondents bought online.” Online or In-Store? Finding the Best Deals: Electronics sites rate high in survey, lag in usage, Consumer Reports Electronics Buying Guide, Yonkers NY, USA: Consumers Union of United States Inc.: Spring 2009, ISSN: 1530–3713, Bar Code: 0745108256. eBay® Red Laser Barcode Scanner promoted on CBS News Malicious Mobiles of November 25, 2011. Can link to library catalogs via WorldCat & local settings. eBay mobile applications discontinued to meet May 25, 2018 standards introduced by the European data protection law known as GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation. “We use cookies, web beacons, unique identifiers, & similar technologies to collect information about the pages you view, the links you click, & other actions you take when using our Services, within our advertising or email content. We supplement the personal information we collect directly with information collected from 3rd parties & add it to your account information. For example, we collect & use demographic & other information that is publically available in an applicable jurisdiction, additional contact information, credit check information, & information from credit bureaus, as allowed by applicable national laws. We allow you to share information with social media sites, or use social media sites to create your account or to connect your account with the respective social media site. Those social media sites may give us automatic access to certain personal information retained by them about you (e.g., content viewed by you, content liked by you, & information about the advertisements you have been shown or have clicked on, etc.). If you provide us with access to any site with video content, then you agree that we can share your video viewing with, or obtain information about your video viewing from, 3rd-party social media sites for at least 2 years or until you withdraw authorization or connection to the social media site. You control the personal information you allow us to have access to through the privacy settings on the applicable social media site & the permissions you give us when you grant us access to the personal information retained by the respective social media site about you. By associating an account managed by a social media site with your account & authorizing us to have access to this information, you agree that we can collect, use & retain the information provided by these social media sites in accordance with this privacy notice. If you click on a link provided via a social media plug in, you are voluntarily establishing a connection with that respective social media site. If you give us personal information about someone else, you must do so only with that person’s authorization. You should inform them how we collect, use, disclose, & retain their personal information according to our privacy notice. If you reside in Canada you are contracting with eBay Canada Ltd., 500 King St. W., Ste. 200, Toronto, ON M5V 1L9, Canada; If you reside in a country within the European Union (except the United Kingdom) you are contracting with eBay GmbH, Albert-Einstein-Ring 2-6, 14532 Kleinmachnow, Germany; If you reside in the United Kingdom you are contracting with eBay (UK) Ltd., 5 New St. Sq., London, EC4A 3TW, United Kingdom; If you reside in any other country, you are contracting with eBay Marketplaces GmbH, Helvetiastraße 15/17, 3005 Bern, Switzerland. If you use our eBay Customer Guarantee services & reside in France, Italy or Spain, you are also contracting with eBay Services S.à r.l, 22-24 Blvd. Royal, 2449 Luxembourg for such specific services. The company you are contracting with is your data controller, & is responsible for the collection, use, disclosure, retention & protection of your personal information in accordance with our global privacy standards, this privacy notice, as well as any applicable national laws. Your data controller may transfer data to other members of the eBay Inc. corporate family who have signed our BCRs, as described in this privacy notice. We may process & retain your personal information on our servers in the U.S. & elsewhere in the world where our data centers are located. May 1, 2018]
  1. Android Tablet 101: News & Reviews on Android Tablets [USA: Chris Lee, 103 Main St, Fort Lee 07024]
  2. eBook Reader: Sales & Discounts
  3. Big Lots [USA: Big Lots Stores Inc. 300 Phillipi Rd, Columbus OH, 43228: Computer Tablets at Big Lots! Why Buy? Android 5X5B ©July 2012. What is a tablet? A portable media device, PC: Personal Computer, eReader: electronic Book reader & Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits® MP3: Moving Pictures Experts Group Audio Level 3 player all in one! Tablets feature a touch screen & typically connect to the internet via a WiFi (Wireless Fidelity Radio) connection. What can I do with a Tablet? What is Android? A mobile operating system produced by Google that powers many of today’s tablets. Newer versions are 2.2, 2.3, 3.2, & 4.0+ & feature better web browsing & video support. What is WiFi? A wireless internet connection found in many public areas such as libraries, coffee shops, malls, etc. Locations usually indicate if they are a wireless area with an icon in their establishment. A home wireless (WiFi) network is required in order for your new tablet to use all of its functions. Tablet features will only work with a wireless connection to the internet. What are Apps? Apps or Applications are programs that can be downloaded & installed to your tablet! There are 100s of 1000s of Apps available from hot games to magazines & social networking. Accessories available: Make the most of your digital experience! Memory cards, cases, chargers & cables. Models: Manufacturer contact info: Pandigital® 800-715-5354 (Engadget, Pandigital Goes ‘Belly Up’; Will No Longer Honor Warranties © Nov 21, 2012) Southern Telecom® Slick® WebSurfer Tablet +1-877-768-8481, Siemens/Kraftwerk Union® Osram® Sylvania: +1-888-571-0866, Friedrich Christian Delius (1943–), Unsere Siemens–Welt: eine Festschrift zum 125-jährigen Bestehen des Hauses S. Berlin: Verlag Klaus Wagenbach Publishing ©1972, Yifang Digital Co. Ltd.® NextBook™ 6, 7P : HQ: Hong Kong. USA: +1-888-415-5177.]
  4. Black Friday, BFAdsnet, TGI Black Friday Tablets, Camel [USA: Submit an Ad, News Archives: All listed deals &/or ad scans on this site may or may not be accurate. Nothing can be confirmed until the ads actually come out. TheBlackFriday.com doesn’t guarantee validity of any information available on this website.]
  5. Bill Bain Capital® Staples Inc.® Copy & Print™ [1998] [Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Apple 2.0: Mac news from outside the reality distortion field: Staples sells the iPad also-rans, Time-Warner® Fortune Magazine ©March 28, 2011: “Your tablet is waiting. That was the subject line of the e-mail that landed in my inbox at 4:36 a.m. Monday. It came as a surprise to me, because the last time I checked, the iPad 2 that I finally broke down & ordered on March 23 wasn’t scheduled to ship until April 21. So I took the bait, opened the e-mail, & got roundly switched. Staples (SPLS), which bills itself as the one place that makes technology easy, is not on Apple’s (AAPL) list of approved iPad resellers. Since the iPad 2 assembly lines can’t keep up with the crushing demand, Staples is trying to slip through the window of opportunity with its your tablet is waiting campaign. Staples’ tablets have supply problems of their own. Only 1 of the 3 items it describes as having arrived – Motorola’s (MOT) Xoom – seems to be in stock. The other 2 – from Research in Motion (RIMM) & Dell (DELL) are available for pre-order only. 1 of them, the BlackBerry Playbook, hasn’t even been released.”.BBC: On Sept. 24, 2012 tablet maker Fuhu, partly owned by Acer Inc., alleged the Tabeo tablet copied their Nabi Android™ tablet & stole trade secrets. Fuhu is aware their chargers have ac adapter tips longer than the depth of the Nabi2 Tablet microDC power jack, leading to breaking off or damaged jacks & suggest on their Facebook website to go to Bill Bain Capital & Jerome Kohlberg-Henry Kravis-George Roberts® Toys R Us for a Christmas 2013 replacement charger. The Nabi2 will not charge through USB in sleep mode, it must be powered off & charged 8 hours using a USB charge/sync cable or the included black USB charge cable. The white USB data cable included does not charge. Toys R Us filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Sept 21, 2017 from their Wayne, NJ HQ. UK-Canada-AU-Scandinavia-BenLux-China-Korea-Japan-SE Asia-Kuwait-Egypt-Israel-Germany-AustroHungary-Poland-Spain-Portugal.]
  6. CostCo® PhotoCenter & CostCo® PhotoCenter Inkjet Cartridge Refill Service [NASDAQ: COST. 7th largest retailer in the world & largest retailer of wine in the world: AmTran Technology® Vizio Tablet of Taiwan available by Amazon, Costco, Sam’s Club, & Walmart for $299 – PCMagazine Online August 8, 2011. “The Costco Photo Center uses the latest in online technology to bring you a number of powerful photo features. For this reason we recommend using the site with one of the following officially supported browsers: MicroSoft® Internet Explorer 7–8–9: PC & Mac, Mozilla® Firefox 2–3: PC & Mac, Apple® Safari: Mac Only, Google® Chrome: PC Only. Although you can view the website with an unsupported browser, some features may not be functional.” Upload .BMG: BitMap Graphic, .JPEG: Joint Photographics Expert Group digital files from telephone/tablet SD: Secure Digital card. Dry Creek Photo Pro Hints: “If you can not trust the colors displayed on your monitor, all other color management is a waste of time. Calibrating & profiling your monitor should, therefore, be your 1st priority. The most basic calibration tool, other than ignoring calibration altogether, is Adobe® Gamma. This is certainly better than nothing, but leaves much to be desired. The sole advantage is that it is free (once you purchase Photoshop). The primary problem is that your basic eyeball calibration is highly influenced by ambient lighting, how much sleep you’ve had, & how much coffee is coursing through your veins. Obtaining a consistent viewing environment is difficult under these conditions. If you are stuck with eyeball calibration, Norman Koren put together a set of charts that work.” // USA Only :-(. PH000002B 0614 ©2014: Save money on printing, reduce landfill waste. Costco does not exchange cartridges, nor do we fill them with Universal Ink. Instead, we refill & return the same cartridge, & use cartridge specific ink to closely match OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer colors. Our machine-controlled processes ensure the highest refill quality. The refilled cartridge should be used within 90 days. Always store in a cool place & avoid direct contact with plastic bags. When transporting reuse the plastic clip or place the cartridges in a letter-size envelope. Print head damage can be caused by printing after the cartridge runs dry. Physical & electrical damage may also prohibit a successful refill. Supported: HP®, Canon®, Epson®, Lexmark®, Dell®. [U.S] Federal law prohibits any company from requiring you to purchase only their products & prohibits a manufacturer from voiding your machine’s warranty simply by using alternative cartridge solutions. For more details, please refer to: Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (U.S. Code – Title 15, Chapter 50, Sections 2301-2312)]
  7. Best Buy® (Uses Ε: Epsilon Data Broker) [2011] [HQ: Richfield, MN: Founder: Richard M. Schulze: With the right technology, people can do wonderful things. It’s still a little too complex – Best Buy Mobile™ Buyer’s Guide August 2014: Has reviews of electronics they sell. Using QR: Quick Response Scan Codes in their Sunday Circulars. “CompUSA is dead, Apple has retail stores & deals with BestBuy. ...This tax law change Apple is behind?” - The WinAmericaCampaign group? The problem is Adobe & Google are ALSO in that group.. RTF: “So what? People won’t know! We just won’t mention Google & Adobe. Besides, if they do, we’ll boggle them with sweatshop accusations even though Droids are being built in the same factories! The mind can sell itself anything . . . Oh, yeah. Watch out for RIM as the hot new tablet maker. Right. And I’ll keep an eye on Daewoo as the hot new auto maker.” Systemax Inc.® Tiger Global® Tiger Direct: 1996: Multi-National: NYSE: SYX. Discover credit card ad coupon: “Valid at both Tiger Direct & CompUSA stores” Save on back to school with Discover® ©EX BTS July 2012. On September 17, 2012, the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission charged a former director of Tigerdirect’s parent company, Systemax Inc for fraudulently reaping 100s of 1000s of $ in undisclosed compensation between Jan 2006 to Dec 2010. The SEC alleged that Gilbert Fiorentino, who in addition to serving on the board was the former chief executive of Systemax’s Technology Products Group in Miami, ‘obtained >$400,000 in extra compensation directly from firms that conducted business with Systemax.’ Fiorentino agreed to settle the SEC charges by paying a $65,000 fine & consenting to a permanent bar from serving as an officer or director of any publicly held company. Press Release: SEC Charges Former Systemax Director in Compensation Scheme: 2012–190, Washington, D.C. ©Sept. 17, 2012 On November 2, 2012, it was announced that Systemax would drop both the CompUSA & Circuit City storefront brands by consolidating their businesses under the TigerDirect brand & website. Consumer-reported difficulties obtaining rebates led by Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum resulted in $300,000 settlement.]
  8. Dayton-Hudson Corp® Target (Uses Ε: Epsilon Data Broker) [Multi-National: NYSE: TGT. Revenue: $69.865 Billion. Restocking Fee: Communications Manager: Molly Snyder. Target Photo Ad Copy: “Those serendipitous candid shots — photographs harness the unique ability to preserve the special moments of our lives & create artifacts for future generations to look back on.” December 19, 2013: ABC News America’s Money sponsored by Aleve Pain Reliever & Walgreens: The US Secret Service is investigating a data breach. Credit card magnetic stripes skimmed since Black Friday. Update: Jan 3, 2014: Becca Mitchell, Nearly 4,000 Virginia EPPICards canceled after Target data breach, USA: WTKR NewsChannel 3: The Virginia Department of Social Services says nearly 4,000 EPPICards that may include child support payments & Temporary Assistance for Needy Families benefits were cancelled after the Target data breach. Xerox is working on replacements. 100 million accounts affected. Friday June 28, 2013: USA Oregon Department of Agriculture notes the death of 50,000 bumblebees in a single day poisoned by Safari® pesticide at the Wilsonville Target linden trees. Beekeeper Gary Rondeau notes neonicotinoid insecticides cause the plant itself to become toxic, noting injection or soil application will “kill bees just as dead, but without the drama of having them drop out of the branches into a parking lot. Instead, they fly home & spread the toxin to others in the colony before succumbing to its effects, dying without notice.” Still selling this insecticide for home use, you have been warned...SOS]
  9. Walgreens Photo (Uses Ε:Epsilon Data Broker:) [Photo Center website browse/edit button allows you to access digital photos from your telephone/tablet (SD: Secure Digital card directory, Color RGB: Red Green Blue 200 ppi: pixels per inch> JPEG: Joint Photographics Experts Group), Facebook (4×6 prints only), & ones you’ve uploaded to your Walgreens albums (Use full resolution in upload settings). To click & drag on Adobe® Flash in Android™, double-tap-&-hold, then swipe (drag) to the location you want, then release. Apple® iPad® Walgreens App adds Poster & Canvas to Quick Prints Same-Day Photo Pickup Service December 2012 with retouch & drawing capablity. In store sales associates reserve the right to monitor & prevent offer abuse. WellWishes Card Team: “All of our holiday card illustrations are done in-house & are made purely with magic. ...The trees are all white, With wintery snow glaze, From Walgreens to you, Happy Holidays!” – David, Photo Writer, Snaps by Walgreens]
  10. Frys Electronics [1985] Kroger® i-wireless LLC.® Access Wireless [2006] [ USA HQ: 600 East Brokaw Road, San Jose CA 95112, CEO: John Fry, CFO: David Fry, Founder: Randy Fry. In 1972, Charles Fry sold the Fry’s Supermarkets chain for US$14 million to Save Mart Supermarkets. In 1985, his sons joined together to open Fry’s Electronics with their inheritence. The company bought e-commerce site Cyberian Outpost in November 2001 & started online sales at Outpost.com, which now redirects to Fry’s. Silvia Pikal, San Francisco Battles to Uphold Nation’s 1st Cellphone Radiation Law, Canada: Mobile News Media Network Corp.® TwoMobile.com® Mobile Magazine, 451-1500 14th St. SW, Calgary, Alberta Province, T3C1C9, Téléphone: +1-915-412-5411 ©July 21, 2011: 7:37am [www.mobilemag.com/2011/07/21/san-francisco-battles-to-uphold-nations-first-cellphone-radiation-law/] ...On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 11-0 to approve legislation that would require retailers to educate consumers on cellphone radiation risks. The law mandates retailers display educational posters & hand out fact sheets with each cellphone purchase. Retailers would have to give tips on how to reduce radiation, but they do not have to mention cancer. This is an amended ordinance ...would have forced retailers to display the SAR: Specific Absorption Rate of each cellphone: non-ionizing radiation that gets absorbed into the user’s local tissues. The World Health Organization announced that cellphone radiation was possibly carcinogenic based on an increased risk of glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with cellphone use. The WHO upgraded cellphones to a 2B classification, which means there is limited evidence. Also on the list of 2B classification are pickled vegetables & coffee. ...A 2004 Swedish study found an increased risk of acoustic neuroma, a type of benign brain tumour, was associated with mobile phone use. The risk occurred only if the cellphone user had operated cellphones for more than 10 years. Additionally, there is evidence that suggests cellphones lower sperm count & disturb sleep. ...At any rate, it’s crucial that information regarding the safety of cellphones should be made available to the public, as the industry that relies on selling cellphones to make profit clearly cannot be relied on to provide that information. / HQ: Cincinatti, Ohio: CEO: David Dillon, President: Don McGeorge. United States mobile virtual network operator that uses the Sprint CDMA, EVDO, WiMAX & LTE networks to provide nationwide wireless coverage. Domestic roaming (except 9-1-1 calls), & accessing service abroad from a subscriber’s cell phone is not currently available. “Kroger’s part ownership of a data mining firm allows it to use the reams of information its shopper cards collect in many ways, including giving shoppers coupons mainly for products they regularly buy. Simon Hay, chief executive of dunnhumbyUSA, the data mining & marketing operation Kroger co-owns with a London-based company [Tesco PLC]. ...dunnhumby, named for founders Clive Humby & Edwina Dunn, who are married. DunnhumbyUSA has signed up such other big clients as beverage maker Coca-Cola Corporation, The Home Depot Corporation, consumer products maker Procter & Gamble, department store chain Macy’s Inc. & food makers General Mills Inc. & Kraft Foods Inc. Dan Sewell, Grocer mines data to mail coupons, Kroger uses information from loyalty cards to target its customers, The Associated Press, Jan 11, 2009. Kroger: Baker’s, City Market, Dillons, Food4Less Fremont, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Gerbes, Jay C, King Soopers, Kroger, Owen’s, Pay Less, Ralphs & Smiths. Google® Play™]
  11. Jardine-Matheson Holdings Ltd. a.k.a Ewo 怡和 (pronounced Yee-Wo) Happy Harmony® Dairy Farm Holdings Ltd. [London/Hong Kong: 1 of the original Hong Kong trading houses or Hongs 洋行 that date back to Imperial China & the Opium Wars of 1840: British East India Co. Laird & Surgeon Dr. William Jardine (1784–1843), named The Iron-headed Old Rat by locals after being hit on the head by a club in Guangzhou, Banker James Matheson, Baronet Alexander Matheson (1805–1881), Hugh Matheson, Banker Hollingworth Magniac, Banker John Abel Smith, Henry Wright, Qing Dynasty Imperial Commissioner Lin Zexu who wrote Queen Victoria, to submit in obeisance in the presence of the Emperor & ordered the arrest of opium trader Lancelot Dent, head of Dent & Co., Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston. Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group, Jardine Pacific, Jardine Cycle & Carriage, Jardine Motors, Jardine Strategic, Hongkong Land, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group & Astra International. Owns 21% Rothschilds merchant banking house. Dairy Farm owns: 7-Eleven (telephone cards), Starmart, Shop N Save, IKEA, Giant Hypermarket (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Vietnam, UAE, Japan), Shopwise Hypermarket, Cold Storage (Singapore), Food World, Hero, Jasons Market Place (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan), Lucky, Oliver’s, Rustan’s, ThreeSixty, Wellcome]
  12. LeClerc Mobile [French supermarket chain that sells their own telephone SIM cards.] / REWE-Leibbrand Zentral Gruppe® BILLA: BILliger LAden, German for Inexpensive Shop [Germany/Austria: €48 billion. CEO: Alain Caparros, Chairman: Heinz-Bert Zander. European hypermarket chain: Italy, Croatia, Czech Rep. Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine. with Google® Android™ app. Owns: XXL, Penny Markt, Selgros, nahkauf, toom Market, MERKUR, Standa, Kaufpark, ProMarkt Electronics & Furr’s Grocery Stores, a supermarket chain in Texas & New Mexico, USA. (Roy Furr, 1907–1975, was chairman of the board of Farm Pac Kitchens, Rore Realty Company, & Crone Oil Company.)]
  13. MCM Electronics [Your connection to electronic products & components: 888-235-4692]
  14. NextStep Recycling Store [USA: Eugene, Oregon: Transformimg e-Waste for the Next Generation™ They do repairs too. Repair Trade Groups: PSA: Professional Service Association, Executive Director: Ron Sawyer, International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians. Consumer Reports reports in 2009 that most electronics products rely on microprocessor-based controls in which failures can be hard to diagnose. Technicians must often replace an entire circuit board, for example, even though the problem might be a single blown capacitor. Besides adding to the repair bill, that approach adds to the waste stream because good parts are tossed with the bad. Repair costs vary from $50 to $120 an hour. Independent repair services, especially for out-of-warranty repairs, are usually less than retailer & manufacturer services. – Consumer Reports Electronics Buying Guide, Yonkers NY, USA: Consumers Union of United States Inc.: Spring 2009, ISSN: 1530–3713, Bar Code: 0745108256]
  15. Office Depot® Copy & Print Depot™ [Multi-National: HQ: Boca Raton, Florida. NYSE: ODP. CEO: Roland C. Smith, CFO: Mike Newman. $17 Billion USD. Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Panama, Poland, Sweden, Thailand. Merged with Office Max® ImPress™ November 5, 2013 to make Office Depot Inc. August 19, 2012: (peg)ASUS® Google® Nexus 7 Tablet $199.99 advertised with Suzanne Collins’ Scholastic Pub. book The Hunger Games. Levis® Jeans – tailored for the young & hungry. Sascha Segan, Does the Nexus 7 Have Quality Problems? PC Magazine Online. ©July 20, 2012: “They’re [(peg)ASUS® Google® Nexus 7 Tablets] just cases of bad components, manufacturing, & assembly. Screen separation & creaking, backlight bleeding, broken microUSB port, microphones. Don’t be afraid to exchange your tablet for a fresh one if you see something wrong.” Sept 30, 2012: COVERBIND® hardcover, comb or coil binding, postcards, color business cards.]
  16. Overstock.com [May 1999] [USA: Multinational: Cottonwood Heights, Utah: CEO: Patrick Michael Byrne. (peg)ASUS Tablet: “That confluence of factors culminated this week in a confirmation by the Afghan Ministry of Commerce that Overstock is currently the largest provider of private employment in Afghanistan. According to Mariam Nawabi, commercial attaché for the Afghan Embassy in the United States, Overstock is currently believed to provide employment, directly or indirectly, for about 1,700 people living in Afghanistan.” Joanna Glasner, Overstocking in Afghanistan, Condé–Nast: Wired Magazine ©June 25, 2004, Overstock.com Founder Refuses to Apologize for Comments About Minority Dropouts, USA: Associated Press ©Oct 27, 2007]
  17. Sears-Roebuck Holding Corp® K-Mart [K-Mart Toy Book, Sears Toy Shop Book: December 28, 2011: NBC reports them shutting down stores while they got a $150 million dollar tax break from the government in Chicago. April 6, 2013: Sears Portrait Studios closed. Leader® i7 Tablet $99.99, Archos® 101 Internet Tablet $219.99, Consumer Cellular AARP: American Association Retired Persons telephones. Return policy covers only Sears® merchandise & not reseller businesses who operate through the website.]
  18. Sam Walton® Sam’s Club & Wal-Mart Photo, Walmart México y Central América, Wal-Mart® Vudu (TruFilm® MPEG-4 HDX CODEC: COder DECoder) [May 2008] [USA Multinational: $468 Billion. Chief Merchandising Officer: Duncan Mac Naughton: “10 super-efficient distribution centers account for ½ of Mexico’s supermarket sales. Labor unions know that ⅔ of Wal-Mart’s employees get no health benefits & work at the minimum wage. Independent stores die so often that Wal-Mart has picked up the nickname of the merchant of death. Consumers benefit, even the ones who refuse to shop at Wal-Mart. That’s because the surviving stores in the community cut their prices by an average of 13%.” – Professor Brett Wallach. Wal-Mart owns UK Supermarket Asda. / USA: Internet video-on-demand rental by Alain Rossmann, Wireless Application Protocol creator. Vudu Box (May 2008–Jan 8, 2010), Smart TV-Connected HDTV & Blu-ray players from LG, Magnavox, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba, AmTran Technology® Vizio. Sony® PlayStation 3, MicroSoft® Xbox 360°, Roku. ]
  19. Cerberus Global Investments LLC.® Albertsons Cencosud S.A: Sociedad Anónima [USA: Grocer: Albertsons officially under new ownership, USA: ABC News: KABC ©Friday, March 22, 2013. Cerberus, est. 1992 by Stephen Feinberg & William L. Richter, Chairman: The Honorable Dan Quayle, 875 Third Ave. New York City, NY 10022–6225. Wikipedia: Latin Cerberus: Κέρβερος: Kerberos: Red Fire Power, Κυνα του Αιδου: Kuna tou Aidou: Latin Cyna Hadum: Hound of Hades, Greek Titan dog with multiple heads, serpent’s mane & tail which guards the gates of the Underworld preventing souls from escaping the river Styx. Etruscan vase from Caere: Red Place (circa 525 BC) depicting Heracles presenting Cerberus to King Eurystheus. “Investors include prominent government & private sector pension & retirement funds, charitable foundations, university endowments, insurance companies, family savings & sovereign wealth funds.” RG Steel, AerCap (DaimlerChrysler), Aozora Bank Ltd., AT&T Yellow Pages, BAWAG P.S.K., Blue Bird, BlueLinx (Georgia-Pacific), Caritas Christi Health Care, CTA Acoustics, Inc., DynCorp, IAP, Kokusai Kogyo KK, LNR Property Co., NewPage Co. (Mead), North American Bus Industries, Scottish Re Group Ltd., Showa Jisho Co. Ltd., Strategic Restaurant Acquisition Group, Torex Retail Holdings Ltd, Tower Intl, Clovis Pharma, 3i Infotech Ltd. Global Billing, Caja Madrid Real Estate, Innkeepers USA Trust: Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton. Peter Lattman, In Unusual Move, Cerberus to Sell Gun Company, USA: New York Times ©Dec. 18, 2012 / Chile: BCS: CENCOSUD, NYSE: CNCO. $19 billion. Chairman: Horst Paulmann Kemna.]
    Web Browsers A mobile browser, a.k.a microbrowser, minibrowser, or wireless internet browser, is a web browser designed for use on a mobile device such as a mobile phone that displays Web content for their small screens. Software must be small & efficient to accommodate the low memory capacity & low-bandwidth of wireless handheld devices. As of 2006 some browsers handle: CSS: Cascading Style Sheets 2.1, JavaScript, Ajax: Asychronous JavaScript & XML: eXtended Markup Language. Websites designed for access from these browsers are referred to as wireless portals or collectively as the Mobile Web. The mobile browser displays web pages written in HTML: HyperText Markup Language, XHTML: eXtended HyperText Markup Language Mobile Profile (WAP: Wireless Application Protocol 2.0), or WML: Wireless Markup Language (which evolved from HDML: Handheld Device Markup Language). — Wikipedia
    clownboat: It’s like a candy store of Android browsers out there & it took me a while to set several up to my liking & see which worked best for me (tip of the hat to Home Switcher for ease of comparing what you’ve got installed). xScope is definitely the one I use. Are there any Android™ browsers that support loading a Oracle® Java Applet in-browser? No :'( Note: Adobe® Flash 10.1.105 for Android™ Éclair & Frozen Yogurt adds support for NBC® Hulu. Flash 10.2 is for Honeycomb & Gingerbread & may not run at all on FroYo, slowly on others. Flash 11.1 runs on all of them.
  1. Google® OS Browser [October 22, 2008] Adobe® Flash: Bookmarks in sqlite3 database in browser’s data directory. /data/data/com.android.browser/databases/browser.db. Download folder, links download as HTML: HyperText Markup Language formatted text, 8 window max, pinch zoom: “The included browser can’t handle EBSCO: Elton Bryson Stephens COmpany databases. I ran this on our library catalog & most of our databases with no problem, but the Ebsco ones didn’t allow any search entry. Weird.”
  2. Saves whole web page: text & pictures: (Mobile Network® Android Freeware) Sakura Internet Inc. さくらインターネット|サーバーホスティングサービス® Angel Mobile Browser 0.789 Gold: 1.72 MB [May 31, 2011] Japan: 3778 Tokyo Stock Exchange: Blue globe logo: Adobe® Flash Browser: webpage HTML download to readlater subfolder. pics in data: Android 2.2>: Back/forward, tabs, copy/paste, pinch zoom, bookmarks, gestures, screenshot, translate, page rank, view source. Set as default browser. Galapagos Browser Android 1.6> disabled with a notice for Angel Browser. 1- 8-14 Minami-Honmachi, Chuo-ku, 541-0054, Osaka
  3. Saves whole web page: text & pictures: Telenor Telephone Co.® Opera Software ASA® Opera Browser [2011] University of California at Santa Barbara National Center for Ecological Analysis & Synthesis® Ecological Metadata Language .eml (Request for Comments-822 MIME: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) [1997] VimpelCom Ltd.® Global Telecom Holding® Warid Telecom® MyAppsMall [August 15, 2012] Norway: Fornebu close to Christiania (Oslo): Scandinavia (Telenor), Cambodia (SoTelco), Laos (Millicom Lao), Malaysia (DIGI TelCo), Thailand (DTAC), Bangladesh (GrameenPhone), India-Pakistan (Uninor), Czech Rep-Slovakia-Hungary-Armenia-Georgia-Russia-Ukraine (VimpelCom Ltd.)-Kazakhstan (KaR-tel)-Kyrgyzstan (SkyMobile)-Tajikistan (Таком)-Uzbekistan (Unitel)-Yugoslavia (Mobi 53). Red O logo: Web browser created in 1994 by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner & Geir Ivarsøy during their tenure at Telenor. Browser for MicroSoft® Windows, Apple® Macintosh Apple Operating System, Google® Android™, MicroSoft® Windows Mobile, BlackBerry Ltd.® BlackBerry, Samsung® bada, Nokia® Novarra® BREW: Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless, Nintendo® DS & Wii, Oracle® JavaME™, PSION® Symbian/S60 & finally Apple® iPhone OS/iOS 4.2>. Opera Mini Browser Frequently Asked Questions [August 16, 2009] webpages for Android 1.5> saved as OBML: Opera Binary Markup Language in internal phone cache. Opera Browser Mobile [October 15, 2010] webpages for Android 1.6> saved as .MHTML in Download folder on SD: Secure Digital card. .MHTML contains pictures & text. These files open in Mac/Windows Opera or Windows Internet Explorer. Both browsers have back/forward arrows, tabs, copy/paste, pinch zoom. User Agent: mobile or tablet. Opera Mobile Classic 12.1.9 will not crash in Android Lollipop™ :-). “The .mhtml (Web archive) & .eml (e-mail file) file extensions are interchangeable (the files can be renamed). The 1st can be sent by e-mail (& displayed by the email client if the html code is basic enough) & an e-mail message can be saved to a file & renamed to a Web archive extension. ...Some email clients save individual messages as separate files, while others use various database formats, often proprietary, for collective storage. A historical standard of storage is the MailBOX .mbox format (1982). The specific format used is often indicated by special filename extensions. .pst (Unicode/ANSI), MicroSoft® .msg (MAPI: Messaging Application Programming Interface Binary).” – Wikipedia: Email Vulkil, How to view Devanagari font sites in Android ©July 8, 2011: Though Android has capability to view Devnagari fonts, some companies like HTC: High Tech Computer Corp. etc. still haven’t given this luxury to us yet. ...If your phone does not display Devnagari fonts by default, inbuilt browser will also not be able to show the Devnagari fonts. But we can still view these sites by using Opera Mini Browser. 1. Enter opera:config in address bar. Make sure you delete the www. before entering opera:config. Also, you must be connected to net for changing these parameters. 2. Go to end of page displayed. There would be an option Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts, change its value to Yes. ...If you have couple of minutes, please go to: Google Issue 4153 & just post a simple comment, We want Hindi font support by default in android. There were 5000 comments for Arabic language support & it was included in Gingerbread. if you are not able to install Opera Mini install, try Opera Mobile. / Lahore, Pakistan: Warid phone # & login. For Warid prepaid & postpaid subscribers. Download 1000s of free mobile applications & games. Oracle® Java™, PSION® Symbian, Google® Android™, Blackberry Ltd.® BlackBerry & MicroSoft® Windows Mobile. – Warid introduces MyAppsMall, Flare ©Aug. 15, 2012.
  4. Saves whole web page: text & pictures: (ApkHerunterladen) Envisinex® MIXXHQ® Save This Page 1.4: 648KB [December 14, 2010] Press share button in the browser you are using. Selecting this program saves entire webpage as HTML: HyperText Markup Language code text with pictures to Android/data/com.envisinex.savethispage/cache folder on SD: Secure Digital card.
  5. Saves whole web page: text & pictures: Sofix Co. Ltd. 株式会社ソフィックス® SxBrowser (Apk Monk) SxBrowser 1.33: 728KB [June 3, 2011] Japan: Yokohama: Crescent moon logo: Adobe® Flash Browser: SxBrowser folder: Saves webpage. Saves html, images in hidden subfolder with same name. eg. hi.html /.hi Android 1.6>: back/forward buttons, windows, copy/paste. On SxBrowser, the bookmark will be shared with the default browser. User Agent: Apple® iPhone, PC, Original.. Address: 222-0033, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Shin Shin 3-18-16 traffic building . Tel: 045-473-3559.
  6. Saves whole web page: text & pictures: Alibaba Group® UC Mobile New World Ltd.® UCWEB Browser [2011], 金山软件: Gold Mountain Software® KingSoft Office Multi-Languages, DuoKan Inc.® 多看阅读 DuoKan Reader [2010], Beijing Times Intercommunication Telecom Engineering® MiRen: 迷人浏览器: Bewitching People Browser a.k.a MIUI天气: Millet Browser 1.2: 3.4MB [2008], Xiaomi Corp/Millet Technology® MIUI天气 Store (Android Operating System: Xiaomi® 小米手機 Millet MIUI Phone) [March 8, 2012] China: Guangzhou (Canton City): Squirrel logo: Adobe® Flash Compatible Browser with UC Mobile New World Ltd.® UCWEB Browser Version 7.2>, Android 2.0> & proprietary UC Flash Plug-In: .upp: 1.26 MB: Save page button saves webpage with pictures as .uhtml in UCDownloads folder on SD: Secure Digital card. Version 8.6.1 to Version 9.3 saves webpages as .HTML with pictures in a folder & has the Adobe® Flash plug-in built-in. Version 10.02.53 will install an Adobe® Flash 11.1 plug-in. Version 10.10 & 11.0 have removed save page. It can be added from the UCWeb Add-Ons Page as UCWEB Save Page Plug-In 1.0 of July 9, 2013 that saves as .MHT & found in the tools icon in the menu; swiping from right to left to get to the 2nd screen. Now on Ver. 12.2 which ballooned to 138MB. / KingSoft Office: “Q: How can I switch to the language that I need? A: The app will identify the language setting in your (Android) device automatically. For example, if you set the system language to Russian, the app will be displayed in Russian when you open it.” / Pinwheel logo: Adobe® Unicode Flash Browser: Saves HTML web page to miren_browser folder on SD: Secure Digital card, import-export HTML: HyperText Markup Language formatted bookmarks: Yahoo!, MicroSoft® Bing 餅 (Chinese lard-wheat crust pastry: Mooncake/Suncake), Google search: Android 1.6>: back/forward, tabs, pinch zoom, popup blocker, scroll with volume buttons. Layout: Google® Chrome, Apple® iPhone & iPad. Unicode: Chinese: Big5, GBK, Japanese: ISO-2022, MicroSoft® Kanji a.k.a Shift_JIS: Japanese Industrial Standard, EUC_JP: Extended UNIX: Uniplexed Information & Computing Service®, Coding JaPanese “Technically it should be Mi-Zen, but that’s Chinese pinyin system for you. It means attractive (literally bewitching people), Miren is a Chinese Android browser ported to English, & occasionally you’ll find a few bits in Chinese that wasn’t translated (such as page loading, please wait). Miren tries to use the full screen available, by making the onscreen controls auto-hide.” KS Chang, Android Alternative Web Browsers Review Comparison, USA: CA: San Francisco: HubPages Inc., est. Aug. 6, 2006 by Paul Edmondson, © 2011 “In 2011, traffic to revenue-sharing sites, including HubPages, was slashed following changes to Google’s algorithm ‘Panda’. HubPages made strenuous efforts to recover from the setback, while most of its competitors gave up & closed their doors. In 2014 HubPages acquired its largest competitor, Squidoo. Anyone may contribute Hubs & to earn income, members must hold a valid Google® Adsense account.”, KS Chang, Android AVI: Audio Video Interleave Format Video players, USA: CA: San Francisco: HubPages Inc. ©2011 “These apps mostly support the SRT: SubRip Text format for subtitles & usually need them to be named exactly the same as the video file & placed in the same folder.” Abhimanyu Ghoshal, Android.App.Storm: Choosing the Best Video Player for Your Device ©July 29, 2012 Twist Video Player, RockPlayer, VPlayer, MoboPlayer, MX Video Player, mVideoPlayer. / Xiaomi MI-ONE Plus: Shŏujī: Telephone for China Telecom has: GSM: Global System for Mobile, WCDMA: Wideband Code Division Multiple Access, CDMA2000, December 18, 2011: 1999RMB/$310.00. Jun Lei is President of Xiaomi, UC Mobile & Jïnshän ruânjiàn: Gold Mountain Software a.k.a KingSoft. Jun Lei’s Joyo is now Amazon China. LEI Jun. F/4, Building B, Guangzhou Xinxigang, #16 Keyun Rd, CN 510665. DuoKan: Android 2.2>: ePub. Rumor: Xiaomi Acquires E-Reader Software Firm Duokan, Tencent Tech, 11/02/12.
  7. CM Productions LLC® BaDoink Flash Video Downloader Plus 1.1.3: 4.08MB [2012] USA: Bookmarks, “Use the address bar to enter the address of the site you would like to download videos from. Tap the video image to watch or download the video.” Motion Picture & Video Production, Director: Terron Schoonerman. 302 Goodman St, N Rochester, NY, USA 14607. Téléphone: +1 (585) 256-3086
  8. Saves webpage as Adobe® PDF: Portable Document Format: Google® Chrome Mobile Browser [June 27, 2012] USA: Colored ball logo: No Adobe® Flash: Android™ 4.0=>. To Save a Page choose Print from the Menu; it will create a Digital Adobe® Portable Docunent File. Desktop & mobile page toggle, JR Raphael, writing for ComputerWorld noted “Functions separately from the stock system browser” 31 languages, View CSS 3D animations, HTML5 video & SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics. Link preview allows zooming in on multiple links to ensure the desired one is clicked. Sam Byrd, Chrome for Android™ now lets you download webpages & read them offline, USA: Washington DC: Vox Media Inc.® The Verge: 1201 Connecticut Ave. NW 20036 ©Dec 8, 2016: Browser Version 55 will save a whole webpage when you press the download arrow icon to the right of the star icon in the searchbox; storing it in the following directory: /data/data/com.android.chrome/app_chrome/Default/Offline Pages/archives/.
  9. Saves webpage as Adobe® PDF: Portable Document Format: Exsoul-ish® Exsoul Web Browser [2011], (Carrefour® 1Mobile Market) Exsoul Web Browser 3.3.6: 4.7MB [2013] Japan: B/W X logo: Adobe® Flash Browser: Android 2.1>: Ver. 1.0 no text save, back-forward buttons, 12 windows, bookmarks. Version 3.0: Saves webpage on the SD: Secure Digital card in ExSoulDownload folder.
  10. Saves webpage text only: Mozilla Labs® FireFox Mobile Browser [December 2012], Mozilla Labs® FireFox Android™ Add-Ins: Margaret Leibovic® Save Page & Mozilla Labs® Brave Web Browser 1.0.42 [February 13, 2018] USA: CEO: Gary Kovacs. Brings Adobe® Flash support to Android™ Jellybean, FonePit AG® AndroidPit, Install Adobe® Flash Player on Mozilla® FireFox, Android™ 4.4 Kit-Kat Operating System Change the default language of Firefox for Android™ Switch by tapping the menu button. Tap Settings, then Language. Tap the menu under Browser Language. Select language from the list. Android 2.2 & ARMV6 devices: Effective January 2015, Android 2.2 & ARMV6 devices will no longer receive automatic updates or support for Firefox. Official support for the Nokia N900 Maemo device ceased with version 7. Following the Windows Phone 7 announcement & Microsoft’s decision not to release a native development kit, development for Windows Mobile was put on hold. Tristan Nitot, president of Mozilla Europe, has said that it’s unlikely that an iPhone or a BlackBerry OS: Operating System version will be released, citing Apple’s non-compete application approval policies & as of 2009 BlackBerry’s limited operating system as the reasons. Previous 2012 versions 4-16: Android 2.2> ARMv7 Only. 2013: Version 20: Android 2.2>, ARMv6 600MHz, 384MB RAM, Version 32: Android 2.3>, No ARMv6, Mozilla® FireFox for Android™ Version 36 33.12MB, Versions 37–41 Sept. 25, 2015: Android 3.0>. Versions 48–55: Aug. 2016: Android 4.0>, Versions 56–60: Sept. 2017: Android 4.1>. 42.79MB: These will upload Facebook video to a page. Bugs still there: Yahoo!® Flickr, Facebook. Dave Gilleo: Does not work with MicroSoft® Hotmail. Daniel Laws: “When entering text online if you press backspace it will delete all the text you have entered except the word you were trying to erase. ...Should get 1 star for the e-mails it completely deleted because I tried to edit 1 word.” / Orange lion logo: Apple® iOS & Google® Android™“Brave announced by the co-founder of the Mozilla Project & creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich.” Developers: Brendan Eich, Brian R. Bondy, Marshall Rose, Yan Zhu, Garvan Keeley, Aubrey Keus, Sergey Zhukovsky, Brian Johnson, Brian Clifton, Cezar Augusto. Wikipedia: Codename Lisa
  11. Saves webpage text only: MicroSoft® Edge Browser (UpToDown) MicroSoft® Edge Browser 51.85MB [February 12, 2018] USA: Blue e logo: No Adobe® Flash: Android 4.4> Reading Mode, Barcode, Voice Search, MSN Newsfeed, WebGL 2.0: Very speedy. Bugs: Battery Hog, Keyboard not popping up, Newsfeed USA only. Apple® iOS est. Nov. 30, 2017. “Microsoft Edge, now available on Android™, creates 1 continuous browsing experience for Windows 10 users across their devices. ...Moving content between a mobile device & PC requires Windows 10 Fall Creator‘s Update.”
  12. Saves webpage text only: Lunascape Corporation ルナスケープ® iLunascape Web Browser for MicroSoft® Windows, Apple® Macintosh Apple, Android™ & Apple® iPhone OS (9Apps) Lunascape Corporation ルナスケープ® iLunascape 3.0: 2.3MB [2011] Japan, Tokyo: Founder & CTO: Asuka Nishide, Founder & CEO: Hidekazu Kondo, COO: Yuki Sekiguchi: Moon logo doesn’t show in Android™ Gingerbread: Adobe® Flash Browser buggy. Some sites load white &/or without sound: Downloads webpage text to Android/data/iLunascape/downloads on SD: Secure Digital card. Android 2.1>/ Apple® iOS a.k a iPhone OS: 6 tabs, bookmark manager. Turn on edit mode & drag the bookmarks in the order you want them. User Agent in version 2.0 not buggy as in beta debut. Version 3.31 the latest Tel: +81366757350
  13. Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. 奇虎® 360安全浏览器 Browser & Qihoo 360 AntiVirus [September 20, 2011] China: Green e icon: Multi-National shopping site & search engine founded by Hongyi Zhou & Xiangdong Qi in 2006 expanding to apps in 2012. Steven Millward, 360 Browser for Android, Yet One More Choice for Chinese Netizens, Tech in Asia Pte Ltd.: 157B Rochor Rd., Singapore SG 188432 ©September 20, 2011: “Desktop & mobile web browser apps in China are increasingly becoming freebies, like tea-bags at hotels, from companies desperate to be remembered amongst a crowd of competitors. And so Qihoo 360 has launched a mobile browser for Android this week, in a bid to keep ahead of major rivals such as Tencent. The 360 Browser for Android has 3 separate versions: for smartphones, 7-inch tablets, & 10-inch ones as well.”
  14. Sho Tachibana® Sho Tachibana® Dual Window Web Browser Beta: 60.25KB [July 1, 2010] Adobe® Flash Browser: Can’t download images: Android 1.6>: You can browse 2 web sites at the same time.
  15. Jig.Jp Co. Ltd. アプリ · 携帯アプリなら® Jigbrowser+ (ApkPure) Jigbrowser+ 1.8.2: 4MB [June 4, 2012] Shinjuku-ku, Japan: CEO Taisuke Fukuno, 2-5-12 Shinjuku, Forecast Shinjuku Ave. 10F, 160-0022: Black cat logo. Adobe® Flash not optimized: Android 2.2> tabs, notepad, double tap zoom. Also for Oracle® Java™ phones. Not compatible with Huawei-Alcatel® Venture PCS phone.
  16. (Brothersoft) Khmer Innovation® Riem Browser 0.01 Beta: 65.89KB [2011] VTrust Building #10 Street, Mittapheap, Commune, 7 Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia: :Android 1.6> Riem browser doesn’t support Android OS 2.1.x. Please make sure before you make installation with the OS beside 2.1.x: Uses Khmer Unicode Web Fonts.
  17. Maxthon Asia Ltd.® Maxthon Browser (formerly Mysoft International Ltd® MyIE) (Freeware Lovers) Maxthon Browser 2.1.2 [2010] China: Blue M logo: Programmed by Changyu: No Adobe® Flash. MxBrowser folder: Android 1.6>: Add-Ons: Advanced Gesture, Bookmark Backup, File Manager, Missed Call, RSS: Really Simple Syndication News, Task Killer, Web Snapshot. Maxthon CEO: MingJie “Jeff” Chen. Hong Kong: Flat Rd. 58/F Tower 1, R Wing Le Prestige, Lohas Park, Mainland: Room 308, China Electronics Plaza B, Dan Ling Street #3, Haidian District, Beijing (Peking) 100080. Telephone: +86 10 51651772. – Vygantas Lipskas, Interview with Jeff Chen the CEO of Maxthon Ltd, FavBrowser.com ©October 24, 2010
  18. Netpia Inc 넷피아 모바일® 자국어주소 브라우저 – 넷피아 NLIA: Native Language Internet Address Browser: 688KB [April 21, 2011] & (9Apps) Netpia Inc® 아이비아이 홈주소창: IBI Browser 1.4: 2MB [April 21, 2011] South Korea: N logo: United States Patent Application 20080294796, Inventors: CEO: Pan Jung Lee, Bae, Jeen Hyun, Lee, Suk Moon, Won, Jong Ho: Adobe® Flash Browser: Android 2.2>. 16F, Woolim Blue 9 Bldg. A, 240-21, Yeomchang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea 157–779 Tel: +82-2-3665-0123. / IBI blue logo: “Netpia was able to unite the market of the Korean Internet Address following the bankruptcy of its competitor, Real Names, in July of 2002. With the commercial service of the Korean E-mail Address beginning in July of 2003, we are putting our best efforts for the completion of the Korean Internet Address service. Unique feature allows users to go to desired websites by typing initial consonants of each character. Once the beginning phonemes of the characters are typed in Korean, the NLIA browser redirects the user to the specific website without typing English URL or searching through search engines. Supports 80 different languages in 95 countries all around the world. Add & edit bookmarks.” – AppShopper.com
  19. Fenrir Inc.® Sleipnir (AppsApk) Fenrir Inc.® Sleipnir Mobile 3.4.0: 4.1MB [September 8, 2011] Japan: Osaka: President & Founder: Yasuyuki Kashiwagi: Horse chess icon: Adobe® Flash Browser: No text save: Original Android 2.1>, Apple® iPhone, MicroSoft® Windows Phone: windows, tabs at bottom, bookmark import. Hold down a link or bookmark to open a page in the background. The names Sleipnir & Fenrir are from Norse mythology where Sleipnir is the 8-legged horse of the god Odin & Fenrir is a monstrous wolf. – CNET® Japan. Android operating system <4.04 does not come with Armenian fonts installed. Google Issue: 4230: Armenian character support
  20. (GetJar) China Ltd.® Tian Tian: 天天, Huawei 华为 (pron. hwah-way)® 天天浏览器: Sky Browser Mini 3.6 [2011], (9Apps) Shuidushi Information Technology Ltd. 上海水渡石信息技术有限公司® 天天动听官: TTPod: Tian Tian Music Player [2008] Shenzhen, Guangdong (Canton), China: 华 = flower & 为 = achievement or action. Largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world, having overtaken Ericsson in 2012. Founder: Ren Zhengfe 任正, CEO: Yu Chengdong, Chair: Ms. Sun Yafang, CTO: Liu Sanqi. Board: Guo Ping, Xu Zhiju, Xu Wenwei, Li Jie, Ding Yun, Ms. Meng Wanzhou, Ms. Chen Lifang, Wan Biao, Zhang Pingan. Supervisory Board: Liang Hua, Peng Zhiping, Ren Shulu, Tian Feng, Deng Biao. Ascend, Ideos telephones $185.176 billion: Rainbow around blue globe icon: Adobe® Flash Browser: No html download: Android 2.0> version 2.2/GingerBread version 2.3 has Adobe® Flash 11 plug-in built-in: Windows, copy/paste. if set as default browser will prompt on startup for latest software version. “Market with Chinese Android applications built right in! The world’s 1st high-definition audio & video online play at video sites: Youku, Potatoes, Fantastic Art, Cool Play, QQLive, Sohu, Pipi & so on. Ninetowns game privileges.” Contact: heyang@huawei.com: Guangzhou, Guangdong / TTPod: Now Shanghai Shuidushi Information Technology Co., Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Alibaba Group Holding Limited. Shanghai: Rm 810 No.1369, Wuzhong Rd, Minhang District, 201100 CN.
  21. TomPodd Apps® InBrowser: Incognito Browsing 1.66: 68KB for Android™ & Apple® iOS [November 30, 2010] Sweden: Tommie Tommie, Hemmagatan 14, 41669 Gothenburg: Sunglasses & fedora-hat clad silhouette: Adobe® Flash: Slogan: Entertainment without a trace. Android 1.6> Supports agent cloaking (no more mobile-version of sites). User Agent: Android™, Google® Chrome, Mozilla® Firefox, MicroSoft® Internet Explorer, Apple® iPad-iPhone. Download files, images & video to SD: Secure Digital Card in InBrowser-folder (long-press on a link to download). Only 1 or 2 ads on the start/error page & thats it. Doesn’t go to https sites. Quits when you get a text or call. Video doesn’t work. – Joel: Google® Play™ Version 2.4.3 Google® Play™ scanned clean.
  22. Malware: Malicious software: Software that aids in gathering infomation about a person or organization without their knowledge or asserts control over a computer without their knowledge. 5 Types: system monitors [change computer settings: slow Internet connection speeds, changes in browser/software settings], trojan horses [self-install], adware [displays advertisements], chargeware [illegitimate mobile charges] & spyware [reporting websites visited for marketing purposes from cookies file]. Unwanted behavior: significant activity, disk usage, network traffic, applications freezing, failure to boot, &/or crashes. Anti-Virus softare scans & removes. Notes that unlike viruses or worms it does not transmit or copy itself to other computers. – Wikipedia.
  23. Spyware: MoboTap Inc.® Dolphin Browser Mini, Regular, HD & Zero [January 8, 2011 / 2009 / 2009/ December 18, 2013] (AndroidDrawer.com) Dolphin Browser Mini 2.3: 1.5MB, (ApkDreams.com) Dolphin Browser 10.3: 8.5MB USA: Sunnyvale, CA: CEO Yongzhi Yang: Green & white dolphin logo: Adobe® Flash Browser for Android 2.0> in Mini while HD up to version 8.5.1 needs Android 2.2> to play Adobe® Flash. Also for Apple® iPhone/iPad: Saves HTML only, no pictures, phones home cookies files: back/forward, tabs, pinch zoom, gestures, mobile/pc toggle, save page as screenshot. Version 6 HD: Removes ads with $10 million Venture Capital Funds from Sequoia Capital & discontinues previous version. – Julian Benson, Dolphin Browser Set Free, UK: Dennis Publishing PC Pro Magazine ©July 18, 2011. Sameed, Addictive Tips: Dolphin Browser HD 6.0 Leaves Beta ©July 19, 2011 42+ add-on widgets for HD only: Ad Blocker, Alexa® Rank, Bookmarks to SD: Secure Digital Card, Brightness, Browse Faster Task Killer, Compact Page Toggle, Dynotes Mobile® Morning Coffee (crashes phones), Fullscreen (<ver 4), Google® Docs Viewer (v4.5>), Google® Near Me (battery hog), Google® Similar Pages, Google® Translate, Google® YouTube Search (crashes), CBS® Last.fm® DolphinFM (uk/us/de), DolphinTV, MicroSoft® Bing Search (v2.0>), MoboTap Inc.® Dolphin Jetpack (v.9> HTML5 for Android™ Gingerbread> Needed for Adobe® Flash 11.1 support in Android™ KitKat. Android™ Lollipop needs Dolphin 11.30 whose JavaScript is still buggy :-( Built-in to latest Dolphin 12.0.2.), MyPDF Web Service (buggy: no Chinese, inline pictures over article), Password Manager (ads), QR Share (barcode webpages), RSS: Really Simple Syndication Web Logs (2000): PhoneDog LLC.® Android & Me, Scott Webster® Android Guys, Artem Russakovskii® Android Police: Looking After All Things Android, MobileTweek Inc® AndoidSPIN, Mobile Burn, SoftNews Net SRL® Softpedia (Open Handset Alliance), Antonio Wells® Android Tapp, ReadItLater® Cloud Server, Shiny Shake (battery hog), Show IP: Internet Protocol, Super Video Player (plays mpg4 choppy), Tab History, Tab Mix Plus (close, duplicate, copy tab address), Tab Reload (v2.3>: for stock tickers & auction sites), Tab Switcher, Text Adjust (crashes), Twitter, Ultimate Flag (website identifier that identifies you: ‘After install, check what really has permission. The entire phone is theirs’ – JOE), Whois, Wikipedia (crashes Droid X), WorldCup 2010.
  24. Spyware: The People’s Daily:人民日报® Jike Corporation 即刻搜索® Jike Browser [June 8, 2012] Bejing/Peking, China: Paper Airplane icon: Wants phone identification & cell tower: jike folder: Android 2.2> Chinese language vertical-only browser. Plug-ins, bottom of menu bar displays current window #. Renmin Sousuo: Yumingguanli, 16/F W. Tower, World Finance Centre, #1 E. 3rd Ring. Middle Rd., Chaoyang Dist., CN 100020
  25. Spyware: (AppsAPK) Jiangyin Ninesky Technology Co. Ltd.® 九天浏览器: Ninesky Browser 1.1: 1MB [2011] China: Adobe® Flash Bugs: Mobile Flash websites only Android 2.1>/Apple® iPhone: Wants Telephone ID. No page save.Jiangyin Ninesky Technology Co., Ltd. Tel: 0086-510-86969009. Fax: 0086-510-86969008. FBlock C, Yunting Town Industrial Area.
  26. Ad Networks: AdChoices (2009: USA: The Digital Advertising Alliance: Led by 6 trade groups; The American Association of Advertising Agencies: the 4A’s [1917: NYC: CEO: Marla Kaplowitz, Chairman: Bill Koenigsberg], American Advertising Federation [1905: DC], Association of National Advertisers [1910: NYC: CEO: Bob Liodice], Data & Marketing Association formerly Direct Marketing Association, IAB: Interactive Advertising Bureau [1996: Trade Association: NYC: CEO: Randalll Rothenberg: Mediascope Europe. www.iab.com], Network Advertising Initiative [1999]. UM: Universal.Harrison King McCann-Alfred Erickson logo.), Alibaba® AdChina, AdCombo, AdFonic: 2010-2016, AdGate, AdInfo, Mentorship International® AdKandi® Adware.LARDLond!c (UK: 48 Grove Ave., Sutton, Surrey SM1 2DP), AdKnowledge, Opera® AdColony® AdMarvel, AdMaster (Founder & CEO Vincent Yan), Admia, Google® AdMob/AdWords (2000: Closed AdWhirl)/DoubleClick, Adpeak, Nancy Gohring, Adscend Denies Facebook, AG Allegations, USA: IDG News Service ©Jan 27, 2012, Shanghai Adups Technology®, Aduru, AdView (AdView SDK), AdWo, Aerserv, AirAd, Quentyn Kennemer, Say Goodbye to AirPush: You can Now Disable Notifications in Jellybean, USA: MD: Phandroid © Jun 29th, 2012, Time-Warner® AmazonAds, Apkmore, Appenda, ApperHand/Plankton (ApperHand SDK), Papaya Mobile® AppFlood, Kaufcom GmbH Games® AppHandy, Applovin’, MobiMeme Inc.® Appolicious™, AppShake, Somo Mobile Marketing Agency® Apptimiser, Artemis, ironSource Israel Ltd.® Aura (Rothshild 63, Tel Aviv, Gush dan 65785: Spearmint Web Browser: Feb. 23, 2012–Aug.18, 2014), Badpush, Boxpush, BrandBlast, Apple Inc.® Burstly, Bypush, Cambridge Analytica (London: Cambridge University Psychometrics Centre: Founder: Christopher Wylie. CEO: Alexander Nix, Researcher Cambridge University Psychology Professor Aleksandr Kogan. Data-Mining: Facebook: This is Your Digital Life Personality Quiz, Mercedes-Benz, MetLife, Brewer AB InBev), Casee, Cauly, Cheetah Mobile® Cheetah Ads (Peking: CM: Clean Master & ArmorFly Web Browsers 2015), Clevernet, comScore/SecureStudies, Cnappbox, Appodeal-Perk.com Inc.® Corona Labs (USA: CEO Pavel Golubev. Waryam Walkabout game: Carlos Icaza & Walter Luh for Adobe® Flash Lite, with Merus Capital), Fabric® Crashlytics, CrazyMedia, Daoyoudao, Dianjin, Mandalay Digital Group® Digital Turbine/LogiaAd (bought Xyologic GmbH/Xyo), BuzzCity® Djuzz Store, Dowjin, Dynamicit, Everbadge, Arthur Charles Nielsen Sr.® eXelate, Facebook Audience Network (Emil Protalinski, Facebook settles with FTC: Federal Trade Commission, USA: Ziff-Davis Publishing ©Nov. 29, 2011), Feiwo, Ftad, GallMe, Claria Corp.® Gator, Generisk, Genpuah, Getadpush, Goodadpush, Alliance Data Systems® GreyStripe, Apple Inc.® Quattro Wireless, Inc.® iAd (Lalo v. Apple, Inc et al, Case Number: 5:2010cv05878, Dec. 23, 2010), InfoScout, Softbank® InMobi, Fyber/Inneractive® INNEX, Instal, Integral Ad Science, AOL: America OnLine Millennial Media Inc.® JumpTap/Millenial Millennium, China Music Corporation® KuGou 酷狗音乐/KuGuoSoft Co. Ltd. 酷果平台 (Music streaming service & ads. KU Music Asian Music Awards a.k.a. Cool Music Asia Festival), China Music Corporation® Kuwo, Leadbolt/PUA: Potentially Unwanted Application/PUP: Potentially Unwanted Program, KyView, Leanplum, MDotM, Media Education Foundation (USA: MA: 60 Masonic St. Northampton: Executive Director UMass Amherst Communications Professor Sut Jally [1955-]. Excessive hashtagging on Facebook targeted ads. Mentioning security breaches & Upworthy a meaningful site for viral content CEO Eli Pariser’ filter bubbles), Medialets, Inc., Velti® MobClix, MobGold (bought Hong Kong Ozura World® Mobeep February 28, 2011–Feb 28, 2014), Moat, Matomy Media Group® MobFox, MobiDash, MobVista, MOcean, Mocore, Moolah Media, Moplus, Twitter® MoPub, Ideon Media Digital Ad Network® nexopia™ (February 2003: Canada: Ontario Province: Toronto: Timo Ewalds. The website is a prime target for online predators. Interac Online Banking), OpenX, Pontiflex Ad Network (Leaks telephone #: Mix to Max Co. Ltd.® VDownloader 1.0.6, Oct. 22, 2012), Propeller, Pubmatic, SendDroid, Sizmek, Smaato (San Francisco), SnapChat® Snap Ada, StartApp, Clickky® Tagline, Tapdaq, Tapinator Inc.® InAppFuel, Inc. (NYC: Bought Rocket Mind Inc.), TapIt!, EA-Offerpal® TapJoy (Halpern v. Shulka No. A128583, Kevin Halpern, Plaintiff & Appellant, v. Anu Shukla et al., Defendants & Respondents, Court of Appeals of California, 1st District, Division 3. June 28, 2011), TapSense (San Francisco), Thunder® ThunderApps/Prestashop (Facebook/Microsoft BotBuilder), Epom® UniMobile, Unity Technologies ApS® UnityAds/Unity Games Engine (Denmark/San Francisco), EA® Vdopia, IDG Ventures India® Vserv, VoApp, Wooboo, Wu Feng® Mobile Marketing, xAd Inc./GroundTruth® xAd Smart Creative™ (NYC: +1-888-324-7893: Siegel+Gale Branding. CEO Dipanshu Sharma left. CFO: Stephen McCarthy, Chandra Kholia, Craig Hagopian, Sunil Kumar), Yekrand, Youme, Youmi, Komli Media® ZestAdz
  27. Adware: Azione Co. Ltd.® Awalker Co. Ltd 株式会社エーウォーカー® Nator: ネーター: Coordinator Browser (UpToDown) Nator Browser Beta: 1.44MB [June 5, 2011] Japan: Osamu Date, 3-14-14 Hachiman-dori, Chuoku, Kobe-city, Hyogo-ken 658-0085. Japanese Adobe® Flash Vertical Browser: B/W Globe: Android 2.1> Wants IMSI: International Mobile Subscriber Identity # & IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity # for Ericsson® GSM: Global System for Mobile™: “The main feature — emoticons can be entered for Mixi, Mobage, GREE, Amoeba, Crooz, Decolog.” barcode scanner, copy/paste, view source. Up to 4 tabs, Up to 5 bookmarks: long push to edit or delete Bukkumakutaitoru: bookmarks. Press on tab to view History. Images can be saved once the page is displayed in the image storage.” / GREE is Japan’s largest social networking website overtaking rival billionaire Kenji Kasahara’s Mixi. Yoshikazu Tanaka, $2.2 Billion, worked for fellow billionaire Hiroshi Mikitani at online shopping site Rakuten. Left in 2004 to set up Gree at a tech incubator; company name inspired by American social psychologist Stanley Milgram’s concept of 6° degree of separation. Eventually transitioned the site into mobile gaming to better compete with rivals. Bought Aurora Feint, whose game was spyware, in April 2011 for $104 million USD. Forbes Magazine: The World’s Billionaires: Yoshikazu Tanaka © March 2011:
  28. Adware: Cache Real Ltd.廣州互樂計算機服務有限公司® Mee Browser (Amazon) Cache Real Ltd.® Mee Browser [2010] Hong Kong, China: Google® AdMob: Little green android robot icon with a white lowercase e on his tummy: Android 2.1> Tabs, bookmarks, no download. Contact: Theodore Lo. 10/F Westlands Ctr, 20 Westlands Rd. Quarry Bay.
  29. Adware: Crowbar Solutions® Frost Browser Lite for Android™ & BlackBerry™ Operating Systems (previously Beaver Browser Lite 2.1: 365.56KB) [July 25, 2012] Canada: Snowflake logo: Adobe® Flash up to Jellybean Android.Non-Aggressive.Avagent/Google® AdMob: Android 2.1>: Hailo G “Very nice. Only reason its not 5 stars is cause it likes to crash (a lot!) & you can’t download files. Needs the option to copy URL!” Peter Karski, 1108 6th Ave SW, Calgary AB T2P5K1.
  30. Adware: Easy App Inc.® Easy Software OPDA Team® Easy Browser 1.1.5: 164KB [June 8, 2012] China: Adobe® Flash Unicode Browser. No text save.: Blue e logo: Android 1.5> View source. Versions 2–5 have Orange e logo.
  31. Adware: HiChina Zhicheng Technology Ltd.® Ying Yong.so: 应用搜® Beijing Boatech Co. Ltd.® Boat Browser [Sept 9, 2011] China: Peking: C/O Yang Xin, Wang Jing Lu Gang Building 602, 3/F HiChina Mansion, No. 27 Gulowai Ave, Doncheng District CN 100102: New versions from 2014 have ads, Android.Adware.Mobclick.A, AndroidOS/GenPua.4DF52A49!Olympus, & you have to pay to disable them. :-(. Brenda, Aug 29, 2012: NEW ADD-ON MEANT TO TAKE YOUR CASH! New Password add-on App will SECURELY SAVE ACCOUNT & PASSWORD info?? REALLY? I played detective for ya’ll. Dev website registered to HICHINA ZHICHENG TECHNOLOGY. Internet address used linked to mega fraud. Google it! Uninstall browser! Google-Yahoo-Bing-Baidu Searchbox, Zoom, Screenshot, Save Page, Bookmark Import/Export. Text: Chinese BIG-5, GB2312, GBK.
  32. Adware: (Freeware Lovers) James Becwar® Free Private Browser for Android 1.3.6: 62KB [June 17, 2010] Google® AdMob: Adobe® Flash: Android 1.1> Buttons: Clear Everything, Back, Stop Loading, Menu: Bring up video. Version 2 adds downloading.
  33. Adware: Niko Droid® Offline Browser Pro 2.5: 317KB [January 2011] Globe logo: Android 2.0> Download full web pages with images by entering the address & pressing the + key. It will save them to the Android/data directory on the SD: Secure Digital card. Pinch zoom.
  34. Adware: Visvanoid® Secret Browser or My Internet 2.2: 704KB [June 6, 2011] Blue lightbulb logo: Needs to connect to the Internet to work. Google® AdMob & AOL® Millenial.
  35. Wikimedia Foundation® Wikipedia List of Video Hosting Services: Nowcom® Afreeca (S. Korea), Anime44, (Korean/Asian Drama), MicroSoft® Bing, Blinkx, Break, BuzzMedia® Buzznet, Clipmass, DaCast (French/English), France Télécom® Dailymotion, EngageMedia, Facebook, Globo® Globo Video, Gogoanime, Gooddrama, MTV® iFilm, Kapook, (Thai), TalentTrove® Lafango, Liveleak (London), Mthai (Thai), Metacafé, MoboVivo (Canada), MyVideo (Germany), Novamov, OneWorldTV, James Caan® Openfilm, Carbonite® Phanfare, Gozprom Media® RuTube (Russian), Sevenload (Germany), Upload2, Veoh, Video44, Videobash, Videobb, Samba® Videolog (Portuguese), Sanook! (Thai), Socialvio, Trilulilu (Romania), Tune.pk, Vbox7 (Bulgaria), Videojug, Videoweed, Vidoosh (Iranian), Vidzur, Newsweek® Vimeo (USA: Adobe® FLash Video: English/Spanish. USA White House Broadcasts), Yourupload (Thai), Video Edit: Clesh
  36. Malware: CloudMosa Inc.® Puffin Web Browser [May 4, 2018] USA: CA: 20863 Stevens Creek Blvd., Ste. 560, Cupertino 95014: Puffin bird logo: Adobe® Flash transcoded on their servers. Games are not optimized & have no. sound. Another had no problems: CEO & Founder: Ex-Google Employee Shioupyn Shen. Mamdouh Abouzahab: Versions 1.6.2629: Dec 26, 2011 for Android™ Frozen Yogurt to 6.0 April 2018 for Android™ Ice Cream Sandwich discontinued. Version 7.5.2569 for Android™ Jellybean 4.1.1> on Google® Play™ contains Unix.Trojan.Mirai-5932143-0 according to ClamAV®. Will not run at all without Internet connection. “For geo-restricted websites, if you’re based outside the US, you may not be able to view the webpage content based on your current locale. ...Puffin has been blocked by the Great Firewall of China since 6/1/2012. Puffin Web Browser is no longer sold in China.”
  37. Malware: CrazyMobApps® Best Browser 367KB [July 2012] Russia: Blue globe logo with MicroSoft® Windows Phone 7/8 colored home page: Android 2.1> Embedded with an Adware virus from Google® Play™. Crazy programmers.com: Andrew Kudrin, Ohotskaya, 73, Novosibirsk, NSO 630040, RU.
  38. Malware: CynosureX International® aBrowser [2010] Needs Internet to run: Connects to a malware server on 1st run. 1 man reported it tried to hijack his Facebook account & replicated viruses through his email. Updated in 2017 for Lollipop as Pyrope-Browser.
  39. Malware: Dzanc Books® OpenView Mobile® Droid Surfing [2009] USA: Asks for Device ID, Phone #, Cell Tower, Country, Network, Roaming. Adobe® Flash Bugs: Android 1.6> Frank Garabo Droid Surfing Browser Review: Amazon Appstore “Downloaded to LOGITECH REVUE because of problems using GOOGLE CHROME. Tried it for 5 minutes, then removed it. Its display on GOOGLE TV is too large, & it does not respond to zoom controls. It had the same problem as CHROME with flash player. I thought about keeping it as an alternative, but the adware was too annoying so I removed it.” Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric, Trojan.Android.Cosha.dnzstl, Android.Adware.Youmi.A, Airpush.1d93, Android.Domob.G AdWare, Artemis!315F04FE194C
  40. Malware: Hitn Aung® 1st Myannmar Browser 0.5: 819KB [August 12, 2012] Burma: Adobe® Flash Android 2.1> Unlimited tabs. Burmese Unicode Web-Fonts Zawgyi-One & WinInnwa for Android™, Apple® iPad & PSION® Symbian. Support téléphone: (65) 9145 0672. Version 3.3 downloaded today from their website http://1stmm.net/ is infected with Trojan:Android/GinMaster.A & AndroidOS/GenBl.1CA2483D!Olympus so I am placing it here.
  41. Malware: Jirasak Submanee® WebCapture Plus Browser: 2.9MB [2011] Fred: Malicious app spams your phone. TrustGo Security considers it a high risk app. Don’t get it!!!
  42. Malware: Kik Interactive® Kik Messenger [October 19, 2010] Malware: Removed from BlackBerry App World: 240 million registered: Canada: 420 Weber St. North, Unit I, Waterloo, N2L 4E7: Founder Ted Livingston, age 26, RRE Ventures, Foundation Capital, Union Square Ventures, Spark Capital: Child pornography, Classified ads for sex give Kik usernames. Apple® iOS, Google® Android™, MicroSoft® Windows Phone 7 in: Chinese-Japanese-Korean, English, German, French-Italian-Portuguese-Spanish, Russian. “Livingston: We want to be the network that connects the world, & the platform that enables all communication, content & commerce to flow through it...In previous conversations with Forbes he described how Kik would become a new kind of HTML: HyperText Markup Language browser for the mobile web, on which people interact through games, music & other content with one another, not just by chatting.” – Parmy Olson, Kik Takes A Snapchat Stance: ‘We Are Choosing Not To Sell’, USA: Forbes Magazine ©May 30, 2014
  43. Malware: Knewton [2008] USA: HQ: 100 5th Avenue in Manhattan, New York City. Also an office in Tech City, London: “London Tech City also known as Silicon Roundabout is a technology cluster located in Central & East London. It broadly occupies the part of London’s East End between Old Street (the boundary of Central & East London) with its locus next to the Shoreditch area. It is the 3rd-largest technology startup cluster in the world after San Francisco & New York City.”: Confronted for data-mining & selling childrens’ information to 3rd party corporations. CEO Jose Ferreira “I’m not calling your child a bundle of data. I’m just helping her learn.”
  44. Malware: News Corp® FOX Broadcasting® Appitalism® or AMP Mobile Game Market [September 15, 2010], News Corp® Ontela® Photobucket [2003], Sainsbury’s® aNobii [2006] Direct Web Download: “Appitalism is part of Liberty Media: Visit our sister companies: DIRECTV, SiriusXM, QVC, Discovery, Atlanta Braves, Starz, Evite, Live Nation.” Max Read, Ladies: 8,000 Creeps on Reddit Are Sharing the Nude Photos You Posted to Photobucket, USA: Gawker Media. ©August 16, 2012, Condé Nast Publications® Reddit using Amazon® Cloud. Programs called fuskers download without consent. “The U.S filed an antitrust lawsuit Wednesday against Apple Inc. & 5 of the nation’s largest publishers, alleging they conspired to limit competition for the pricing of e-books. Apple & 2 publishers didn’t settle & are on track to face the government in court. Chief Executive John Sargent of Macmillan, a unit of Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrink GmbH, was 1 of 2 CEOs to reject the government’s offer. John Makinson, chief executive of Pearson PLC’s Penguin Group, denied wrongdoing. The 3 publishers that agreed to settle are Lagadère SCA’s Hachette Book Group [Dan Sung, Interview: Hachette UK® Neon Play’s Paper Glider – the 10 billionth App Store download Pocket-lint Ltd. PO Box 4770, Ascot, SL5 5DP © 24 January 2011], CBS Corp.’s Simon & Shuster Inc. & News Corp.’s HarperCollins Publishers LLC. (News Corp. also owns The Wall Street Journal). They agreed to terminate their agreements with Apple & refrain from limiting any retailer’s ability to set e-book prices for 2 years.” – Thomas Catan, Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg & Chad Bray, U.S Alleges E-Book Scheme, The Wall Street Journal, page A1 ©Dow Jones & Co. April 12, 2012. [Penguin, Macmillan & S&S don’t allow library ebooks] / UK/Hong Kong: Greg Sung: Social networking site aimed at readers acquired by a venture backed by HMV Group, News Corp.® Harper Collins, Pearson PLC® Penguin & Bertelsmann® Random House. On June 12, 2012 HMV announced it had sold its interest to UK supermarket company Sainsbury’s. – Sainsbury’s moves into e-book space with acquisition of majority stake in online books platform Anobii, UK: Sainsbury’s Press Release ©June 12, 2012. NBC Mad Money May 7, 2013: “You can’t tell Sainsburys what to do.” HAIN-Celestial Group CEO “We want a global baby food group.” Buzzfeed COO John Steinberg, Mad Money Friday Sept. 13, 2013: “We feed the content we want & starve the rest.”
  45. Malware: NVF: The New Venture Fund® The Sister Network, MDF: Media Democracy Fund & SAFSF: Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders [2007] USA: DC: 1201 Connecticut Ave. NW Ste. 300, +1-202-595-1061: 501 Non-Profit NTEE Code: C05: Web Bug/Beacon crashed my phone: Network Privacy Policy & Terms of Use, January 17th, 2017: “We send cookies to your computer or mobile device. Cookies are small data files stored on your hard drive or in device memory. [Lou Montulli® cookie, US Patent: 5774670 ©1998] We may also collect information using web beacons also known as ‘tracking pixels’, electronic images that may be used in our Site or emails & help deliver cookies, count visits, understand usage & campaign effectiveness. We may collect information about you from 3rd parties. To opt out of having your web browsing information used for interest-based advertising purposes, please visit www.aboutads.info/choices. [Perfect Privacy, LLC® Digital Advertising Alliance, 12808 Gran Bay Parkway West, USA: Jacksonville, FL 32258, +1.5707088780] Information will be viewable to any visitor, including the media, search engines, & other organizations that provide archival Internet activities. We also share your first & last name, email address & city with the person or entity that created the petition you have signed, even if you select the option not to display your information publicly. Name of Agent Designated to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement: Phil Aroneanu, 115 5th Ave, 6th Floor, NY, NY 10011”
  46. Malware: Renkmobil Bilisim Ltd. Sti.® Candy Browser for Android™: [2012] Istanbul: Pink Peppermint Candy Icon: Android 2.3.4>: Bagdat Cad. No 270 D6 Kadikoy Istanbul Turkey: Automatically collects Personal Data: Cookies, Telephone Number, Company Name, Address & Email. Happier with the swirly peppermint lollipop icon SweetApp Ltd.® Candy Browser of Sept. 26, 2016 for Android 2.3.4>: on Amazon. mohamadfelfl.
  47. Malware: Salman Amin Khan Online Academy USA: Mountain View, CA: Hedge fund analyst at Connective Capital Management: Data-Mines the academic progress of students 13> as they work online lessons, logging their location & monitoring their Web browsing habits, selling it to ad agencies. To seek personal detail building rich profiles of their interests & connections. “Data is the real asset,” founder Sal Khan. Time Magazine named Salman Khan: সালমান খান in 100 most influential people in the world April 18, 2012. On the cover of Forbes Magazine with the story $1 Trillion Opportunity by Michael Noer ©Nov 19, 2012
  48. Malware: SnapChat Inc.® SnapChat a.k.a. Picaboo [September 2011] & WhisperText LLC.® Whisper a.k.a TigerText [March 31, 2012] 100 million monthly: USA: Venice, CA. CEO: Stanford University Billionaire Evan Thomas Spiegel Jr, ΚΣ Kappa Sigma Fraternity brother Robert Murphy, LightSpeed® Venture Capital, Institutional Venture Partners: $4 billion: Android & Apple® iOS photo & video recording application. Icon is a ghost. The USA’s #1 sexting website encouraging teenage children to submit photo-video messaging, pornography of themselves & others with the lie it will be deleted from SnapChat’s servers after a specified time. This vomit-worthy information brought to my attention by The Good Men Project. 2013: Electronic Privacy Information Center suit against Picaboo with the USA Federal Trade Commission. April 7, 2013: Spiegel’s speaking engagement at the Stanford Women in Business Design Yourself Conference. Jennifer Van Grove, Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel: Saying no to $3B, & feeling lucky. The son of successful lawyers, Spiegel grew up in a world of wealth, power, & privilege. Now the 23-year-old entrepreneur will be remembered for saying no to Mark Zuckerberg, CNET © Nov. 26, 2013. FBI Warns Parents That Snapchat App Could Make Children Vulnerable, USA: Columbus, OH: WBNS TV © Aug. 23, 2013: August: Gibson Security notes retrieved video/photos obtained by bulk downloading embedded with telephone numbers. Oct 23, 2013: Frank Reginald Brown IV sues in California State Court for uncompensated application programming, concept design & logo art. Jordan Crook, The Snapchat Co-Founder Lawsuit Drama Drags On, AOL: TechCrunch © Nov. 6, 2013. Dec 31, 2013: New Year’s 2014 Data Breach: 4.6 million user names & telephone numbers according to AdWeek / USA: 3420 Ocean Park Blvd., Suite 360, Santa Monica, California: CEO: Michael Heyward, Co-Founder: Brad Brooks, CTO: Chad DePue, Investor: Jeremy Liew, Thrive Capital, Trinity Ventures, Sequoia Capital, LightSpeed® Venture Capital. GPS Tracker. The Good Men Project: “Pedophiles seek out female whisper users to establish a relationship. Recently, a Seattle, Washington man was arrested for raping a 12 year old girl that was lured to a hotel through the app.”
  49. Malware: Tagged Inc.® Tagged [October 2004] USA: San Francisco, California: Private Company founded by CEO Greg Tseng & Johann Scleier-Smith after their internet incubator firm Jumpstart Technologies fined $900,000 for violations of the CAN-SPAM Act, then the largest ever penalty for spam. Social Gaming headed by former Electronic Arts/Pogo VP Andrew Pedersen paying $1.4 million in legal settlements for sending deceptive bulk e-mail. Acquired Digsby Instant Messenger, Topicmarks Natural Language Processing, WeGame & Hi5 Social Network which merged into Tagged. Blocked in Qatar in 2009 & named Tagged: The World’s Most Annoying Website by Time Magazine columnist Sean Gregory on June 11, 2009 after a 32-year old high school math teacher was arrested for having sex with a 14-year old girl he met on Tagged with >100 female friends <17: Sara Suddes, High school math teacher arrested for sex crimes with 14-year old, The Gilroy Dispatch ©February 26, 2009. In 2010 New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo claimed child pornography available. Member of the Trade Industry Association SMAC: Social Media Advertising Consortium.
  50. Memory Leaks: Anasthase® Zirco Browser List of Zirco Derivatives Violating General Public License [July 2010] / (Carrefour® 1Mobile Market) AppsVille Inc.® Circles Web Browser 0.4.3: 2.47MB [July 1, 2011] / Bhasha Lanka Private Ltd® SETT Sinhala/Tamil Browser, SETT Hindi Browser, SETT Bengali Browser [December 23, 2011], Jeesmon Apps® Malayalam Browser [2011] Zirco: “I installed it to get away from ads, none are blocked. Very slow. Uninstalling. – Reviewer. Does not support SSL: Secure Socket Layers – Frosty. Windows, images & embedded objects overlay each other. Very poor browser, no text copying. No access to Android bookmarks. – Pino. Memory leaks.” / Ireland: Rainbow circle with tiny dots logo: www.appsville.co site gone. Zirco folder: Android 2.1>: Barry Schwartz, Google Wipes Out Any Site On CO.CC, Search Engine Round Table ©July 1, 2011: “We know Google reserves the right to ban all sites on a host if the host seems to have an unusual % of spammy sites on it. Well, Google banned a whole sub-domain yesterday specifically co.cc.” Contact: FavorVIP Me: Bringing Clubbing Online, Gerard McDonald, 18 Liffey Lawns, Clane, Clane, IE / Sri Lanka (Ceylon): Registration PV-82025. Founder & CEO Dhankika Kaushalaya Perera: S logo on white: Ads. No Adobe® Flash: Zirco folder: Android 2.1> Checkbox Sinhala/Tamil transliterated into Latin script. 2.2 needed for Indic script. SETT Web Browser: Exclusively for ALL etisalat users Tuesday November 1, 2011: We are pleased to announce that today we launched SETT 2.0 Sinhala/Tamil web browser in partnership with Etisalat, the telecom industry leader in Sri Lanka. Hindi: Android 2.2> crashed on my tablet, hope it works for everyone else: No need to install fonts manually. Hindi Unicode rendering natively in most devices. Half consonant support not included in this beta release & half consonants will be rendered with an equivalent of full consonant with a virama symbol. Uses Hindi Unicode web fonts. It does NOT use bitmap fonts unlike Opera Mini, so really cost effective & faster than any other browser for reading Hindi. SETT Bengali Ad-Free license in preferences. Bangla Unicode font buggy in Android 2.3 OS. Malayalam: India: Android 2.2> displays web pages written in the Malayalam script using Google® Unicode Web fonts. “(Nokora) uses the Google Web Font Nokora for reading Khmer Unicode websites. It requires Android 3.1 or Android 4.0 as Khmer text rendering may not be correct on Android 3.0 or earlier. The Harfbuzz text rendering system found in versions 3.1 or 4.0 render Khmer well, & there is no Khmer font installed in the system yet. This application is a temporary solution for Khmer people who are using new Android phones & want to read the news in the Khmer language.” Peacock Scripts: Unicode Nepali (Devanagari), Assamese/Ôxômiya (Assamese Script left to right), Bangla Font for Android without rooting, Kannada: Atom Eater, Gujarati, Oriya, Punjabi (Gurmukhi) & Telugu.
  51. Malware Blocker: ContentWatch Inc.® Net Nanny™ Browser 1.0: 40MB Installed [$12.99/yr] [May 31, 2011] USA: 6949 S High Tech Dr, Salt Lake City, Utah 84047, Téléphone: +1-801-508-3600: Android 2.2>, ARM v7 processor> :-( or Apple® iOS 5: We protect families™: Programmer Gordon Ross, CEO: Russ Warner. A safe browser solution for Android™ & iOS®. “One of the top-rated parental control software products; versatile & effective filtering, blocking, recording & reporting features, no screenshot playback; relatively easy to install/configure, usable on almost any device.” – List of Parental Control Software for Computers & Mobile Devices
  52. State Security Block: Amazing Byte® Omega Browser: 957KB [July 24, 2012] Russia: Light blue crater moon logo: Google® AdMob, Adobe® Flash: Android 2.1> back/forward buttons, tabs, copy/paste, fullscreen, saves .html page in Omega folder, import bookmarks from Android™ browser or a file, export bookmarks. View webpages as: Android™, Computer, Apple® iPhone. – AndroidPit. Not available in USA Google® Play™
  53. State Security Block: (Carrefour® 1 Mobile Market) Abhinav Singh® Proxy Browser For Android Beta 240KB [December 31, 2011] B/W globe logo: Google® AdMob: Android 2.0> back-forward, home, refresh, stop only. 1. Unblock addresses on Firewalls. 2. Unblock parental control. 3 proxies (2 IP address) for better performance.
  54. State Security Block: MOB Vietnam/YoLo Apps Srl.® (ApkPure) YoLo Web Browser 1.0: 40MB & YoLo Web Browser Mini: 6.8MB [Aug. 24, 2015 & Oct. 7, 2015] Hanoi: mTower Building, No. 4 Lane 151B, Yen Lang St., Dong Da District, Serbia: Beograd: Tosin Bunar 92 B 11080 & Milano: Via Bernadino Senale 13, Lombardia, IT 20123: Regular: Android™ 4.1>/Mini: Android™ 4.0.3> Needs to connect to the Internet to run. Both crash a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Direktor: Filip Milenković, Nikola Majstorović, Stefan Bogunović
  55. State Security Block: University of Cambridge® Orweb: Proxy + Privacy Browser [2011] England: Requires installation of Orbot TOR: The Onion Router that needs a rooted phone. Does not work in China: Android 2.0> Select text or zoom. Disables Adobe® Flash. “Able to circumvent web filters & firewalls.” Orweb Website
  56. Historical: Bitstream Wireless Inc. – A Monotype Imaging Company® (Lightning) Bolt Mobile Browser [RIP: Rest in Peace: Feb. 16, 2009–Dec. 12, 2011], AppsDev Fleet® Conquistador Lite 81KB [April 22, 2012–Sept. 11, 2012] Removed from Google® Play™ ikaren: DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! VIRUS MALWARE SPYWARE TROJAN, Appiphiliac® UltraLight Web Browser 424KB [RIP: 2010–2012] USA: Feather logo: Memory Leaks: Many webpages do not load. No downloads: Nathaniel Jacobs, 30 Puckey Dr. Cortlandt Manor, New York 10567, AppsVerse Inc.® Photon Flash Browser [2013–Aug. 28, 2016] All previous versions including 12MB original discontinued demanding a new 28MB version Aug 28, 2016 with 100+ ads in <1 minute. Awesome Dev® VideoBrowser 800KB [Aug.12, 2011–Aug. 12, 2012], BeSafeSoft® Peacock Browser for Android 1.0.0: 4.12MB [June 26, 2012–December 2012] USA: Texas: Arvind P, P.O. Box 662 Coppell 75019: Peacock logo: AdWhirl® ads, Dynotes Mobile® Infinity Web Browser 1.3.2 [RIP: Rest in Peace: Nov. 8, 2009–April 21, 2011], FullYear Co.® FY: Frank Yappipurofu Mobile Browser 1.0: 228KB [らかに眠れ: Yasurakani nemure: June 11, 2011] Green robot holding mobile telephone: vertical browser only:, Isabella Nadia® Efficient Browser 1.0 [RIP: Rest in Peace: –July 18, 2012], MobaApps® Global Agent Inc® Coco Browser [安らかに眠れ: Yasurakani nemure: 2009–2010], Mozzapp LLC.® NetDroid Browser 1.0.2 [RIP: Rest in Peace: Nov. 29, 2009–March 4, 2011], Sidebook 株式会社® (BossMobi) Sidebook 株式会社® Side Sheep Browser V2: 2.1.12: 630KB [2011–2017] Itabashi-Ku City, Tokyo-To Province, Japan: Yuma Wakimoto, Higashisakashita 1-7-11, 174-0042: White sheep inside blue circle logo: No Adobe® Flash: No text save: Android 2.1>: tabs, import/export bookmarks, copy/paste,.Téléphone: +81.312345678, X-Labs® XScope Browser 6.43: 1MB [RIP: Nov. 22, 2009–Nov. 2017] USA: FL: Guanghua “Gary” Sui, 3824 Greystone Legend Pl., Oviedo, FL 32765. Atomic Logo Flash Browser: Android 2.1–3.2: Bookmark import/export, Zequr Technologies A/S® Zequr Browser 1.0.3: 659 KB [April 25, 2012–Feb. 28, 2018] Denmark: Removed from Apple® App Store. Malware. Kirill, Jul 5, 2012: Needed to connect to their deleted website to run., SkyFire Labs® SkyFire Web Browser [RIP: Rest In Peace: Dec. 2008–Jan. 28, 2014], SkyFire Labs® Michael Kolb® KolbySoft® Steel Browser 0.1.7: 249KB [Discontinued: Dec. 5, 2008–2010] USA: Morgan Hill, CA. Skyfire founders: Nitin Bhandari & Erik Swenson. CEO Jeff Glueck moved to Foursquare:: Red s on blue square: Bought by Opera & discontinued. / Steel Browser: Android 1.5> Web-Kit: back/forward, bookmark, zoom.
  57. Leslie Horn, Adobe CEO: Apple Feud Over, Android Will Overtake iPad, USA: PC Magazine Online, June 3, 2011: Apple’s mighty iPad will eventually be unseated from its reign as the dominant tablet by devices running on Android, Adobe Systems CEO Shantanu Nayaren said Thursday in a conversation with Walt Mossberg at the D9 Conference in Palos Verdes, Ca. “What you saw with smartphones hitting an inflection point with Android, you’ll see it again with tablets,” he said. “There will be another 20 tablets that will come by the end of the year that will push the industry in different directions.” Nayaren also said that the feud between Adobe & Apple over running Flash on iOS devices is over. Flash famously doesn’t run on iOS & last year Apple CEO Steve Jobs called Nayaren’s company out, saying that Flash hasn’t performed well on mobile devices. Nayaren shot back, blaming Apple for Flash’s difficulties. On Thursday, Nayaren contended that the public skirmish has been squashed, & it wasn’t essentially about the software. “It’s a business model issue, & it’s about control of a platform,” he said. “It’s control over the App Store that’s at issue here.” Commentor on Article: I have used Adobe® Illustrator & other products for >17 years. Given the recent quality plunge in his products, I understand his wishing to throw mud elsewhere. Adobe is letting the once gonner Quark regain market share. We are not from a company whose leadership is in the same class as Apple’s.
  58. Manufacturer: BlackBerry Ltd.® Scorel∞p AG (Scorel∞p SDK: Standard Development Kit) [RIF: Ruhe in Frieden: Dec 2008–July 8, 2014] BlackBerry Ltd.® BlackBerry World [April 1, 2009] [Munich, Germany: Landsberger Straße 110, 80339, CEO: Marc Gumpinger: Cross-platform social gaming network for: Google® Android™ (Dec 11, 2009–Dec 1, 2014), Samsung® Bada: 바다: Sea (October 11, 2010–February 2013), Apple® iOS (April 16, 2009– Dec 1, 2014), BlackBerry 10 (April 15, 2011–Dec 1, 2014) & MicroSoft® Windows Phone (October 2010–Dec 1, 2014). The game code will receive an error similar to a no-network situation. ...Ultimately, the game developers should remove game code using Scoreloop services, to ensure a continued & smooth user experience. Games: Night Time Creations® Falling Marbles, iELF® Fireball, BitWhiz® Grenadier, MassHabit Games® Pond Defense, Jewels, Mouse Trap! Research In Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM 1998–2013), $18.435 billion, renamed itself BlackBerry Ltd. (NASDAQ: BBRY) January 30, 2013. English, French, Dutch-German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. All previous BlackBerry operating systems discontinued in favor of QNX4 renamed BlackBerry10 OS. “En décembre 2010, Mike Lazaridis annonce l’abandon futur de BlackBerry OS pour QNX4, suite au rachat de QNX Software Systems à Harman International.” Wikipédia: Anthony Nelzin, RIM: QNX remplacera BlackBerry OS, France: iGEN ©8 décembre 2010 BlackBerry Internet Service is in 91 countries with 80 million users. 1st BlackBerry device, the 850, was introduced in 1999 as a 2-way pager in Munich, Germany.]
  59. Manufacturers: Creative Labs® ZiiStore [安息: 2010–2012] Singapore: “Hey Creative don’t forget to nickel & dime a loyal customer)...1 Android R2D2 & C3PO would have left on the Death Star. – eco1951”, 3M® txtr GmBH® txtr Reader & Store [RIF: Ruhe in Frieden: Nov. 22, 2010–Jan 28, 2015] [Berlin & USA: “3M Cloud Library App & e-reader solution for libraries to loan out to their patrons ...helped 3M giving Overdrive & Baker & Taylor a run for their money. ” Michael Kozlowski, Txtr goes Bankrupt, Good eReader ©Jan. 28, 2015], DMC Worldwide Advertising® Copia Bookstore [RIP: Rest in Peace: Aug. 3, 2010–Nov. 22, 2010] Hong Kong: Harlequin titles. Copia® Ocean & Tidal Series eReaders announced at CES: Consumer Electronics Show 2010, not available Aug 3 & discontinued. iOS software buggy. No Android (Vaporware). Lauren Goode, So Long, Copia E-Reader, We Hardly Knew Ye, USA: The Wall Street Journal © Dow Jones & Co. January 4, 2011, enTourage® EDGe Content Store [RIP: Rest in Peace: Feb. 2010–May 27, 2011] The EDGe store has officially closed, with customers having until May 27 to download any purchased content. It all points to RIP for the Edge family. In its goodbye message Entourage steers users toward the Amazon app store, where it notes you will now have access to a lot of Android Apps that Google would never give us access to. – Engadget, FASMICRO: First Atlantic Semiconductors & Microelectronics Nigeria Ltd.® Fasmicro Android App Store [June 2011–June 2012] Nigeria: No. 124A Okigwe Rd, Owerri. “We’re Africa’s only IC: Integrated Circuit Design Firm.”, General Mobile® StoreOid [Huzur içinde yat: July 16, 2010–Jan. 12, 2012], OSATEK® Android Pazari [Huzur içinde yat: 2010–2012] Istanbul: Handset vendor . / Kullenbergstraße 37, Stuttgart, Germany 70195, Oracle® CISCO Systems® AppHQ® [RIP: Rest in Peace: July 11, 2011–July 2, 2012] Oracle® SUN: Stanford University Network Microsystems® Java™ [January 21, 1996] USA: $268 Billion: Responsible for The Great Firewall of China: Discontinued CISCO® Cius android tablet. CISCO® Connect Express for Google® Android™ – WIP Java 2, released December 8, 1998 as J2SE 1.2, flavors are: Java EE: Enterprise Edition (Internet), Java ME: Mobile Edition (3 billion mobile telephones), & Java SE: Standard Edition according to Wikipedia. Oracle® CISCO® EOS: Entertainment Operating System™ Social Publishing platform ran from Jan 7, 2009– May 21, 2011, Plastic Logic® Skiff Store (Digital Rights Management: Adobe® truVue PDF: Portable Document Format) [RIP: Rest in Peace: Jan. 2010–June 2010] UK: Silicon Fen, Cambridge: Chairman: Hermann Maria Hauser, founder of Acorn Computers (bought by Olivetti), The Active Book Company (bought by AT&T), Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd. (Solexa Ltd.® Illumina Personal Genome Sequencing service) & Cambridge Network Ltd. (semiconductors): Skiff was acquired by News Corp. in June 2010. Soon after it was announced the reader device would not be brought to market., Shaghal, Ltd.© eMatic App Shop [RIP: Rest in Peace: July 21, 2012–July 11, 2013] USA: Google® Play™’s list of supported devices does not list eMatic: 2231 Colby Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064: This Business is not BBB: Better Business Bureau Accredited: FixYa: gy61 “The eMatic App store is DEFUNCT & these tablets are being liquidated because without an app store, – they’re JUNK! Imagine buying a computer that you can’t get software for!”. Ematic eGlide Android 4.0 Tablet Pro Series egp007pr: touch screen problems, USB port does not charge the device, gets hot when charging, comes with flimsy charger that doesn’t fit firmly into the device., Velocity Micro® Cruz MarketPlace [2009– March 26, 2017] USA: Velocity Micro, 7510 Whitepine Rd, Richmond, Virginia 23237. 800-296-4312
  60. Stores: Adaptive Programmer’s Planet Inc.© ApplaNet Market [November 2010–August 22, 2012] [USA: FBI-Department of Justice Shutdown along with Appbucket.net, & Snappzmarket.com: Chloe Albanesius, Feds Seize Websites Over Pirated Android Apps, PC Magazine Online ©Aug. 22, 2012: 99 Whitman St, Stowe, MA 01775–1370. Admin: Rjae Easton: Pronounced ap planet on 1 YouTube video. >9,000 Android apps. Do not use the app Applanet!!?! Droid Forums: Hollywood Agent X: They have a data base of a bunch of old apps, both viruses & ones that Google has removed from the market for various reasons & slows down your phone. DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. It contains a plethora of malware ridden & banned apps. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!, ESSEC Ventures® Appoke MarketPlace [Repose en paix: April 1, 2010–April 1, 2013], Pixello Studio® YAAM: Yet Another Android Market [Repose en paix: April 14, 2011–March 27, 2013] France: Avenue Bernard Hirsch, BP 55105, Cergy Pontoise Cedex +33 1 344 3285 / Simon Cleriot, 12 route de l’abeilley, 33650, Martillac, FR +33.698973026, Hart Enterprises® Android Downloadz [RIP: June 25, 2010–March 1, 2018] USA: Oregon State: Patrick Hart, 19790 SW Yocom Lane, Beaverton, OR 97007, +1-503-998-5489, MKS Ventures LLC® Apptown [RIP: Rest in Peace: 2010–Dec. 13, 2013], House of S. Markets® BlackMarket [2009], Blapk.Market [–February 2010] Tadeas Kriz, Travniky 156, Koloyli 69110 CZ: Jesusxxx – Blapkmarket: Gone, For Now, But Not Forgotten by Anthony Perez, Android Forums by Phandroid ©February 24th, 2010, Mobspot Inc.® Mobspot® [RIP: Rest in Peace: 2010–Aug 2, 2012] USA: 440 Deer Rn Ct, Limerick, Pennsylvania 19468: Developer: Sean Kendorski. #: 774-APPTOWN Thank you for your support. / Justin Heikkinen, 219 Encina Ave, Redwood City CA, 90061, MobiHand Inc® Only Android Store [RIP: Rest in Peace: 2009–2012] & MobiHand Inc.® MFE Interactive® AndGeeks Store (formerly Michael Martin® GoogleAndBlog) [RIP: Rest in Peace: Jan. 2011–Sept. 6, 2012] Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Developer accounts purged, no balance, no earnings reports. “...They have been using my & probably other devs’ money for many months & now simply deleted all the reports!” / Problems picking phone: They also ran the Symbian-Guru Appverse with the symbol of a Buddha until its shutdown in July 2010. –Kevin Michaluk, Guide to Mobile Application Stores, End of an Era: Mobihand closing down its app stores, ©Sept 6, 2012 09:05 PM, Pantich® Android Freeware [Покойся с миром: Feb 2010–Feb. 2018] [Moscow, Russia], Pedersen Elektronikk® Adroia [Hvil i fred: September 29, 2010–May 31, 2012] Norway: Stamnes NO 5727, pdassi für Android™ App Shop [RIF: Ruhe in Frieden: August 2009–Juli 2016] DE: Tarpenbekstraße 98, 20251, Hamburg, Tel. +49 (0)40 / 69 639 110., Victor Belov® ÞYCMaþKeT: RusMarket [Покойся с миром: 2010–2012] Russia: Kaluzhskaya Oblast: Suvorova, 120-26, Kaluga, 248001, Zeng Faner® ApkShare [安息: RIP: Rest in Peace: 2010–2014] China: Guangdong Province: Liqinyhx Hongxia: 1068 Xueyuan Avenue, Shenzhen University Town, Shenzhen, P.R.C L3 6LH
    E Books An electronic book (also e-book, ebook, electronic book, digital book) is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images or both, readable on computers or other electronic devices. The Oxford Dictionary of English defines the e-book as an electronic version of a printed book. E-books are usually read on dedicated hardware devices known as e-Readers or e-book devices. Personal computers & some cell phones can be used to read e-books. — Wikipedia. Note: “Some devices & ebooks stores will have geographical limitations or will not be available in all areas. Please read each site’s terms & conditions before making your purchase. ” – When I Have Time by Sara Rosso, How to Read an eBook: Formats, Devices, Dedicated Readers & iPhone Applications ©March 10, 2009
    1. Mobile Read® The Big List of Android™ eBook Reader Apps [2010]: [Deutsch oder Englisch: Privately owned, operated & funded community. Dan de V. “On the face of it there seems to be a lot of choice around for epub reader software for Android until you realise most / all of the above are unable to read Adobe® DRM: Digital Rights Management epub which is nominally still the standard. So I suggest an update on the above list to clearly state which software can read what type of DRM: Digital Rights Management epub (if any).”]
    2. IDPF: International Digital Publishing Forum® OE: Open Electronic PUBlication .oepub (NO Digital Rights Management) [2007] [Seattle, WA: It supercedes the open ebook standard: Open Electronic PUBlication combines 3 IDPF standards: 1) OCF: Open Container Format: all files needed for a book together as a compressed ZIP(py) file, 2) OPF: Open Publication Format: describes structure of book in XML: eXtended Markup Language & 3) OPS: Open Packaging Structure, describes content markup (either XHTML: eXtended HyperText Markup Language or DAISY: Digital Accessible Information SYstem® DT: Digital Talking Book). It supports color images PNG: Portable Network Graphics, JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group files. It does not support video or sound. “The electronicPUBlication utilizes 1 of 3 Digital Rights Management encryption technologies tied to different stores: Barnes & Noble’s Nook™, Apple’s iBook, & Adobe® ADEPT which is licensed to all comers (Sony, Fictionwise, Kobo, etc). Books from a given store will only be usable with devices tied to that store or with applications linked to the bookstore. Hence the Kobo app on your tablet. Also keep in mind that there are many commercial sources that *don’t* use DRM: Digital Rights Management.”]
    3. Historical: Carl Bertelsmann Verlag AG® RCA: Radio Corporation of America-NuvoMedia® Rocket® Book .rb [RIH: Ruhe in Frieden: 1998–January 20, 2003] / BMG China–Sohu 搜狐® 土豆網: Tudou: Potato Video [April 2005] / BMG China–Sohu 搜狐® 優酷: Youku: Excellent Video [December 2006] / BMG China–Sohu Inc. 搜狐® ChangYou Games [December 2007] / BMG: China–Sohu Inc.搜狐® Sogou Inc.搜狗® Sogou World Wide Web Browser [2011] / BMG China–Sohu Inc. 搜狐® Sohu: Search Fox Market [2012] / BMG: China® IT Home® Mofang: 魔方优化大师 [Germany-USA eReader with 600 OEB: Open Electronic Books at BOL.de. Est: 1835. Owner: Mohn Family. Bought out by GEMSTAR-TV Guide International & discontinued: What about my Rocket Reader? I upgraded to more memory, too. Once Gemstar bought them, they discontinued the whole web interface for downloading your books, so you were stuck with what you had. – Engadget: Worst Gadget Flops of All Time “Consumer demand for books to be read on screens remains largely theoretical. A trio of software companies Microsoft, Adobe Systems & Gemstar-TV Guide International – have been racing ahead to push formats for publishing electronic books, designed to make them more difficult to copy & easier to read. But their competing formats are incompatible. Now, the competition to set a standard for electronic publishing is about to become even more confusing. Reciprocal, a small company that provides Random House, Time Warner, & other publishers with digital distribution services for all 3 formats, is introducing a 4th of its own, the 1st for both personal computers & the popular Palm series of digital organizers. Among other things, that means that when the software becomes available early next year, millions of consumers will be equipped for the 1st time with the necessary equipment to buy & read electronic books for a pocket-size device, & publishers will see how many people really want to do so.” – Another Contestant Wades into E-Book Format Wars, David D. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times, November 6, 2000. 2009 PriceWaterHouse Cooper survey recorded 35% of Germans never hearing of an eReader: Nein, habe ich noch nie gehört. 43% heard of it & didn’t know what it was: Ja, habe ich shon gehört und weiß ungefähr was das ist. 18% knew the meaning of the word. Ja, Ich kenne den Begriff & weiß was er bedeutet. & 2% owned one Ja, Ich besitze einen E-Reader. – Christina Müller, Stefan Spiegel, Franka Ulrich, E-Books in Deutschland: Der Beginn einer neuen Gutenberg-Ära? Straße 19, Düsseldorf 40227 DE ©2010 / Direct Web Download: ITC: Internet Technologies China: NASDAQ: CYOU, YOKU & SOHU. HQ: Sohu Internet Plaza, Haidian District, Beijing (Peking), China: Dragon Boat Festival Themes! Founder: Charles Zhang. Youku: Victor Koo. CFO: Carol Chang. Chinese subtitled Western films. Tudou: Licensing issues block some videos to international IP addresses. Changyu CEO Tao Wang. Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games: Long Ba Bu, Blade Online. “On April 6, 2007, Sohu made a request that Google stop providing its Google Pinyin Input Method Editor software for download because portions of Sohu’s IME software, Sogou Pinyin, were allegedly copied in order to construct it. The detection of the alleged copyright infringement was found due to a suspicious error found in both IMEs, notably the translation of the pinyin ‘pinggong’ which erroneously produces the actor & comedian Feng Gong. On April 9, 2007, Google’s spokesman [Ms.] Cui Jin has admitted that the pinyin Google IME ‘was built leveraging some non-Google database resources.’” Sumner Lemon, Google Admits Using Outside Source for Chinese App, IDG News Service: PCWorld ©April 19, 2007. Search Fox Market for Google® Android™, Apple® iPhone, PSION® Symbian
      Links: 114啦, 酷安网 [coolapk.com], XuRong Zhou® Jz5u: 绿色下载站, Kugou: Empress Consort: 酷狗音乐: Cool Dog Music, Nihao.Net Ltd® Meishi China 美食天下: Food World, Xin Net Tech Co.® MomoLili: 天津论坛, Xin Net Tech Co.® Muzhiwan: 拇指玩, Xin Net Tech Co.® PPTV网络电视, Aixiu® 软吧手机软件 [ruan8.com].]
    4. Adobe Systems Inc.® PS: PostScript PDL: Page Description Language .ps [Dec. 1982–1999: PostScript does not support Unicode], Adobe Systems Inc.® Type 1 Fonts a.k.a Adobe® PostScript Fonts (2 parts: a screen font & printer font. Level 2, 1991: Asian Fonts called Multibyte or CID: Character IDentifier-keyed Fonts) [1984], Adobe Systems Inc.® MacroMind Director .dir (Shockwave Web Plug-In 1995) [Rest in Peace: 1987–March 31, 2017], Adobe® Illustrator™ 1.0 (EPS: Encapsulated PostScript .eps) [Jan. 1987], Adobe® Photoshop® 1.07 (PhotoShop Document .psd) [1991], Adobe® Premiere ® 1.0 (FilmStrip .flm) [Dec. 1991], Adobe Systems Inc.® PDF: Portable Document Format .pdf (Digital Rights Management: Adobe® Content Server) [June 15, 1993], Adobe Systems Inc.® FutureWave Software® Animator (FutureWave Software® Flash Plug-In) [May 1996], Adobe® InDesign 1.0 [August 31, 1999], Adobe Systems Inc.® ePublication .epub (Digital Rights Management: ADEPT: Adobe Digital Experience Protection Technology) [June 19, 2007], Adobe® InMarket [RIP: Rest in Peace: January 7, 2010–July 25, 2011] [USA: CA: San José: 151 S. Almaden Blvd. previously 1585 Charleston Rd., Mountain View. NASDAQ: ADBE. 1-800-833-6687. Adobe Creek in Los Altos, California runs behind John Edward Warnock (1940–)’s 1982 house. Corporate logo designed by Marva Warnock, John Warnock’s wife. Charles Geshecke (1939–). In 1992, Adobe acquired OCR Systems, Inc. In 1994, Adobe acquired Aldus: Aldus® PageMaker ©1985, Aldus® TIFF: Tag Image File Format, Altsys® FreeHand ©1988, Aldus® PhotoStyler ©1991, CoSA: Company of Science & Art® After Effects ©Jan. 1993, LaserTools Corp & Compution Inc. In 1996 acquired Ares Software Corp. In 2002 acquired Canadian Accelio® JetForm. Digital Editions requires online registration for Adobe ID #. Adobe Content Server does not support MicroSoft® Windows Mobile, PSION® Symbian or Palm® Palm Operating Systems: PDF Version 1.7: ISO 32000-1:2008. Creator: John Warnock. PDF derives from PostScript, without language features like loops, & with added support for features like compression & passwords. PDF files are made with Adobe® Acrobat software & read with Adobe® Reader software. DRM: Digital Rights Management in Portable Document Format Viewer: “Adobe Systems announced that as of March 30, 2009 the Adobe Content Server would no longer activate new installations of Adobe® Reader or Acrobat & the ability to migrate content from Adobe Content Server 3 to Adobe Content Server 4 would cease mid-December 2009. Anyone who failed to migrate their DRMed PDF files during this 9 month window lost access to their content the next time they had to re-install their copy of Adobe® Reader or Acrobat.” Currently, all PDF capable printers support PostScript. Most PostScript printers do not support direct PDF printing. Press-ready PDF is PDF/X-1 (all fonts need to be embedded & all images to CMYK: Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-BlacK or spot colors). RIP: Raster Image Processors are used to convert PDF files into a raster format suitable for imaging onto paper & other media in printers, digital production presses & prepress in a process known as rasterisation. – Wikipedia. / Director: The new name for VideoWorks II. Acquired by Adobe in 2005. Makes stand-alone Windows & Mac programs. The Shockwave player was developed for the Netscape Nevigator 2.0 browser by Macromedia Director team members Harry Chesley, John Newlin, Sarah Allen, & Ken Day along with the standalone Afterburner utility to compress Director files for Shockwave playback. The 1st large-scale multimedia site to use Shockwave was INTEL: INTegratedELectronics’ 25th Anniversary of the Microprocessor. Futurewave Software® Animator, the software used to make Flash files, renamed Adobe Animate in 2016 with a focus on HTML5. “Flash Player cannot display Shockwave content, & Shockwave Player cannot display Flash content.” / Illustrator: PostScript™ vector drawing program. Open 2 windows on desktop, 1 to show the work in progress, & another to show a preview. Convert fonts to paths is the 1st thing I learned in this program, Thank You! Quark launches QuarkXPress 1.0 this year. QuarkXPress® Arabic XT, Arabic Phonyx, Hebrew XPressWay. Quark Express® .DCS: Desktop Color Separations format has 5 files; a main file with only a preview image & the extension .eps that points to 4 high resolution files with extensions that mark the color data they contain: CMYK: Cyan Magenta Yellow or blacK. “Because the main file has lines in it that refer to the other files, you cannot simply rename DCS-files in the Macintosh Finder or Windows Explorer. If you want to change the name of a DCS-file, it is best to open it in Photoshop & use a Save As to save the file using a different name. JPEG compression has often posed problems with OPI-systems & older RIPs sometimes also choke on the decompression.” / Photoshop: Digital photo editor adds support for CMYK: Cyan Magenta Yellow BlacK 4-color printing. 1st commercial digital camera the 1990 Dycam Model 1/Logitech® Fotoman using Fairchild Semiconductor® CCD: Charged Coupling Device image sensor. For version 3> flatten layers for printing. / Premiere: Non-Linear Digital Video Editing: Apple® QuickTime VideoSpigot format 160 × 120 pixel movie with 8-bit audio. FilmStrip format consists of a sequence of equal sized 32-bit true-color uncompressed images with a 16 pixel high grey bar containing SMPTE: Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers format timecode & frame number introduced in Adobe® Premiere 2.0. Adobe® Photoshop to Version 11 a.k.a CS4 can open each frame using a plug-in. Used for rotoscoping: painting on video frame-by-frame. If you change resolution, delete alpha channels or alter the color mode or you won’t be able to save it back to FilmStrip Format. Richard Harrington, Understanding Adobe Photoshop: Digital Imaging Concepts & Techniques, USA: CA: PeachPit Press © March 10, 2006. CS6: Choose File >Export > Render Video. Adobe Media Encoder options: DPX: Digital Picture Exchange format, H.264/MPEG-4: Motion Picture Experts Group 4th Dimension or Apple®QuickTime™ MOVie which is required for export of alpha channels & uncompressed video. / Desktop Publishing program that replaced Aldus® PageMaker 1985–2002. InDesign Interchange format .inx does not support versions earlier than InDesign CS: Creative Suite Edition (3.0) of 2003, the 1st version for MicroSoft® Windows. Middle Eastern version supports right to left typesetting. Languages: CJK: Chinese-Japanese-Korean, Danish-Norwegian-Swedish, Dutch-German, Finnish, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech-Polish-Ukrainian-Russian / “Adobe Digital Editions uses .epub format for its e-books, with DRM: Digital Rights Management protection provided through their proprietary ADEPT: Adobe Digital Experience Protection Technology mechanism. The recently developed INEPT framework & scripts have been reverse-engineered to circumvent this DRM: Digital Rights Management system.” Nate Hoffelder, Adobe is Spying on Users, Collecting Data on Their Libraries ©October 6, 2014: “Adobe is gathering data on the ebooks that have been opened, which pages were read, & in what order. All of this data, including the title, publisher, & other metadata for the book is being sent to Adobe’s server in clear text. ..Adobe isn’t just tracking what users are doing in DE4; this app was also scanning my computer, gathering the metadata from all of the ebooks sitting on my hard disk, & uploading that data to Adobe’s servers. ...Wireshark. This nifty little app can be used to log all of the information that is sent or received by your computer over a network. [Benjamin Daniel] Muussler & I both saw that data was being sent to, 1 of Adobe’s IP addresses. [Gerald Combs’] Wireshark logged all of the data sent to Adobe, & on request spat out the text files.” / Is InMarket just going to die on the vine, or is there any kind of deal with a major retailer like Amazon forthcoming? The Adobe® AIR: Adobe Integrated Runtime Marketplace & INTEL: INTegratedELectronics® AppUp™ stores do not have a practical level of traffic. Nobody besides developers even know these places exist. For the last 10 years, the primary mechanism for accessing content & applications has been through the browser. With computing shifting to devices such as phones & tablets we are seeing consumers using standalone applications optimized for the device. Most devices have app stores that keep malicious applications out. The # of app stores is growing & it is hard to keep up. You need to pay to join the individual developer programs for each of these stores making it expensive to reach multiple stores. Each store implements licensing & payments differently often requiring developers create a unique binary for each store. Once an application has been published, managing the application & tracking its success on multiple stores is time consuming. Adobe has launched Adobe® InMarket to provide an easy solution. InMarket provides a centralized portal where you can publish & manage your applications in multiple app stores across a range of devices. Once the application is published, users discover & pay for the application directly within the store where they find it. Developers receive 70% of the sales revenue. Adobe & its partners take care of credit card processing, hosting, & marketing. ...1st partner store supported by Adobe® InMarket. AppUp™ is INTEL: INTegratedELectronics’s application store retailer & OEMs: Original Equipment Manufacturers are using to build their own stores on netbooks & notebooks. AppUp™ is INTEL: INTegratedELectronics’s app store for Atom™ based netbooks running Windows [eXPerience, 7 & 8, product keys removed at closure.] [peg]ASUS® App Store [Huáshuò: Eminence of the Chinese People]: Using INTEL: INTegratedELectronics’s AppUp™ for Windows netbooks. This preinstalled AppUp™ store coupled with consumer advertising campaigns, powered by INTEL: INTegratedELectronics, will greatly expand the visibility of apps & usage by consumers.]
    5. Rakuten Inc.® 楽天市場 Rakuten Ichiba [February 1997], Rakuten® Overdrive Media Software, Rakuten® Ozon Bookstore (Galaxy eReader: Bell Labs® Dèjâ vu®: DJV, MicroSoft® RTF: Rich Text Format & DOCument Files, Dmitry Gribov® FictionBook® FB2, Adobe® PDF: Portable Document Format & ePub: electronicPublication) [1998], Rakuten Inc.® Kobo® Bookstore (Kobo eReader: Digital Rights Management: Adobe® ADEPT: Adobe Digital Experience Protection Technology ePUB: electronicPUBlication) [February 27, 2009], Rakuten Inc.® Viber Media® Viber [December 2, 2010], Rakuten Ibc.® Viki Inc. [2010], Rakuten Inc.® Wuaki.tv. [2010] [Tokyo: Online Shopping Site with International Shipping by MDM Inc., now called Rakuten: Optimism. Masaya Mori: 森正弥 is Director of RIT: Rakuten Institute of Technology. Yukihiro Matsumoto, chief designer of the Ruby programming language, a Fellow. Rakuten Café in Shibuya, Tokyo by Kashiwa Sato. Acquired: Buy.com: Rakuten.com Shopping USA, Priceminister, Ikeda: Rakuten Brasil, Tradori: Rakuten Deutschland. Owned by Billionaire Hiroshi Mikitani, Japan’s 3rd Richest Man with a net worth of $9.4 billion according to Bloomberg who put him on their Bloomberg Billionaire Index. Hiroshi Mikitani led a group that acquired a minority stake in Pinterest for $100 million. / USA: “Overdrive & now get all kinds of ebooks via my library – awesome!” —Google® Android™ App Reviewer for Velocity Micro Cruz Store who also enjoyed Peter Dornbacher® Zebra Paint, intellijoy® Kids Connect the Dots, Prestige Worldwide Games® Barnyard Buddies, Toho® ゴジラ: Godzilla Monsters Lite. / Russia: Called Russia’s Amazon: 14 shipping methods & 18 forms of payment. / Canada: Kobo™ is an anagram of Book. Bought by Rakuten November 8, 2011 for $315 million after Borders bankruptcy & expanded to Japan, Australia, Austria-Germany-Italy, BenLux-France, Brazil, Philippines, Portugal-Spain, South Africa, Turkey, UK-Ireland under Chairman Takahito Aiki. Kobo books are NOT refundable. Opening the Borders Reader (July 7, 2010: Android 1.6>) which ran Kobo will prompt you to install the latest version of Kobo. Nate Hoffelder, The Digital Reader: Latest Cruz Reader firmware update drops Borders, adds Kobo app ®July 1, 2011, Chris Walters, Borders Gets Into Business, Relaunches Shortcovers As Kobo Books, The Consumerist, Consumer Media LLC © Dec 16, 2009. Kobo Inc, formerly Indigo Books & Music® Shortcovers, the largest book retailer in Canada....Mike Serbinis, senior manager at Shortcovers, “This is a great opportunity for books & digital media, ...While Amazon & Sony have taken quite a closed approach, we’ve gone for the open approach – you can read our books on almost any device, or buy books from other stores & just synchronise them through your Shortcovers library. ” – Claudine Beaumont, E-books: Is the writing on the wall for books? E-books will soon be a billion-dollar business: has this new industry finally reached a tipping point? UK: Telegraph Media Group ©30 Apr 2009 / Las Vegas & Cyprus-registered with development in Belarus & Israel: Founded by Israelis Talmon Marco, Igor Magazinnik, Sani Maroli & Ofer Smocha: 858 million subscribers: Instant Messaging, Internet voice calling: called Viber Out, Video Chat with Viber users using 3G or Wi-Fi. Profile photo set to Nobody in privacy settings will prevent it being seen in the unencrypted Viber Telephone Directory. Share ‘Using App’ status unchecked will not broadcast when you read messages & gaming scores. In 2014 Rakuten purchased for $900 million. / Singapore: Rakuten acquired digital content platform Viki Inc. in 2013 / Spain: Rakuten acquired video-on-demand Wuaki.tv in 2012.]
    6. Mantano SAS.® Bookari Reader .epub (Digital Rights Management: Adobe® RMSDK: Reader Mobile Standard Development Kit) [2007] [France: Paris: 2 rue du Helder, 75009; Android™ Note-taking, text-to-speech, fonts. “Bookari was once Mantano Reader. The name changed. You can also buy books directly from the service. It supports a variety of formats, including EPUB2, PDF, & others. The free version contains advertising while the $5.49 pro version does not.” Joe Hindy, 15 best reader apps for Android, Android Authority: Domains By Proxy, LLC. ©2018. Android Authority’s data collecting cookies crashing my phone now.]
    7. Hanwang Technology Co. Ltd® Hanvon® WISEreader Store® Hanwang TeXT .htxt .mtxt (Digital Rights Management: Adobe® Digital Editions) [2009] 60% Chinese e-Reader Market [HQ: Hanwang Tower at Z Park. CEO: Liu Lingjian. HTXT encrypted files linked to an individual reader unique to Hanvon devices. An earlier version was called MTXT. In addition to reading English books, pre-loaded Chinese books can be all you need for Chinese reading no matter if you are a Chinese or a westerner learning Chinese. You can also go to company site & download 1000s of Chinese & English books. Media Format Supported: EPUB; ElectronicPUBlication, Adobe® PDF: Portable Document Format, MicroSoft® DOCument, TXT: TeXT, HTML: HyperText Markup Language, Image: JPG: Joint Photographics experts Group, Aldus® TIF: Tag Image File, BMP: BitMaP, PNG: Portable Network Graphics, GIF: Graphic Interchange File, MP3: Fraunhofer® Moving Pictures Experts Group 1 Audio Level 3]
    8. Debenu Pty Ltd.® Planet PDF (Digital Rights Management: Adobe® LockLizard Safeguard Portable Document Format Security) [2011] [Classic literature to download & share.]
    9. Nuazure® Pubu Bookstore [2011] [Login: Taiwanese store with >5000 titles. iPubu for Android read’s EPUB: ElectronicPUBlication & Adobe® PDF: Portable Document Format. Cheng-Yen Chuang No. 12-47, Nantai Rd. Sinsing District, Kaohsiung, Republic of China, TW]
    10. Time-Warner® Amazon AppStore for Android v.1.38: 6MB [March 22, 2011], Amazon Kindle (Digital Rights Management: Kindle® AZW [.azw], Topaz [.tpz] & Kindle Format 8 [.kf8]) [2009] , Time-Warner® Amazon® Mobipocket SA.® MobiPocket .mobi/.prc (Digital Rights Management: Secure MobiPocket® PID: Personal IDentification Number) [RIP: Rest in Peace: March 2000–January 2, 2012], Time-Warner® CIG: Cambridge Information Group® Amazon LibraryThing (Contextual Query Language: Z 39.50 Internet Protocol) [August 29, 2005], Amazon Warehouse Deals [2009], Time-Warner® Amazon® Lexcycle® Stanza [RIP: Rest in Peace: 2008–August 2010], & Amazon® Justin.TV® Twitch [RIP: Rest in Peace: March 19, 2007–July 15 2014] [60% USA share of electronic book market. Owns Abebooks. USA Multi-National: NASDAQ: AMZN. AppStore expanded in 2014 to 236 countries. :-) Registration requires credit card: All Sales Final: You can try many apps: application software for free on your computer. Just look for the Test drive now button to try out an app. The test drive feature requires Adobe® Flash. Website will save applications that must be installed later by the telephone/tablet using the Appstore app with Wi-Fi or 3G. AppStore app must be installed (AND connected to the Internet for Mancala) for many applications to run. Angry Birds RIO is modified for this so people suggest Angry Birds RIO from Google® Android MarketPlace which is not modified & is smaller. The Amazon® AZW format is based on the Mobipocket® .mobi standard, with a different serial number scheme (it uses an * instead of a $). Ebooks are delivered over the Amazon wireless Whispernet. Kindle for Android 1.6> [6/28/2010] lets you read all of your Kindle ebooks. If you have a Kindle, you can read your ebooks on both the Kindle & Android device. The Kindle has built-in spying & deletion capabilities. Kindle Fire: MicroUSB charging connector 4 terminals: +5 VDC, +12VDC, Serial Digital & Ground. Larry E. “This time I took the USB connector out of the frame & looked at it under a microscope. The interface connector pins were fine. The pins [metal prongs] that make connection [to] the board above were really oxidized, especially the negative pin. ...I then wired brushed the pins, & bent them foward. This connector would have been ok to use if it were soldered to the board.” mikebrungs: new microUSB, rockhoptec.com, mouser.com or digikey.com. Wang Han-hua, remains as Amazon’s country manager. In China, Amazon has 10 operations centers across the nation, & boasts 400,000 square meters of logistics-oriented floor-space. Not quite as big as the 1.47 million square meters throughout the US, though. But Amazon reports that only 57% of its revenue comes from its American operations.” Steven Millward, Amazon Goes It Alone in China, With a New Name & URL, Tech in Asia Pte Ltd.: 157B Rochor Rd., Singapore SG 188432 ©October 27, 2011. / France: Thierry Brethes, Nathalie Ting, Martin Görner: Encrypted files used a serial # scheme with a $. Bought by Amazon & discontinued. “In early June 2010 iRex Technologies of the Netherlands filed for Bankruptcy protection, after the FCC: Federal Communications Commission blocked sales of their DR800 reader in the US [United States of America] market.” iRobot® Android Tablet House Software: DaoCaoXieReader (FDB, TXT, HTML, EPUB, OEBOOK, MOBI) & Zhang Yue® iReader 读书 (Android 1.6>: Nokia® UMD: Universal Mobile Document, TXT, HTML, CHM, PDB [mobi/ereader]) “It [iReader] reads secure eReader (.pdb) & Mobipocket secure (.prc). The Mobipocket is a hack. You put in the PIN: Personal Identification Number as opposed to using the actual Mobipocket Reader software which is device dependent. And it auto scrolls.” Support Tel: 400-881-3311 (Only for China) / Portland, Maine: LibraryThing a social cataloging web application developed by Tim Spaulding for storing & sharing book catalogs & book metadata in English, Australian, Canadian & USA libraries. CIG: Cambridge Information Group Education Group owns Sotheby’s Institute of Art & CIG: Cambridge Information Group® [Frederick Leypoldt] Richard Rogers Bowker LLC® [1868] is the library distributor of the program & the only U.S. agent for issuing ISBNs: International Standard Book Numbers invented by Frederic Gordon Foster in 1967. “Publisher of the Library Journal since 1876; Books in Print listings are several million, a number that is only exceeded by Amazon. The Library & Book Trade Almanac, formerly The Bowker Annual, is a resource for librarians, publishers, & booksellers which provides reviews of ‘key trends, events, & developments’ in the industry; statistics on book prices, numbers of books published, library expenditures, & average salaries; explanations of new legislation & changes in funding programs; & other information.” Wikipedia. CIG: Cambridge Information Group® UMI: University Microfilms International® ProQuest Online Information Service [1938]: USA-UK: University of Michigan alumnus Eugene Power preserves books from the British Museum on microfilm. In his autobiography Edition of One: The Autobiography of Eugene B. Power, Founder of University Microfilms, USA: Michigan: University Microfilms ©1990 ISBN 0-8357-0898-5, Power details the development of the company, including how University Microfilms assisted the OSS during World War II. “By June 1938, Power worked in 2 rented rooms from a downtown Ann Arbor funeral parlor, specializing in microphotography to preserve library collections. This was the foundation of University Microfilms International & Proquest.” Publishes university doctoral dissertations in lieu of offset printing beginning in 1952. Databases include: newspapers, periodicals, & dissertations. / Lexcycle® Stanza Version 3.0: June 4, 2010: Complete libraries made unusable updating to it. Website info ceased August. By Jan 2011 Wikipedia cited abandonment. In 2012 Amazon removed it. CEO: Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post for $250 million. / Justin Kan: USA: San Francisco, CA: Melita Kuburas, It’s confirmed: Amazon to buy Twitch for $970M in cash, Stream Daily TV ©August 25, 2014
      “I watched Best of Show on Amazon Video on Demand in hopes of performing an informal battery test. It drained the battery from 44% full to 15% full in 1 hour & 20 minutes. But during that time, the audio got out of sync, & then the picture froze – & I couldn’t get Flash to work properly again without rebooting the Xoom. At that point, I gave up with the battery test.” – Harry McCracken, The Xoom Gets Flash. But Don’t Get Too Excited, USA: Technologizer, 922 Presidio Ave. #2, San Francisco, CA 94115 ©Friday March 18, 2011 at 11:22pm ]
    11. Apple Inc ® iTunes Store, App Store, iBook Store IBA: Internet Book Author .iba (Digital Rights Management: Veridisc® FairPlay) [April 28, 2003 / July 10, 2008 / March 2010] Newton Inc® Newton .pkg (No Digital Rights Management) [RIP: Rest in Peace: 1993] 10% USA share of electronic book market. [Apple ID Registration possible without specifying a credit card. All iTunes tracks contain customer’s full name & e-mail address account as metadata in the file. iTunes+ files are purchased Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits® AAC: Advanced Audio Coding audio files (.m4a) rather than protected AAC: Advanced Audio Coding audio files (.m4p). Each app is protected with iTunes FairPlay: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe (Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, English languages only), Scandinavia, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico: Real-Time location-based information is collected on all iTunes users ages 13> & may be provided to public & governmental authorities within or outside your country of residence on request. With the launch of iPhone 3G & 2.0.1 iPhone OS firmware for iPod Touch & iPhone owners, the App Store allows people to download applications through the iTunes desktop software or the App Store on their iPhones (Designer Jonathan Ive), iPod Touch (2010), iPad (April 2010) which have Apple® UDID: Unique Device IDs. French, German, American, & British stores are localized for their respective countries & have different catalogs including but not limited to Music, Music Videos, Movies, TV-Series, & iPhone Apps. On 3 December 2004 the British Office of Fair Trading referred the iTunes Music Store to the European Commission because it prevents consumers in 1 EU: European Union country from buying music from stores in other EU countries, in violation of EU free-trade legislation. USA store contains Starbucks Entertainment® Bookish Reading Club & iTunes Latino. Starbucks physical book reading clubs launched in the USA in 2006 & in the UK in 2007 according to The Independent. Diwan Book Club at Starbucks in Kuwait. Bangkok Book Club: Lang Suan Starbucks. “PlayFair, software removes Digital Rights Management features from Apple’s FairPlay audio files, potentially allowing files from Apple’s iTunes Music Store to be downloaded to non iTunes-iPod devices.” – Wikipedia. IBA: iBook Author is based on the ePUB: electronicPUBlication standard, with proprietary CSS: Cascading Style Sheet tags. A current limitation of books (though not PDF: Portable Document Format documents) is that they can only be read on a iOS portable device & cannot be read inside iTunes on a user’s Mac or PC. Alex Pham, Apple to wrap digital books in FairPlay copy protection, Los Angeles Times ©February 15, 2010, Andrew Wray, Apple’s Fair Play DRM for iBooks cracked, Mobile Nations ©Saturday, Feb 25, 2012, Lauren Indvik, App Store Stats: 400 Million Accounts, 650,000 Apps, Mashable ©June 11, 2012. Laurene Powell Jobs & Davis Guggenheim are sponsors of the USA DREAM: Development, Relief, & Education for Alien Minors Act. NBC Rock Center with Brian Williams ©April 12, 2013. From 2007 to 2011, Apple spent $647 million on advertising for the iPhone in the USA. – Dan Rowinski, 4 Real Secrets We’ve Learned So Far About Apple, USA: ReadWrite Mobile, Alcatel-Lucent ©August 8, 2012, “The average selling price has remained fairly constant for most of the phones lifespan, hovering between $622 & $660.” – Wikipedia. October 27, 2013: While Irish pensioners have had their phone credit abolished & the government argues a single retired person can live on €550 a month, Apple has saved iad-fhèin: themselves alone $33 billion in taxes by offshoring to Ireland. Give the phone credit back. Thank you. internet Phone Operating System: iPhone OS 1.0–1.1.5 (June 29, 2007) [GSM EDGE 2G data standard: USA/Europe], iPhone OS 2.0–2.2.1 (July 11, 2008) [C-J-K, Russian, GPS: Global Positioning System, Wi-Fi 802.1x: 80 countries: Apple® App Store] iPhone OS 3.0–3.1.3 (June 17, 2009) [Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian-Malay, Thai: cut/copy/paste/multi-delete, voice recording, change telephone #, encryption, in-app purchasing, Bluetooth™, VoiceOver™, iAd™] , internet Operating System for iPhone & iPad: iOS 4.0–4.3 (June 21, 2010) [CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access: Hungarian-Vietnamese: MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface, parental controls, Hotspot, Apple® AirTouch™ printing, AirPlay™ video, FaceTime™ VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol, iBooks, GLONASS: GLObal NAvigation Satellite System Russian global positioning system] , iOS 5.0–5.1.1 (October 4, 2011) [Hindi: Twitter, S/MIME e-mail, Group messaging, calendars, iMessage chat, iCloud® allows over-the-air software updates & Apple® iTunes is no longer needed to activate iOS devices. 5.1.1 fixes WiFi disconnect.], iOS 6.0–6.1.6 (September 19, 2012) [Multi-Touch Screen, Siri GPS: Global Positioning System. Anthony Wing Kosner – “The MicroCell is a complicated product to begin with, & in this case there is an infernal ménage á trois between AT&T, Cisco (who makes the units) & Apple. So, that is to say that not all users are affected equally.”], iOS 7.0–7.1.2 (September 20, 2013) [Square Photo Mode, Spotlight Search Engine, TouchID, iWork, iCloud Keychain 256 bit AES: Advanced Encryption System, Issues with battery drain while devices in sleep mode.], iOS 8.0 (Sept 17, 2014) [3rd Party Keyboards allowed: Supported devices: Apple® iPhone 4S>, iPod Touch 5th generation>, iPad2>, iPad Mini.], iOS 9 (Sept 16, 2015) [Split-screen for iPads, motion wallpaper for Apple® iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus & iPad Pro. Apple® App Store requires all new apps & app updates to be 64-bit.], iOS 10 (Sept 13, 2016) [Promoted with an ‘audio jack free’ iPhone 7 with corded Lightning EarPods® its power connector not electrostatic discharge in an ear & AirPod® Bluetooth Smart™ headphones. Demo phones’ paused music every time a new set entered the vicinity: alerting me Bluetooth causes ringing in local area hearing aids this way. Threaded eMail, ApplePay™. Pop-up alert fot 64-bit iDevices running 32-bit apps Andrew Cunnngham of ArsTechnica calls 32-Bit Shaming. Somebody call Weird Al. 0-:-) No A5/A5X chip support for Phone 4S-iPad 3<-iPad Mini-iPod Touch 5<. Supported Devices: iPhone 5>, iPad 4>, iPad Air & Pro, iPad Mini 2>, iPod Touch 6.], iOS 11 (Golden Master Preview Sept.12, 2017) [64 bit software only, barcode scanner, indoor maps]. The iPhone has Wi-Fi: Wireless-Fidelity & cellular connectivity: 2G: 2nd Generation, 3G: 3rd Generation, 4G: 4th Generation, & LTE: Long Term Evolution. Music/App download until 2012 by Wi-Fi only. 2012 cellular file size limit <20MB. Wikipedia: “It was revealed as part of the 2013 mass surveillance disclosures that the American & British Intelligence agencies the National Security Agency (NSA) & the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) respectively, have access to the user data in iPhones, BlackBerrys & Android phones. They are able to read almost all smartphone information, including SMS: Short Messaging Service, location, emails & notes.” – Marcel Rosenbach, Laura Poitras, Holger Stark, English translator Christopher Sultan, Privacy Scandal, Der Spiegel ©Sept 7, 2013, iPad power: how to transfer files, USA: MacWorld ©May 19, 2011 / Newton: Unicode format released to the public by Newton, Inc. prior to that company’s absorption into Apple Computer. Supports internal links & grayscale images. A package file can contain multiple books. For Newton OS: Newton MessagePads, eMates, Werner von Siemens Secretary Stations, Motorola Marcos, Digital Ocean Seahorses & Tarpons. The Foxconn® Belkin® USB: Universal Serial Bus to Serial Adapter for Macintosh Apple® F5U103-MA, Operating System 7 through 9, recognizes: Newton, Psion, Palm V, Palm III, Palm Pilot PDA: Personal Digital Assistants, Apple Style Writers, Epson & HP: Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 850-855C-870Cse Printers & Wacom Artz II Serial Tablets. Macintosh OSX disabled serial tablet support.]
    12. (Google® Play™) Fuutoo Labs® ShooTong: Dragon Knight Reader 1.41 MB [June 19, 2011] [China: Android 2.1>: Runs on WonderMedia® ARMv5 Tablets & in their store. This connects to a special electronicBook store so I will have to find out some more information about this. It has a barcode scanner for ISBN: International Standard Book Number books. Wu Jin, Harlon Institute of Technology, Box 321, Harlon CN.]
    13. Hongshee Software® Wisbook [2004] [Readers supporting Asian scripts in horizontal & vertical modes. Searching for the popular formats, aozora bunko & chm, will also yield many results]
    14. (GetJar) iMAP Systems® SmartBooks (Android™ TTS: Text-To-Speech) [2010] & (Google® Play™) Alex Kravchenko® Smart AudioBook Player [Aug. 5, 2014] [ePub supports Persian & Arabic. Text highlight: Text-to-Speech is buggy. 2012: Android 4 is not compatible with old program & will need version 2.5.5 to avoid memory paging errors. pundeb® Chaek Reader 1.6.2: 294KB: 2010 removed from Google® Play™ / Khamosh Pathak, Complete Guide To Listening To Audiobooks on Android, Guiding Tech ©Aug. 5, 2014]
    15. (AppChina) nWave Inc.® 캡셔너리 Captionary Viewer [2010] [Korea: $0: Android 2.1> epub, txt, zip. www.nwave.kr Ayo Isaiah, Make Tech Easier: How to Scan APK Files & Check If They Have a Virus ©2017]
    16. (Google® Play™) DKI Technology® SnowLamp Reader 1.0.3 [April 23, 2010] [Korea: Seoul: Blue snowflake icon: Menus & help in Korean.]
    17. Grupa SPOT® myLibra reader® [“The rendering of custom epub created by Humanoid Apps® Calibre is the best. Aldiko had issue with floating table (Pro: reads Adobe® DRM: Digital Rights Management.), dMobile System Co. Ltd® MoonReader had basically too many issues that I can’t even list (Pro: Chinese: TTS: Text To Speech, TXT: TeXT, HTML: HyperText Markup Language, Non-DRM: Digital Rights Managrment ePUB: electronicPUBlication, Nokia® UMD: Universal Mobile Document, Dmitry Gribov® FB: FictionBook: fb2, ZIP(py), OPDS: Open Publication Distribution System Arabic & Hebrew special edition), Geometer Plus® FBReader simply has no support for table at all (Android™ TTS: Text-To-Speech), Lantean Studio® StarBook (Chinese: .stk proprietary format created using supplied Windows software. electronicReader introduced 2006 ran Linux operating system) had good rendering but very slow. Nook had same issue as Aldiko.” – HoushaSen, May 17, 2011 Google® Play™]
    18. (Google® Play™) Bernard Segonnes® MultiReader (Android™ TTS: Text-To-Speech extended) [2009] [http://bsegonnes.free.fr: Android $4.84: Speaks MicroSoft® Word, RTF: Rich Text Format, PowerPoint, Adobe® PDF: Portable Document Format, EPUB: ElectronicPUBlication & text documents in: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish & many others. Works with several different voice services. – YAAM]
    19. Epidream Media Production Company® ideedle Software® Talkadroid TTS: Text-To-Speech Reader & Translator 3.1.1: 9.18MB [2009] [Android 1.6> Open Handset Alliance: The ideedle Software team lead by Dominick John & Douglas Vernooy. Basic Android version comes with 8 SVOX Mobile Voices; more can be added. Unfortunately at the moment we [SVOX AG] are only offering our software via Android Market: “Installation fails because of a locked file. ...Remove the SD: Secure Digital card & install the voice to internal telephone memory. Move the voice from internal memory to SD: Secure Digital card using Android Settings -> Applications” Voices: English: Dark Lord-Ghost-Benny-Grace-Michael-Oliver-Olivia-Victoria, Spanish: Angelica-Juan-Noelia-Pablo, French: Aurelie-Chantal-Luc-Nicholas, Italian: Bianca-Marco, Portuguese: Catarina-Joachim-Luciana, German: Marcus-Petra und Dutch: Jan-Lena, Danish: Sara-Norwegian: Nora-Swedish: Klara, Finnish: Satu, Czech: Iveta, Polish: Eva, Russian: Katja-Yuri, Turkish: Cem-Leyla, Greek: Ariadne, Arabic: Malik, Hungarian/Magyar: Judit Mariska, Cantonese: 粵語 Hei Wan, Mandarin: 普通话 Yun, Korean: Sang-Mi Sora, Japanese: 日本 Misaki, Thai: Kanya]
    20. Nuance Communications Inc.® Dragon Dictation & Dragon Search (Voice-to-Text Converter) [2010] [Voice search for Google, YouTube, Twitter, & Wikipedia. “Web access through smartphones now outpaces access through laptops or desktops. Library vendors such as Innovative Interfaces, OCLC: Ohio College Library Center® WorldCat OPAC: Online Public Access Catalog, 1971, Gale, & others are offering mobile apps. While many apps are reviewed in blogs, some library apps have been reviewed in library-related journals such as Library Journal.” – Susan Kendall, Mary Nino & Sandra Stewart, USA: Computers in Libraries. 30.2 ©March 2010: p14.]
  1. Louis Braille® le braille [1825] [“Braille Technology is capable of revolutionizing the lives of thousands of people because it allows them to engage in the virtual world that can not be perceived through their eyes.” Tactile reading & writing system that allows one to pass one’s fingers over characters, each of which is an arrangement of 1 to 6 embossed points. It is an adaptation of the Parisian National Institute of Blind Youth: L’Institution des Enfants Aveugles founder Valentine Haüy (1745–1822)’s 1784 caractères en relief linéaire: raised letter reading system using paper pressed across a copper wire combined with Charles Barbier de La Serre’s 1810 wartime système d’ecriture nocturne: night writing system that allowed battlefield soldiers to communicate without speaking. 36 sounds of French in a 6 line, 6 column table coded in 2–12 points en reliefs: raised dots. Braille (1809–1852) reduced the dot grid, added music & math notation by 1829. Braille held the position of organist in Paris at the Church of Saint-Nicolas-des-Champs in 1834 & the Church of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul in 1845. His carbon-paper based Raphigraph: Greek: Raphis: Point + Graphein: Write Braille typewriter produced by Pierre-François-Victor Foucault in 1841 with his lettres ordinaires explaining the operation of the typewriter. A white bust of Braille is at his birthplace of Coupvray, SE of Paris in Seine-et-Marne. A black bust of him by Étienne Leroux is at the Bibliotèque national de France: French National Library. His remains are at the Panthéon. — Wikipedia. The Braille embosser is an impact printer that renders text as tactile Braille cells. Using Braille translation software, a document can be embossed with relative ease. The fastest industrial Braille embosser is the $77,000 Belgian-made NV Interpoint 55, 1st produced in 1991, which uses a separate air compressor to drive the embossing head & can output up to 800 Braille characters per second. Duplex embossing requires lining up the dots so they do not overlap (called interpoint because the points on the other side are placed in between the points on the 1st side) — On-line Dictionary of Computing.]
  2. James Gall® Gall: Love Triangular Alphabet [1826] [Gall: Love in Breton: Angular Roman type using both capital & lowercase Roman letters: Used for a time at the Blind Asylum in Edinburgh, Glasgow & London.– Wikipedia: Tactile Alphabet]
  3. Belfast Auxiliary Society-Ulster Society for Promoting the Education of the Deaf & the Blind® Jordanstown Schools [1831] [Belfast Day School for the Deaf & Dumb @ College St Congregational Church (now Donegall St), Belfast moving to Queen’s University Medical Dept on Lisburn Rd, Belfast in 1845 & finally to Jordanstown in 1961 where the University of Ulster & Belfast High School are located. Jordanstown, pop. 5,494, a townland & electoral ward in Country Antrim, Northern Ireland within the urban area called Newtownabbey. Seafront beach Loughshore Park sits on the shore of Belfast Lough in pre-industrial maps as Carrickfergus Bay. Nearby is the village of Cushendall from Breton/British: Cois Abhann Dalla: Foot of the River Dall: Blind otherwise known as Bun Abhann Dalla meaning bottom of the River of the Divine Blind One & formerly Newtown Glens. // My grandmother said the River Jordan divides the countries of Israel & Jordan itself not unlike this dividing Ireland in half after listening to The Sisters of Mercy Floodlands album // “English is used in the Blind Department. Northern Ireland Sign Language is practiced in the Deaf Department with several children from families where Northern Ireland Sign Langage or/& Irish Sign Language is used on a daily basis. However the schools promote the Total Communication policy with the focus on using Signed English.” — Wikipedia]
  4. Edmund Fry® Fry System [1832] [Fry is the name of young salmon. PLAIN ROMAN CAPITALS ONLY: In 1832, the Edinburgh Society of Arts offered a gold medal for the best method of printing for the blind. No fewer than 19 systems were submitted, 16 of them using arbitrary symbols. The medal was ultimately awarded to Dr. Edmund Fry, of London – Vision Australia]
  5. Julius Reinhold Friedlander® Philadelphia Line Letter [1833] [USA: USING ALL CAPITAL LETTERS at the Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind founded by Friedlander (1803–1839). Printer Jacob Snider engraved the text on copper plates in a round hand. Sample embossed printing mentioned by Arkadia Press author Edith Willoughby under the school as Overbrook School for the Blind: the Gospel of Mark & Lux en Tenebrae Magazine.]
  6. Samuel Gridley Howe® Howe Embossed System for the Blind a.k.a Boston Line Letter [1835] [usa: angular roman lowercase letters only: Director (1801–1876) of the New England Asylum for the Blind in Boston (now Perkins in Watertown) & with Dorothea Dix (1802–1887) in 1848 established the Victorian sanitorium Massachusetts School for Idiotic Children in Waltham. Many argued the disabled did so well in schools like Dr. Howe’s that they should remain permanently incarcerated there. The Massachusetts School renamed Fernald State School after its eugenics proponent & 1st superintendent Walter E. Fernald (1859–1924) in 1925. Fernald School scene of eugenics in the 1920s & medical experiments in the 20th century: 1946–53 joint experiments by Harvard University & Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor of Nutrition Robert S. Harris exposed young male children to doses of radioactive isotopes. The Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments reported to the United States Department of Energy in 1994 documents revealing the experiment was conducted in part by a research fellow sponsored by the Quaker Oats Company. Neither the children nor their parents ever gave adequate informed consent for participation in a scientific study. 17 subjects received radioactive iron as a supplement. The 2nd study with 17 related subexperiments exposed 57 subjects to radioactive calcium between 1950 & 1953. The highest dose of radiation any subject was exposed to was 330 millirem, the equivalent of <1 year’s background radiation in Denver. Ricci v. Okin class action lawsuit led to improvements beginning in the 1970s. The school was shut down November 13, 2014. — BRONNER F, HARRIS RS, MALETSKOS CJ, BENDA CE (January 1956). Studies in calcium metabolism; the fate of intravenously injected radiocalcium in human beings. The Journal of Clinical Investigation 35 (1): 78–88. doi:10.1172/JCI103254. PMC 438780. PMID 13278403. SHARPE LM, PEACOCK WC, COOKE R, HARRIS RS (July 1950). The effect of phytate & other food factors on iron absorption. The Journal of Nutrition 41 (3): 433–46. PMID 15428911. & KURLAND GS, FISHMAN J, HAMOLSKY MW, DBERG AS (April 1957). Radioisotope study of thyroid function in 21 mongoloid subjects, including observations in 7 parents. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 17 (4): 552–60. doi:10.1210/jcem-17-4-552. PMID 13406017]
  7. John Alston® Alston Type [1837] [ROMAN CAPITAL LETTERS WITHOUT SWIRLS OR SERIFS similar to the modern Orator typewriter font. Letters are very square shaped & lines almost touching. Treasurer at Glasgow’s Asylum for the Blind & manufacturer of ginghams & pullicates, for the firm in Glassford Street. Press used to produce booklets for Charles Baker, Superintendent of the school for the Deaf & Dumb in Doncaster. In 1840, the complete Bible was produced in 19 volumes. This was the 1st embossed bible in the world in any type. – Andrew Aird, Glimpses of Old Glasgow, Glasgow Digital Library ©1894. Chromolithography invented this year.]
  8. James Hatley Frere® Frere Type [1838] [Phonetic system: 6th son of John Frere, F.R.S. [q. v.], of Roydon, Norfolk, & Beddington, Surrey, by Jane, daughter & heiress of John Hookham of London (Burke, Landed Gentry, 7th ed., i. 689). Characters consist of straight lines, half circles, hooked lines, & angles of 45°, together with a hollow & solid circle. In 1871 it was in use at only 3 home institutions. – Frere, James Hatley. Dictionary of National Biography. London: Smith, Elder & Co. 1885–1900.]
  9. Thomas Lucas® Lucas: Glimmering Systems of Printing for the Blind [1838] [Lucas: Glimmering in Breton/British like the Lu(nar): Moon. Stenographic shorthand: letters consist of lines with or without a dot at 1 end.]
  10. Louis Braille® Decapoint a.k.a Raphigraphie: Greek: Raphis: Point + Graphein: Write [1839] [Louis Braille’s tactile Roman font with punctuation used by the blind & sighted. Each letter contains 10 embossed dots in height & different dots in the width to produce the graphic form of print. The Home Sweet Home Dot-Matrix font resembles it. Pierre-François-Victor Foucault made the Raphigraph TypeWriter in 1841. It pushes all the points of 1 column of characters at the same time into paper. “A sample of decapoint. The relative efficiency of braille can be seen, as the line at the bottom is the braille transcription for the 1st 2 lines of decapoint: je vous prie de commander une planche pour la grille ci-jointe.” – Wikipedia.]
  11. William Moon® Moon System of Embossed Reading [1845] & Martha Arnold® Lending Library for the Blind [October 9, 1882] [ISO 15924: Moon, 218. British & Foreign Blind Society for Improving Embossed Literature for the Blind founded by Dr. Thomas Rhodes Armitage is the ancestor of the RNIB: Royal National Institute of the Blind. Moon books for fluent readers can be borrowed from the RNIB National Library Service & books for children from Clearvision Project. Embossed symbols derived from the Roman alphabet developed by Doctor William Moon (1818–1894), a blind Englishman living in Brighton, East Sussex after his pupils had difficulty learning to read the then-popular Frere-type. Moon type used by English Christian missionaries in Qing dynasty China, for the Ningbo dialect. In 1889, The Chinese Times, Volume 3 had an article about the romanization of the Ningbo dialect. Missionaries who spoke Ningbo dialect ran a Home for Indigent Old People. En Angleterre, les écoles utilesent au moins quatre systèms relief linéaire, Moon, Fry, Alston et Gall, et deux systèmes de sténographiques, Lucas et Frere: In England, the schools used at least 4 raised letter systems, Moon, Fry, Alston & Gall, & 2 stenographic systems, Lucas & Frere.The Institute of Valentine Haüy notes schools in the United States had a complex situation: Philadelphia adapted Moon & Roman, Saint-Louis adapted le braille & Roman, Boston invented le braille américain & Roman with New York using the New York Point or Wait System & Roman. In 1917 the USA unanimously adopted le braille & its usage was generalized throughout the world. / The Martha Arnold® Lending Library for the Blind Ancestor of the NLB: National Library for the Blind: 73 Fairfax Road, South Hampstead, London. 50 volumes for 10 registered readers with an annual subscription of 1¢ per week. In 5 years increased to 600 Braille volumes, 130 Moon type, & 20 in Lucas systems of printing for the blind. By 1899 it was serving 300 readers with a stock of 3,200 volumes. In 1904 it had 8,000 volumes. In 1916 it was declared for all blind readers. In 1917 they gained the Braille collections of the Home Teaching Society, the Girls Friendly Society, & the Catholic Trust Society. The Manchester & Salford Blind Aid Society was incorporated into the NLB as its Northern Branch. In 1952 Queen Elizabeth II became Patron of the Library. By the 1990s the lending stock came to 46,000 titles in Braille, Braille music, Moon type & Large Print formats. The library was merged on 2, January 2007 with the RNIB.]
  12. Frances Batty Shand® Cardiff Institute for the Blind [1865] [Wales: Cardiff & the Vale of Glamorgan. Founded by the daughter of a Jamaican plantation owner, who employed 4 blind men to make baskets for coal ships. “By 1900 >100 blind men & women were employed making baskets, brushes & mats.”]
  13. Leeds Incorporated Institution for the Blind & the Deaf & Dumb [1866] [Ancestor of the Leeds Society for Deaf & Blind People. Charity based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England founded by the Vicar of Leeds, Reverend D.R. Atley on Albion: White Moon Street. Sign Language Interpreting Service, British Sign Language & Sensory Awareness. – Yorkshire Evening Post]
  14. Worcester College for the Blind Sons of Gentlemen [1866] [Ancestor of the NCW: New College Worcester, a Specialist Special School for students ages 11–19. It has moved from its original home at The Commandery, the former English Civil War headquarters of King Charles II to the village of Powick in 1887 & then to its present location of Whittington Road, Worcester in 1902. Merged with the Chorleywood College for Girls with Little or No Sight in the 1980s. “Students learn to become independent through mobility lessons with the school’s mobility training officers, as well as basic living skills sessions in school. (Independent Living Skills, formerly known as DFL: Design For Living). New college will also teach Braille to students if necessary.”]
  15. Galloway’s Society for the Blind [1867] [Registered Charity #526088, 1 of Lancashire’s oldest charities, established in 1867 following a public meeting in the Corn Exchange, Preston, England. Provides Talking Newspapers & Magazines producing >3.500 tapes & CDs each week. Current titles include: Lancashire Evening Post, Ormskirk Advertiser, Lancaster Citizen, Moorecam Visitor, Lancaster Guardian, Longridge News, Garstang Courier, Farmers Guardian, Methodist Recorder, The Voice, Salvation Army War Cry, Asian Awaz & The Prestonian.]
  16. William Chapin® Combined System [1868] [USA: N.B. Kneass, Jr a Philadelphia printer who adapted the lower case forms of Boston line letter & capital letters from a rival tactile system known as Philadelphia Line. — U.S. Library of Congress® National Library Service for the Blind & Physically Handicapped, Braille: Into The Next Millennium, pp. 41-46, Washington D.C. ©2000. ISBN: 0844410217 ]
  17. William Bell Wait® Wait System or New York Point [1868] [Dot code system 1-4 spaces wide × 2 spaces tall with no capitals or punctuation: William Bell Wait (1839–1916), a teacher at the New York Institute for the Education of the Blind, adapted it for use in >20 languages, music notation & invented devices available only in New York to type & print embossed material. Widely used in the United States before the braille system universally adopted there. –Wikipedia. American Association of Instructors of the Blind approved & in 1890 the only dot type for books from the government-supported American Printing House for the Blind. 1909: Out of favor when an ink-printed translation showing a lack of punctuation presented to New York Public School District Administrators accompanied by a letter from Helen Keller stating grammatical errors on standard typewriters traceble to New York Point illiteracy. “He died a disappointed, embittered old man.” Robert B. Irwin, As I Saw It, USA: New York: American Foundation for the Blind ©1955]
  18. British braille [1876] [Dot code system 2 spaces wide × 3 spaces tall using French le braille alphabet with changed punctuation: Used in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada & India: 200 contractions & abbreviations. Characters standing for ing, ch, sh, action, ally; & abbreviations as slid for should, bl for blind, rcv for receive, dcv for deceive, etc. The Hora Jucunda, a braille magazine published in Edinburgh, opened its columns to a discussion of the merits & demerits of braille as early as 1893. Offset printing: 1875]
  19. Joel W. Smith® Modified braille a.k.a American braille [1878] [Dot code system 2 spaces wide × 3 spaces tall using New England Asylum for the Blind/Thomas Handasyd Perkins word order. Renamed American braille on the suggestion of Dr. John T. Sibley of the Missouri School for the Blind. No books in this type published until the 1910–1911 school year. Typewriter by David Abraham (1896–1978) in 1951 for Director Edward Waterhouse called The Perkins Embossing Machine: La machine à écrire Perkins. The fact Perkins (1764–1854) was an opium merchant makes noone proud & trying to remove it during the USA National Opiate Awareness Week, Sept 26, is not a smooth move. Machine Information: “Elle est munie de 6 touches correspondant à chacun des 6 points de la matrice braille, d’une touche d’espacement, de 2 commandes annexes permettant le retour arrière et le retour chariot et d’un mécanisme pour faire avancer le papier comme sur une machine à écrire classique.” ]
  20. International Congress on Work for the Blind® Unified international braille or World braille [1878] [Dot code system 2 spaces wide × 3 spaces tall for France, Britain, Germany, & Egypt. “Under international agreement, most braille alphabets follow the French order for the 26 letters of the basic Latin alphabet. This agreement was made to avoid the chaos of each nation reordering the Braille code to match the sorting order of its print alphabet.” Wikipedia]
  21. Hot Metal Typesetting [1886] [For Letterpress printing. Injects molten lead into a glyphed mold; creating lead sorts & slugs used to press ink onto paper. 2 methods: Lanston Monotype Corporation® Monotype Composition Caster System® punched paper-tape, with all characters cast separate. Linecaster System with a whole line as a slug: Ottmar Merganthaler GmbH® ,Linotype (bought by Monotype in 2007), Intertype Corporation® Intertype (bought by Harris Automatic Press Co.), Ludlow® Typograph (bought by Linotype), Monoline (bought by Linotype). All machines had non-qwerty-keyboards. Linotype molds circulated through the machine. When a key pressed, a brass matrix passed through an assembler front, past a rotating wheel & into the assembling elevator (which served the same purpose as the hand compositor’s stick & adjusted line length in picas). When the space band key near the keyboard pressed, a space band would drop out of the box into the assembling elevator. When the line approached the correct length, a bell chimed. If short, matrices could turn sidewise or not seal. If long, the elevator carrying the matrices & space bands would not seat properly in front of the mold slot. When the line assembled, the typesetter pressed a lever. A bar forced movable sleeves on the space bands upwards to fill out the line to the exact width of the mold. Plunger injected molten metal into mold cavity. Machine separated mold disk, metal pot, & elevator. Mold disk turned, passing knives trimming base & height before sliding down into a ‘galley’ next to the typesetter. The slug galley was transferred to the composing table to be set in the form, & once the press run was completed the slugs would be remelted & oxidized metal (dross) skimmed off. “Although strictly speaking not typesetting, stereotyping (electrotype or nickeltype) could be used to cast a reproduction of an entire typeset page (or pages imposed in a forme) using a mold made with an impression using flong (similar to papier-mâché). The ensuing casting could be made curved for use on a rotary press or flat for the slower flat bed presses. This technique was often used in newspaper production.” – Wikipedia]
  22. Frank H. Hall® braille Stereotypemaker [1893] [1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago: Embossed metal sheets of brass, zinc or iron, covered with print paper, rubber blanket & inserted into the press. Plates stored at the American Printing House for the Blind.]
  23. Society for the Relief of the Destitute Blind in New York City now AFB: American Foundation for the Blind [1899] [USA: New York, NY: Institution for blind children with philanthropist & retired silk-manufacturer Mr. M.C. Migel as a book reader in 1899. Mr. M.C. Miguel financed le braille of 1917 & formed the American Foundation for the Blind selling braille writers, magnifiers, audio blood pressure monitors, directories, periodicals & talking books.]
  24. St. Dunstan’s: Holy Brown One [1915] [UK: Head Office: Harcourt St., London. Founded by Arthur Pearson (–1921), who lost his sight due to glaucoma. The Illustrated London News in 1915, which said: in a corner of London’s most beautiful park is a house where miracles are worked.. The Charity of The Pearly Kings & Queens:-) founded by Henry Croft The Pearlie–King of Somers Town (May 24, 1861, St Pancras Workhouse, Somers Town, London – January 1, 1930 St Pancras Workhouse). The mother-of-pearl buttons produced at factories in the East End of London inspired by the clothes of costermongers: apple vendors. Croft participated in charitable pageants & carnivals to raise money for hospitals. Free support to vision impaired ex-Armed Forces & National Service personnel in the UK. Re-named Blind Veterans UK in 2012. Centres in Brighton est. 1938, Sheffield & Llandudno, Wales.]
  25. Kent: Clear Water Association for the Blind [1920] [72, College Rd, Maidstone, ME 15 65, UK. Kent means Clear Water in Breton/British. For vets whose sight had been damaged during WWI. According to Wikipedia, the charity provides a specialist 1-to-1 service for people with dual sensory impairment (deafblind) & produces the Digital Kent Talking newspapers. Transcription service to companies & organisations who want to make their information accessible to sight impaired people available in digital audio formats including James Russell® CD: Compact Disc, USB: Universal Serial Bus flash drive, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits® MP3: Moving Pictures Experts Group Audio Level 3, Fukuyuki Murakami®SD: Secure Digital card & DAISY: Digital Accessible Information SYstem... as well as large print or Braille.]
  26. Wilhelm Ritzerfeld® A.B. Dick® Spirit Duplicator [1923] [Because this is a Halloween website, says Jim. :-) “The term ‘spirit duplicator’ refers to the alcohols which were a major component of the solvents used as ‘inks’ in these machines. The device coexisted alongside the similar mimeograph. ...The technology remains useful where electrical power is unavailable, or where the only remaining originals of legacy documents requiring duplication are in ‘spirit master’ form.” Wax colorant coated sheet(s) impressed onto backside of design creating a printing plate. Paper to be printed moves through printer with a clear duplicating fluid: a toxic solvent 50/50 mix of isopropanol & methanol, spread across each sheet by an absorbent wick. Pigmented wax dissolves under printing drum. USA: Ditto Business Systems® Ditto Machine, UK: Block & Anderson® Banda, France: Roneo. Aniline purple, red, green, blue, black, orange, yellow, brown fades under direct sunlight/UV light. Wikipedia: M P Doss, Information Processing Equipment, USA: New York ©1955, Irvin A. Herrmann, Manual of Office Reproduction, New York ©1956.]
  27. American Foundation for Overseas Blind® Unified braille system [1929] [Parisian conference on harmonizing national systems which had diverged in the previous decades.]
  28. Jewish Braille Institute of America® International Hebrew Braille Code [1936] [Unlike Hebrew & in keeping with Braille, Hebrew Braille is read from left to right. Founded April 22, 1931 in the Manhattan borough of New York City by Leopold Dubov, Rabbi Michael Aaronson & funded by the National Federation of Temple Sisterhood, now known as the Women of Reform Judaism. It adapted the Moon writing system into Yiddish & Hebrew & devised an international Hebrew Braille code. Helen Keller (1880–1968) was an avid reader. Publications are available in English, Hebrew, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Spanish & Yiddish. The organization maintains a circulating library of books particularly related to Judaism & Jewish culture. — Wikipedia]
  29. Catholic Guild for all the Blind [1936] [USA: Now Fr. Thomas Carroll Center for the Blind, 770 Centre St. Newton, MA 02458-2597: VP Rabih Dow, of touché fencing, blinded in a Lebanese bomb blast & taken to the US for medical treatment. Commenting on Mount Lebanon where he grew up: “Art is an attempt to understand, yielding pleasure in the attempt whether or not we understand. ...It is a fun process & its also a very rewarding process. ...Life is full of journeys. We land some & we fall into others by circumstances out of our control. Journey through loss is one of those journeys. And so, long ago & far away from here my life journeys began at this metaphoric place.” He paints on glass. “So if you look back at this it’s all due to the war. ...My family lost the family business a few times during the war. Direct hit, or robbery or what have you. It is the impact of war that is not seen, not measured.” – Neda Ulaby, Arab.American Stories, Producers: Jeff Forster, Warren David, Funds: American Druze Foundation, PBS: 2:00pm, Aug 1, USA: WTVS Detroit MI ©2012]
  30. René Alphonse Higonnet et Louis Marius Moyroud® PhotoTypesetting [September 1946] [France: Machines expose characters onto photographic film/paper for offset printing. Machines convert marked-up copy typed on paper tape to codes that control phototypesetters. Developed photo paper/film called ‘cold type’. Paste-Up: Long galleys of 1 column type pasted onto layout boards to create a full page of text for magazines & newsletters. A stat camera used to photograph the paste-up mechanical, & the final offset printing plates created from the camera’s negative. Photon Corporation® Lumitype, Ottmar Mergenthaler GmbH® Linotron, Lanston Monotype Machine Corporation® Monophoto, Alphatype, Varityper. – Wikipedia.]
  31. Bhãratï braille [1951] [India-Bangladesh-Pakistan, Sri Lanka-Ceylon & Nepal: Unified international 6-dot braille code for writing the languages of India: Assamese, Bengali, Devanagari, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Sinhala/Sinhalese, Tamil, Telugu & Urdu. When India gained independence, 11 braille alphabets were in use. Vowels are written as full letters following the consonant in the order they are pronounced. Diacritics: The pointing symbol is used for consonant letters by adding a dot to another consonant.]
  32. Abraham Nemeth® Nemeth Code for Mathematics & Science Notation [1952] MacKichan Software Inc® SNB: Scientific NoteBook .snb, Scientific Word .sw & Scientific WorkPlace .swp [1998] [USA: 19307 Ith Ave, Suite C, Poulsbo, WA 98370-7370: “Scientific Notebook is a software program based on an easy-to-use word processor that can create textbook quality print documents that contain text, mathematics, & graphics. In addition, it formats mathematics in a way that is ideal for transcription into Nemeth Code (the braille code used for mathematics)” – Susan A. Osterhaus, M.Ed, Secondary Mathematics Teacher, Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired]
  33. Intelligent Machines Research Corporation® RCA: Radio Corporation of America® OCR-A: Optical Character Recognition-A Font [1952] [USA: Cryptanalyst David H. Shepard’s Apparatus for Reading 1953 U.S. Patent 2,663,758 to convert paper type to computer machine code. Commercially marketed to: Reader’s Digest (sales reports to punch cards, sort returned coupons printed by an RCA: Radio Corporation of America Drum printer using the OCR-A font), Standard Oil Company (reading credit card imprints for billing). Ohio Bell Telephone Co. – Herbert Schantz, The History of OCR. Manchester Center, VT: Recognition Technologies Users Association ©1982]
  34. Bell Labs® ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange Plain Text .txt [1960] [A 7-bit telegraph code allowing digital devices to communicate written language. Control codes for data transmission. SOM: Start of Message, EOM: End of Message, EOA: End of Address, EOT: End Of Transmission, SYNC, ACK: ACKnowledge. Bob Berner introduced escape sequence. Messages recorded on 9-track magnetic tape & paper tape. Used for AT&T: American Telephone & Telegraph’s TWX: TeletypeWriter eXchange & mandated by President Lyndon Baines Johnson on all Federal Computers purchased on & after July 1, 1969. The other text: IBM: International Business Machines® EBCDIC: Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code text files. “Western Electric® UNIX: Uniplexed Information & Computing Service®, Apple® Macintosh Apple Operating System, MicroSoft® Windows, MS-DOS: MicroSoft-Disc Operating System & other systems differ in line ending convention & character encoding outside the 128 character ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange range. Conversion software for most computers.” Memorex® 650 8 inch 175KB FFD: Flexible Floppy Disk introduced 1972.]
  35. Word Processor [1960] [Stand-alone office machine in the 1960s combining the keyboard text-entry & printing functions of an electric typewriter with a recording unit, either tape or floppy disk with a dedicated computer processor for editing of text. Proprietary systems in $10,000 ballpark. As of 2009, only 2 U.S. companies, Classic & AlphaSmart still make them. – Wikipedia]
  36. IBM: International Business Machines® GML: Generalized Markup Language [1963] [Invented by Charles Goldfarb, Edward Mosher & Raymond Lorie whose surname initials are used to make the term GML: Generalized Markup Language. Used for IBM: International Business Machines System 360° Mainframe Computer’s text formater SCRIPT; indicating where paragraphs, headers, lists, tables are in the document. SGML: Standard Generalized Markup Language is descended from it. ISO 8879: 1986.]
  37. Ted Nelson® HyperText : Hyper: Greek for Beyond + Text [1965] [Term coined by American sociologist Theodore Holm Nelson, son of director Ralph Nelson & actress Celeste Holm, who worked with inventor Andries van Dam at Brown University to develop the Hypertext Editing System in 1967 on an IBM System 360° Mainframe Computer for the Apollo Space Program. Douglas Carl Engelbart at SRI: Stanford Research Institute demonstrated a hypertext interface to the public in December 1968 on a SDS: Scientific Data Systems 840 computer running NLS: oN-Line System with a computer mouse invented by himself & Bill English. Andries van Dam & assistant Bob Wallace refined hypertext FRESS: File Retrieval & Editing Service in 1968 to run as a terminal-program & WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get type editor on different types of mini-computers with a light-pen. This is now called a word-processor. Andries van Dam called the files electronic books. ETI: Electronic Book Technologies a spin-off company from the Brown research project. Nelson published The Home Computer Revolution in 1977. Wikipedia: “Hypertext is text displayed on a computer or other electronic device with references (hyperlinks) to other text that the reader can immediately acccess, usually by a mouse click or a keypress sequence. Apart from running text, hypertext may contain tables, images & other presentational devices. ...The most famous implementation of hypertext is the World Wide Web, 1st deployed in 1992.” John Markoff, Engelbart, inventor of computer mouse, dies, [January 25, 1925–July 2, 2013], USA: The New York Times ©July 3, 2013]
  38. MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology® DOTSYS BrailleEmboss / Duxbury Systems® Duxbury Braille Translator [1969 / July 1976] [USA: Duxbury, MA: Student-designed software written in FORmula TRANslation to operate on different computers; producing embossed paper braille. Program stored on a magnetic tape reel & recoded into COBOL: COmmon Business Operating Language by Massachusetts Institute of Technology employees Bob Gildea, Jonathan Millen, W. Reid Gerhart & Robert Mann for commercial use as the Duxbury Translator for English & Spanish braille. Added Arabic, French, Swahili, Bharati braille & others for 150 languages. Software for: Digital Research Inc.® CP/M: Control Program/Monitor (1978), Phase One Systems® OASIS: Online Application System Interactive Software operating system for ZiLOG® 8080 (1979), MicroSoft® DOS: Disc Operating System (1985), Apple® Macintosh Apple Operating System (1989) & MicroSoft® Windows (1991)]
  39. Bell Labs: The Life of Everything® TTS: Text-to-Speech Synthesizer .tts [January 13, 1976] & Bell Labs: Léon Bottou, Yann LeCun, Patrick Haffner & Paul G. Howard® Dèjâ vu®: Already Seen .djvu, djv [1996] [Bell is Breton for the Life of Everything. French dèjâ + vu: ever, yet, already + seen. The vision of the sun 6 months above & below the equator. Beul means mouth. Springer, Bell Labs® Multilingual Text-to-Speech Synthesis: The Bell Labs Approach © October 31, 1997, ISBN 978–0792380276. Mandarin text-to-speech demo now non-functional (the server that the query is to be submitted to does not exist in the DNS: Domain Name Server & the contact email is no longer valid. The former employee who was responsible for the project, Chilin Shih (who now works at the University of Illinois), has some notes about her methods on her website. – Wikipedia / Electronic book with OCR: Optical Character Recognition text chosen by the Internet Archive® Million Book Project for online public domain books along with Aldus® TIFF: Tags Image File Format & Adobe® PDF: Portable Document Format. Software for: Linux Computers (Okular, Evince), Google® Android™ (Freeware Lovers) Pavel Tiunov® VuDroid, & Apple® iPhone/iPad.]
  40. Digital Typesetting [1976] [The nascent state of then newly developed electronic publishing tools (expecially those that provided input to phototypesetters)]
  41. Donald Ervin Knuth® TeX .tex [1978] [Traditionally used by technical writers & science authors. With this format, it is possible to typeset complex mathematical formulae quite easily. 1st version written in the SAIL: Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory programming language to run on a Digital Equipment Corporation® PDP: Programmed Data Processor-10 computer under Stanford’s WAITS: Westcoast Alternative to Incompatible Time Share operating system. TEXNH: Greek for Art & Craft is the root word of technical. “Mr. Knuth, author of The Art of Computer Programming, creator of the TeX computer typesetting system, the related METAFONT font definition language & rendering system & the Computer Modern family of typefaces. Version numbers of his TeX software approach the number Pi, in that versions increment in the style 3, 3,1, 3,14, 3,141 & so on. Similarly, version numbers of Metafont approach the base of the natural logarithm e. His TeX-XeT allows a user to mix texts written in left-to-right & right-to-left writing systems in the same document.” – Wikipedia]
  42. Word Processing Programs Software [1979]
  43. Beida Chinese Laser Typesetting System [July 27, 1979] [The principal part of the project for Chinese Laser Typesetting System was completed, with a negative plate of newspaper in octavo format successfully outputted from the laser Typesetter.]
  44. Historical: University of Birmingham® RCEVH: Research Centre for the Education of the Visually Handicapped® Screen Reader [1980] [For the BBC: British Broadcasting Co.® Micro & NEC: Nippon Electric Co.® Portable computers. “Software attempts to identify & interpret what is being displayed on the screen, re-presenting it to the user with text-to-speech, sound icons or a braille output device. Some screen readers can read text in more than 1 language, providing that the language of the material is encoded in its metadata.” – Wikipedia]
  45. Historical: Dynix Systems–Ameritech Library Services® Dynix ILS: Integrated Library-Management System [RIP: Rest in Peace: 1983–2003] [USA: Ameritech now AT&T Teleholdings. Paul Sybrowsky: Text-based computer software & bar-code system running on the PICK operating system that replaced the paper-based card catalog & track lending of materials from US libraries. Dialcat/DialPac, offered in the 1990s, allowed people with a computer MODEM: MODulator DEModulator to dial in & search the card catalog or renew books. Some Dynix library catalogues available via Telnet.“The customer base for Dynix didn’t begin decreasing until 2000, at which point it started being replaced by Internet-based interfaces (so-called Web PAC: Public Access Catalog’s). In 2003, it was reported that Dynix was being phased out by its manufacturer, & approaching end-of-life status in terms of functionality & support. ...Phase-outs were constant in the late 2000s, & by the 2nd decade of the 21st century, it was totally obsolete & remained in very few libraries.” – Wikipedia Company now SirsiDynix® Marshall Breeding Library Technology Guide
     Carla Johnson, Librarians to help with health care law, USA: The Associated Press ©Saturday June 29, 2013: The nation’s librarians will be recruited to help people get signed up for insurance under President Obama’s health care overhaul. Up to 17,000 U.S. libraries will be part of the effort to get information & crucial computer time to the millions of uninsured Americans who need to get coverage under the law. The undertaking will be announced Sunday in Chicago at the annual conference of the American Library Association, according to federal officials who released the information early to The Associated Press. The initiative starts October 1, when people without health coverage will start shopping for insurance online on new websites where they can get tax credits to help pay the cost. Low-income people will be enrolled in an expanded version of Medicaid in states that adopt it. About 7 million people are expected to sign up for coverage in the new marketplace next year, but the heavy emphasis on the Web-based portals puts anyone without access to a computer at a disadvantage. Librairies equipped with public computers already serve as a bridge across the digital divide, so it made sense to get them involved, said Julie Bataille, spokeswoman for the U.S Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. “Librairies are a tremendous resource for people in their communities.” Bataille said. “They’re already a destination many individuals go to when they’re seeking out information & understanding on a variety of issues.” Update: Website by CGI Group of Canada & Oracle]
  46. Ottmar Mergenthaler Linotype GmbH® Linotronic 300 Imagesetter [1984] [Ultra high-resolution large-format computer printer that exposes rolls or sheets of either black & white photographic film or bromide paper to laser light. Red safe-light film development. Bromides are similar to ordinary laser prints with 4 major differences: Paper size can be bigger (12'' to 44''), higher resolution (1200 to 4800 dots per inch), darker blacks, cost is 100 times>. “The main use of bromides is for proofing documents before expensive lithography plates are made. Proofing on bromide paper is much easier than film, since it doesn’t require a light table or other backlighting in order to read. Because of the uptake of platesetters, this function of imagesetters in modern printing houses has been reduced, although not completely eliminated, with proofs made on special proofing printers instead. Adobe’s RIP: Raster Image Processors have been named for United States’ rockets (vis. Atlas, Redstone, etcetera)Wikipedia]
  47. Haloid XeroX Corporation® Unicode 88 UTF: Unicode Type Format [August 1988] Haloid XeroX® Ventura Publisher [April 1986–October 2002] [USA: Mountain View, California: ISO/IEC 10646: MicroSoft® Windows 95 needs an install of MicroSoft Layer for Unicode. Joe Becker from Xerox published a draft proposal for an international/multilingual text character encoding system, tentatively called Unicode. He expanded ASCII to 16 bits to encompass the characters of all the world’s living languages. The 1st volume of the Unicode standard was published October 1991. 2nd volume, covering Han ideographs, published June 1992. “In 1996, a surrogate character mechanism was implemented in Unicode 2.0, so that Unicode was no longer restricted to 16 bits. This increased the Unicode codespace to over a milion code points, which allowed for the encoding of many historic scripts (eg. Egyptian Hieroglyphs) & 1000s of rarely used or obsolete characters that had not been anticipated as needing encoding. ...1000s of fonts exist on the market, but fewer than a dozen fonts — sometimes descibed as pan-Unicode fonts — attempt to support the majority of Unicode’s character repetoire.” – Wikipedia: Unicode UTF-8: Unicode Type Format-8 bit [Nov 2003] can display multiple languages on the same web page. Each Unicode Character Set code point is encoded using 1 to 4 octets: 8-bit bytes. 1st 127 characters = 1 byte Latin ASCII. Next 1,920 characters need 2 octet bytes to encode: Latin-based alphabets, Greek, Cyrillic, Coptic, Armenian, Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac & Tāna. 3 octets for East Asian Scripts & Basic Multilingual Plane. 4 octets for CJK: Chinese-Japanese-Korean, Thai, Hindi, Sinhalese, Scripts & mathematical symbols. The last Unicode hexadecimal number ends at U+10FFFF. / Typesetting software distributed worldwide for IBM® 8086 PC: Personal Computer with Digital Research, Inc® GEM: Graphical Environment Manager Operating System. MicroSoft® Win16 (1990), Apple® Macintosh Apple (1990–1994) & IBM: International Business Machines® OS/2 (1990–1994). “Designed to interface with many word processing programs, including WordPerfect, WordStar, MicroSoft Word.” Pagination, flowing text, paragraph tagging, & codes for attributes/special characters. Adobe® PostScript, Hewlett–Packard® PCL: Printer Command Language, InterPress® Imagesetters, & dot-matrix printers.]
  48. Ultimate Technographics® Impostrip® [1989] [1st digital imposition software. Imposition the arrangement of pages on a printer’s sheet. Some office laser print drivers have booklet printing. “To understand how the pages are related to each other, an imposition dummy may be used. This is made by folding several sheets of paper in the way the press will print & fold the product. A little copy is then created, & this can help paginate the product.” Moveable type pages were assembled in a metal frame called a chase, & locked into place using wedges called quoins. Photographic film sheets were combined manually on a light table, in a process called stripping. Digital PostScript/PDF single pages combined into a PostScript/PDF file with imposed sheets for printing. The imposition proof a.k.a blue copy is the last test performed before beginning the print run. – Wikipedia: American Printer, Kay Johansson, Peter Lundberg, Robert Ryberg. ed. A Guide to Graphic Print Production. Wiley. ISBN 978-0-471-76138-9.]
  49. Tim Berners-Lee® HyperText Markup Language .html / .htm [March 1989] & Robert Cailliau & Tim Berners-Lee® World Wide Web [August 6, 1991] & W3C: World Wide Web Consortium® Link Checker [HyperText Markup Language, defined as an application of SGML: Standardized General Markup Language, is the language in which web pages are written. World wide web announced on the alt.hypertext newsgroup. 1st photo on the web uploaded by Berners-Lee in 1992, an image of the all-female 1960s-style pop-music CERN: Conseil Européene pour la Recherche Nucléaire house band Les Horribles Cernettes: Surfing on the Web. “The World Wide Web is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet. With a web browser, one can view web pages & navigate between them via hyperlinks.” Navigation also called surfing the web, after Vinton Cerf (pron. Surf) who invented IP: Internet Protocol in 1968 & who also invented e-mail: electronic mail for MCI: Microwave Communications Inc. in 1982. Wikipedia Sources: Silvano de Gennaro, Les Horribles Cernettes: The First Band on the Web, CERN Music Club: Bands & Tim Berners-Lee, Weaving the Web: The Original Design & Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web by its inventor, USA: NY: News Corp® James & John Harper, NYC ©1999. ISBN: 0-06-251586-1]
  50. Historical: ソニー: Sony Kabushiki Kaisha® DD8: Data DiscMan 8 Electronic Book Player (8cm MiniCD: EBXA: Electronic Book Format) [RIP: Rest in Peace: July 1990–Oct 1995] [Japan/USA: Black & White Liquid Crystal Display With MultiPlay software & adaptor, electronic books can also be played on any Personal Computer with Windows & a multi-session CD-ROM drive. 350 titles. – Victoria & Albert Museum, The Book & Beyond — Electronic publishing & the art of the book ©Oct 1995]
  51. Zahur Klemath Zapata® Digital Book Inc.® digitalBook® Publisher & Reader .Digital Book Format .dbf [1992] [USA: 242 East 2nd St. Suite 4D, New York, NY 10009. Tel: 1-212-260-1723: Offered digital books on floppy disc. “Digital Book Format at 8th International Book Fair in Bogotá, Colombia. ...The 1st title published in the Digital Book Format was Murder as One of the Fine Arts.” “According to data from the consultancy firm Tendencias Digitales, in 2007 70% of Internet users in the region claimed never to have made a purchase through the web. According to data from CERLALC, in Mexico, Colombia & Brazil, sales of physical books through Internet channels between 1998 & 2004 did not exceed 0.2% of the total.” Cf. Richard Uribe, La distribucion del libro en América Latina, pg 7, CERLALC ©September 2006.Saraiva e Siciliano S.A® Mega eStore [2010] [Brazil: Publishing house & largest bookstore chain in Brazil with 92 stores.]
  52. Historical: Hummingbird Communications Ltd® No Hands Software® Common Ground DigitalPaper .dp (Digital Paper Format) [RIP: Rest in Peace: Dec 21, 1992–Dec 21, 2002] [Toronto, Canada: Programmers: Nick Gault & Michael Reeds. Viewer application can be embedded into the document with the choice of ProViewer or MiniViewer. Font embed option with each font consuming 4KB. Fonts can have jaggies on printouts. For Windows 3.x & Macintosh. In 2006, Hummingbird became a division of OpenText Corporation. – Patrick Marshall, Acrobat, Common Ground extend beyond document viewing, InfoWorld Media Group Inc. ©1997]
  53. Historical: Farallon Computing® Replica [RIP: Rest in Peace: July 1993–2000], Farallon Computing® PhoneNet & Farallon Computing® SoundEdit [RIP: Rest in Peace: Jan.1988–2004] [USA: CA: 2470 Mariner Sq Lp, Alameda: Program distributed on a floppy disc & designed to run on an IBM® 286 computer. Replica Creator is a printer driver to make a Replica file from any kind of document. Replica Viewer is the viewing program. Uses App!e® TrueType fonts & pictures are screen-captured as low resolution bit-maps. If there is no MicroSoft® Windows metafile data on the picture it will not print. Trial version repwin.exe distributed on H&R Block® Compuserve, Verizon® AmericaOnline, Byte Magazine® BIX: Byte Information eXchange, Ziff-Davis Publishing® ZiffNet, News Corporation now Dan Bruns’® Delphi & the Internet. “3 retail products this summer. ...There a number of electronic page turners we have not reviewed here – Northern Telecom’s Helmsman [Canada Telco], Interleaf’s WorldView [bought by ecommerce BroadVision® QuickSilver], Frame’s FrameViewer [Frame Technology Corporation bought by Adobe Systems Inc.], Thaumaturgy’s EDDARS: Electronic Document Distribution And Retrieval System, to name some of the better known. We also have not included electronic book software products, such as EBT’s DynaText, [News Corp.’s HarperCollins Publishers LLC.] Voyager’s Expanded Book or IBM’s BookManager. All of those products are aimed at the professional market.” – Acrobat, Replica, Common Ground: page turners for ad-hoc distribution, The Seybold Report on Desktop Publishing, United Business Media LLC ©September 1993: ©2012 Gale Reference. / Steve Capps’ SoundEdit audio recorder & waveform editorr shipped with Farallon Computing® MacRecorder Sound System microphone. Macromedia® SoundEdit 16 in 1991 adds 16- bit CD quality sound, Apple® QuickTime™ soundtrack editing & audio plug-ins. Adobe Systems merger discontinued it. - Steve Capps by missionEdit: Anastasia at Wikipedia Teahouse ]
  54. Ingram® VitalSource® VitalBooks .vbk [1994] [USA: Bought by Ingram in 2006. MicroSoft® Windows/Apple® Macintosh Apple OS X, Apple® iPad & Apple® iPhone. Copy & pasting & printing are definitely still limited.]
  55. TEI: Text Encoding Initiative® eXtensible Markup Language .xml [1996], eXtensible HyperText Markup Language .xhtml / .xhtm [January 26, 2000] eXtensible Markup Language Paper Specification .xps [2000] & TEI: Text Encoding Initiative® SVG: Scalable Vector Graphic File .svg [2000] [Family of markup languages that mirror or extend versions of the widely-used HyperText Markup Language, the language in which web pages are written. XHTML is an application of XML: eXtensible Markup Language, a more restrictive subset of SGML: Standard Generalized Markup Language. Developed to parse pages faster; the W3C: World Wide Web Consortium provided guidance on how to publish XHTML 1.0 documents in an HTML-compatible manner & serve them to browsers not designed for XHTML such as MicroSoft® Internet Explorer 6.0, who continued not to support it through versions 7 of 2006 & 8 of 2009. On July 2, 2009 the W3C: World Wide Web Consortium allowed the XHTML2 Working Group’s charter to expire, acknowledging HTML5 would be the sole next-generation HTML standard, including both XML & non-XML serializations. Wikipedia / XML used for Adobe® FLash Video text captions. “Create 1 of 2 types of XML documents. Link the XML document to the captioning component in Flash, or embed the XML into the FLV.” – Professor Tom Green, Humber College School of Media Studies, Toronto, Captions for Video with Flash CS3, Digital Web Magazine ©June 4, 2007. “Subtitle, also called as Captioning, is a textual version of dialog in films, television shows & video games. ...In modern days, subtitles are 3 types: 1) Hard Subtitles: They are built-in into the picture & cannot be removed. 2) External Subtitles: These are external individual files, generally with .srt extension & contain only 1 language or the couple of .sub & .idx to provide up to 32 languages. 3) Soft Subtitles: They are hidden within the video file & can be removed temporarily using the video player menu.” Nikhil Tamhankar, All about Subtitles – Intro, History, Types, Create & Play ©Sunday, September 2, 2012. Adobe Systems Incorporated.® “SVG: Scalable Vector Graphic is a vector format that describes images as  shapes,  paths, text, & filter effects. The  SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics format is entirely XML: eXtended Markup Language-based.” CISRA: Canon Information Systems Research Australia © September 2007 ‘Printing requires advanced color management not present in SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics. In SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics by default colors are assumed to be sRGB’ Opening SVG in Illustrator: Boris B. ©April 20, 2009, USA: Adobe® Help Forums: KDS4444 Jun 5, 2014 11:26 PM “The year is now 2014. I am using Illustrator CC 17.0.0. I am still having this same (original) problem: when I open an SVG file in Illustrator, even an SVG file that Illustrator itself generated & saved just minutes earlier, I get the image with my gradients all gone, my clipping masks screwed up, & several of my symbols missing. I can see the image just fine in Google® Chrome that Illustrator made into an SVG 1 minute, & then if I close Illustrator & re-open it & open the same SVG file, it will be a hot mess.” Larry G. Schneider “[Illustrator 17.1] The box in the: SVG save dialog called Responsive which needs be unchecked. It’s been brought up here before found this esp 4 Illustrator CS6 producing corrupt SVG files.”]
  56. Internet Mail Consortium® Versitcard Electronic Business Card .vcf, .vcard [December 1996] [USA: Apple, AT&T-Lucent, IBM & Werner von Siemens: Google® Android™ does not natively support this file. Dan Lynch is using Handcent SMS: Short Messaging Service app to read them. “vCards are often attached to e-mail messages, but can be exchanged in other ways, such as on the World Wide Web or instant messaging. They can contain name & address information, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs, logos, photographs, & audio clips....Photographs may point to an external URL or may be embedded in the vCard as a Base64 encoded block of text.” Wikipedia]
  57. DAISY: Digital Assessible Information SYstem Consortium® DTB: Digital Talking Book .dtb (Digital Rights Management: PDTB: Protected Digital Talking Book SMIL: Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) [June 7, 1997] [Switzerland: George Kerscher, DAISY Consortium: Grubenstraße 12, Zurich 8045, CH: International electronic-book format with written material presented in an audible format, refreshable braille or large print. Books can be heard on standalone DAISY: Digital Assessible Information SYstem Consortium players, mobile phones (gh, LLC® MathSpeak™, ClickHear/ReadHear™ Mobile Screen Reader for Android™ & Apple® iPhone ) & computers (MicroSoft Windows: DaisyWorm, ButtercupReader, DAISYPlayer, Dolphin EasyReader, Apple Macintosh OS X: CUCAT® Oleara, Daisy Delight, Don Johnston Inc® Read:OutLoud). “Content from both the NLS: National Library Service for the Blind & RFB&D: Recording For the Blind & Dyslexic [USA] organizations utilizes proprietary encryption extensions to the DAISY standard. ...This is done to prevent unauthorized individuals, such as those who do not have a qualifying disablilty from accessing the materials. ” Wikipedia Blind Gadget]
  58. Sharp® SpaceTown® XMDF: ever-eXtending Mobile Document Format (Digital Rights Management: Encrypted Binary File) [1999 / April 30, 2011] [Japanese e-book format developed by Sharp for its Pocket Zaurus PDA: Personal Digital Assistant in 1999. Tim Conneally, Sharp unveils Galapagos e-readers to support Japanese XMDF e-book, e-Manga format, Beta News ©September 29, 2010 : Sharp on Monday announced its plans to launch an E-reader business in Japan under the name Galapagos which will include 2 Android-based E-book readers & a cloud-based bookstore [Galapagos Marketplace] with about 30,000 pieces of content. XMDF, already in use on millions of mobile phones in Japan, supports vertical text formatting & Ruby subscript characters (aka furigana), & lets publishers embed video, audio, & style effects in their documents.]
  59. YadaByte® TomeRaider .tr2 .tr3 (Proprietary Digital Rights Management) [1999] [UK: 4000+ electronicBooks on their website. Apple® iPhone & MicroSoft® Windows Mobile editions support full HTML: HyperText Markup Language. For PSION® Symbian there is only the older TomeRaider2 format, which does not render images. Palm Inc.® Palm: No tables, CSS: Cascading Style Sheets or font support.]
  60. Historical: Franklin Electronic Publishers® eBookMan Reader (Digital Rights Management: SEB: Secure eBookMan Binary, FUB: Frankin Universal Binary .fub, .seb) [RIP: Rest in Peace: Fall 2000–2002] [“The products were sold in BOOKMAN Book Card (MMC a.k.a Joint Electron Device Engineering Council® solid-state storage MultiMediaCard), digital (Franklin Reader, MobiPocket Reader), or other formats. The program used to read FUB & SEB files on this hardware was called the Franklin Reader.” – MobileRead: FUB Wiki]
  61. Historical: Hi® HI Reader™ .hi & .kml [2000] [Korean reader running emOS: Embedded Multimedia Operating System. MobileRead says 1st generation hardware of 2000 had poor battery management & dim backlight. DC: Direct Current socket suffers from oxidation & center pin failing after a couple of years. Reader supports KML, TXT: TeXT, MicroSoft®DOCument, HTML: HyperText Markup Language, MP3: Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits-Moving Pictures Experts Group Audio Level 3 in Korean, English, Chinese & Russian. – eBook Architects: Formats]
  62. Historical: MicroSoft® Literature Format .lit (Digital Rights Management: PassPort) [RIP: Rest In Peace: Aug 2000–Aug 15, 2011], MicroSoft® Live Search Books (Digitizer: Windows Live Publisher) [RIP: Rest in Peace: Dec 5, 2006–May 24, 2008], MSN: MicroSoft Network® Messenger Service a.k.a Windows Live Messenger (Digital Rights Management: MicroSoft Passport NETwork .NET Passport ID a.k.a Windows Live ID) [RIP: Rest in Peace: July 22, 1999–October 31, 2014], MSN: MicroSoft Network® Zune Marketplace (Digital Rights Management: JANUS Plays For Sure WMA: Windows Media Audio & WMV: Windows Media Video) [RIP: Rest in Peace: 2006–August 31, 2008], MicroSoft® Windows Marketplace for Mobile (Operating System: MicroSoft® Windows Mobile Classic a.k.a Windows CE: Compact Embedded a.k.a Windows Mobile Pocket/ PocketPC (April 19, 2000–February 2010) [RIP: Rest in Peace: October 6, 2009–May 8, 2012], Danger Inc® Download Fun [RIP: Rest In Peace: Oct 1, 2002–September 21, 2010], Nokia® Ovi: Finnish for Door Store (Operating System: Nokia Series 40/60 & PSION® Symbian^3 Telephones: Nokia® UMD: Universal Mobile Document Photobook .& Timex-Sinclair PSION: david edwin Potter Scientific Instruments ON Plc.® TCR: Text Compression for Reader .tcr (Barry Childress®) [Lepäärauhassa: May, 2009–January 25, 2012] & MicroSoft® Windows Phone Store (Digital Rights Management: Windows Live ID#) [October 21, 2010–Windows Phone Central: MicroSoft Supports Windows Phone 7 & 8 until July 8, 2014] [USA: Bill Gates at $72 billion on the Forbes List. Microsoft Reader E-Book System Comes To Its Conclusion, Devin Coldewey, AOL®TechCrunch ©August 15th, 2011: DRM-protected LIT files are only readable in the proprietary Microsoft Reader program, as the .LIT format, otherwise similar to Microsoft’s CHM: Compiled Help Manual format, includes Digital Rights Management: ConvertLit features. In August 2006 Amazon stopped selling DRMed Adobe® PDF & Microsoft® LIT format ebooks. Customers were unable to download purchased ebooks 30 days after that date. – Wikipedia: Obsolescence // Microsoft Will Shut Down Book Search Program, Miguel Helft, The New York Times ©May 24, 2008: 750,000 British Library books & 80 million journal articles digitized. “We certainly expect to go on with this,” said Carole Moore, chief librarian at the University of Toronto. “Corporate sponsors are interested in whatever works for their commercial interests & their shareholders. Long-term preservation is not something you can look to the commercial sector to provide. It is what research libraries have always done.” // Mainland China, the only country left who has it, moving to Skype. Messenger discontinued in 2013 after MicroSoft bought Skype Technologies. / Every month songs became useless until the Zune was synchronized back with Microsoft Online. In April 2008, Microsoft sent an e-mail to former customers of the now-defunct MSN Music Store: “As of August 31, 2008, we will no longer be able to support the retrieval of license keys for the songs you purchased from MSN Music or the authorizaton of additional computers. You will need to obtain a license key for each of your songs downloaded from MSN Music on any new computer, & you must do it before August 31, 2008. If you attempt to transfer your songs to additional computers after August 31, 2008, those songs will not successfully play.” – Wikipedia: Digital Rights Management. / “Windows Mobile was the predecessor of Windows Phone & these 2 operating systems should not be confused, because the operating systems are completely different: ...thus Windows Mobile cannot be updated to Windows Phone.” Wikipedia “The service was available for use directly on Windows Mobile 6.x devices & on personal computers. It was announced at the 2009 Mobile World Congress, & began operation on 6 October 2009, featuring an initial 246 applications.” The last version of Windows Mobile, released after the announcement of Windows Phone, is 6.5.5. After that, MicroSoft worked on Windows Phone. / For the Danger Hiptop/pre-2011 T-Mobile Sidekick phone running the Danger Operating System. Andrew E. Rubin, co-founder of Danger, is founder of Android, Inc. “Danger, Inc., a company that was bought by Microsoft in February 2007.” On February 28, 2011 Engadget reported Microsoft would discontinue Danger’s cloud service on May 31, 2011. After that date, Sidekicks would no longer have access to any data services, though voice service would still function. / UK: London: Text Compression for Reader a file format used by the PSION: david edwin Potter Scientific Instruments ON electronic-book reader software. In 1998 PSION: david edwin Potter Scientific Instruments ON renamed its EPOCh graphical operating system Symbian & spun it off into a separate corporation. “Psion registered the trademark NETBOOK in various territories, including European Union Community Trade Mark 000428250 & U.S. Trademark 75,215,401, which was applied for on 18 December 1996 & registered by USPTO: United States Patent &Trademark Office on 21 November 2000. ...INTEL [INTegrated ELectronics] began use of the term netbook in March 2008 as a generic term to describe ‘small laptops that are designed for wireless communication & access to the Internet’, In response to the growing use of this term, on 23 December 2008 Psion Teklogix sent cease & desist letters to various parties including enthusiast website(s) demanding they no longer use the term. Similar marks were rejected by the USPTO: United States Patent &Trademark Office citing a ‘likelihood of confusion’ under section 2(d), ...Psion withdrew from the consumer devices marketplace in 2001. It was announced on 15 June 2012 that Motorola Solutions had agreed to buy the company for $200 million.” MicroSoft finalized purchasing Nokia in September 2013, laying off 18,000 people. The Finland Headquarters is now called Microsoft Mobile. CEO: Stephen Elop. Nokia inventor of HSUPA: High-Speed Uplink Packet Access 3G telephone standard. Nokia mobile telephone ebooks are made with MicroSoft.net & MBookMaker. Cover photo is a JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group <16KB. / Jamie Rigg, Microsoft’s Switch to Windows Phone app for Android attempts to prove you’re not missing out, Engadget © April 30th 2013 9:15PM: “Ever since its launch, Windows Phone has faced criticism for lacking a broad app selection compared with its main mobile OS competitors. Microsoft is out to convince users otherwise, & in a rather cheeky move, has launched the Switch to Windows Phone app for Android. Available now on the Google Play store, the app takes note of all the software currently on your Android handset & sends those details to SkyDrive. Add that SkyDrive account on a WP8 device, & you’ll be offered official WP8 apps which correspond to the ones found on your Android phone, or apps that match up best if official versions aren’t available.” Update: Store has moved on to Windows Phone 10 as of November 20, 2015 which according to Wikipedia uses the Windows NT: New Technology Network Operating System framework/kernel by David Cutler (1942–). MicroSoft’s File Hosting Service SkyDrive, previously Windows Live, is now called OneDrive with 5GB available for a phone. Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice in England ruled Sky Broadcasting has sole use of the term SkyDrive in July 2013. It has a Starbucks® application along with Apple® iOS 8.0 & Google® Android Jellybean™. Olde Starbucks® apps don’t work says Customer Service. Windows 10: Home, Pro, Pro Education, Enterprise, Education, IoT Core, Mobile & Mobile Enterprise. “Although marketed as a converged platform, & as with Windows Phone 8, using a Windows NT-based kernel, Windows 10 Mobile still cannot run Win32 desktop applications, & is compatible with software designed for Windows Phone 8” For a desktop computer to run it you need a minimum of a 1 GHz speed processor with NX bit, SSE2, PAE, 2 GigaBytes of RAM: Random Access Memory installed inside & 16 GigaBytes of hard disk space. Windows XP: eXPerience required a Pentium 233MHz speed processor, 64MB RAM: Random Access Memory & 1.5 GigaByte disc space & it looks like Vista back in ’06 was the beginning of needing a hard drive 15× bigger.]
  63. Ceriance Corporation® RepliGo® .rgo (Propietary Digital Rights Management) [2000] [USA: CO: Fort Collins: No sound or interactivity. Image & table support. Convert MicroSoft® Office documents & web pages viewed in Internet Explorer 5.5>. For: Google® Android™, PSION® Symbian, Palm Inc.® Palm, MicroSoft® Windows Pocket PC, RIM® BlackBerry]
  64. DNAML Pty Ltd.® DNL Reader .dnl .exe (Digital Rights Management: Internal ecommerce System) [2000] [Australia: Windows does not require any other programs to view it. Digital Rights 1 computer only. Android 1.6 DNL Reader 1.2: 4MB: Pathetic! Can’t even Sign up. Does not find books in their own catalogue! Keeps crashing. What a mess! ...– Google® Play™]
  65. Bryce Yancey® YanCEyWare electronicBook Directory .ybk [2002] [Reveal LDS Reader for Android™ $0: Supports: YBK: Yancey BooK, OEB: Open Electronic Book. Catalogs: YanceyWare, Gutenberg, Mormon/Bible/Christian downloads.]
  66. CDisplay® Comic Book Reader .cbr (RAR) Comic Book Archive .cba (ACE) .cbz (ZIP) .cb7 (7z) .cbt (TAR) [RIP: Rest in Peace: July 2003-April 2004] Voyage Group® Androbook [Icon is a Comic Balloon: CDisplay’s inventor David Ayton died in April 2004. His MicroSoft Windows program for Win 98-NT-XP-Vista-7 compiled with Borland C++ Builder 5.0 ended at version 1.8 & popularized the comic book archive file format. Loads JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group, PNG; Portable Network Graphic, & GIF: Graphic Interchange File images alphabetically; presenting them for viewing 1 or 2 at a time.“CBR’s are zipped folders of JPEGs; if you rename the file as a .zip & extract it to a folder *anything* that can do slideshows can display them. Even a DVD: Digital Versatile Disc player on a TV.”]
  67. Dmitry Gribov® FB: FictionBook .fb2 (NO Digital Rights Management) [2004] Alex Yanchenko® Wordoholic Reader for Android™ [Russia: 1 XML: eXtended Markup Language file. Images are converted to Base64 & reside inside the binary tag, so the size of the embedded images is increased 37%. Often FictionBook files are distributed inside Zip archives & do not need to be extracted to read. Russian Booksellers: Biblion [1999], DDC: Digital Distribution Center® BestKniga [April 2010] [“> 30,000 titles. It works with dozens of publishers, including AST, Eksmo & AdMarginem.” – Digital Publishing in developing countries]
  68. Interaxive Media® Flip Books Format a.k.a Nishe® Pages (Digital Rights Management: FlipFeed Digital Publishing System) [August 2004] [Hong Kong: E-Book distinguished by virtual pages that actually “flip”, much like turning pages of paper in a real book or magazine. “Powered by a complete server-based CMS: Content Management System that allows the books to be created, published, & viewed remotely from a web server without requiring any custom software to be installed. Though not widely used outside of Asia, it is now at version 3.0. It remains privately held by the original developer, Ryan Sutherland, owner & founder of Interaxive Media.” – Mike Rounds, Comparison of 25 e-book formats ©2009.]
  69. Beijing University Founder Electronics Co. Ltd® APABI: Author Publisher Artery Buyer Internet Reader & Publisher® China .ceb, .xeb (Digital Rights Management: Encoded Binary File) [2006] [China: 2nd largest personal computer vendor in China. Calis Reference , China Yearbook Database, China Ancient Book Database, & China Corpus Juris Database.]
  70. 超星数字图书馆: Beijing SuperStar Information Tech. Ltd.® ChinaMaxx Library: Chao xing ji tuan shen zhou ke chuang ji shou xian gong xi® .pdg (SSReader® Format Not Published) [September 4, 2007] [China: OCR. “The company scanned a huge number of Chinese books in the China National Library. There are also some other commercial e-book formats used in Chinese digital libraries.” Rm 710 Tower C, BGM Tech Center, #9 3rd St. Shangdi, Haidian District, Beijing (Peking), CN 100085.]
  71. Zinio Publishing & Technology Services Company® Zinio .zno (Digital Rights Management) [November 2009] [San Francisco, CA, USA: Offices in London, Paris, Barcelona & Taipei. Privately held by Gilvest LP, an investment entity owned by entrepreneur David H. Gilmour of Fiji Water, Barrick Gold & the South Pacific Hotel Corporation. MicroSoft® Windows, Apple® Macintosh OSX, Apple® iPhone/iPad, BlackBerry Ltd.® BlackBerry, Google® Android™ Frozen Yogurt. “‘There’s something of a relationship between economic success & inequality, ’ said Alan Berube, a Senior Fellow at Brookings, ‘In San Francisco skyrocketing housing costs may increasingly preclude low-income residents from living in the city altogether’, the Brookings Institution study said. ...San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said in an editorial published Thursday (Valentine’s Day) that ‘working families cannot support themselves on the (city’s) current minimum wage of $10.74 an hour’” Josh Boak, Wealth Gap is Widest in Some Affluent U.S. Cities, [Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington, NY, Chicago, LA / Seattle, Denver, Austin, Jacksonville, Miami, Baltimore, Tuscon, Albuquerque, Cleveland, Indianopolis, Milwaukee], Associated Press ©Feb 20, 2014]
  72. Haodoo® Cbook u.pdb [2010] [China: Supports PalmSource® PalmPilot DataBase: .pdb (big5 Chinese encoded). Notes: Strictly a Chinese reader with vertical text layout. “Vertical layout styles applicable to books with a language code indicating Chinese, Japanese or Korean with an expected mix of Han characters, hiragana, katakana, &/or hangul.”]
  73. Conrad Wolfram Research® CDF: Computable Document Format .cdf [July 21, 2011] [USA: “Interact with online documents, input their own data, & generate results live. ‘So imagine an illustration of atoms in a textbook. In CDF: Computable Document Format, the atoms would be seen moving. A student could then, in an experiment, alter certain elements by inputting data & the atoms would react, bouncing madly within the document box, as was demonstrated in the briefing... Infographics, those illustrative representations of complex information, are popular, but rather dead according to Wolfram. ‘They are fixed. Now you can input your own information for live computation. Imagine a growing news story on earthquakes’, he says, with live graphics that change with seismic conditions. ...The apps include Blood Spatter Trigonometry, live knitting charts, Galileo’s Experiment at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, & Refrigerator poetry. ...CDFs can currenly be authored using Mathematica8.” — Kathy Ishizuka, Wolfram Launchs PDF Killer: New digital format makes static documents interactive, USA: School Library Journal, RLG: Robert L. Johnson Equity Partners® MSI: Media Source Inc.® ©July 21, 2011]
    E-Book Websites
  1. Michael S. Hart® Project Gutenberg [1971] [The granddaddy of all e-book pages, Project Gutenberg founded the same year as the text format has volunteers adding pre-1923 books (novels, plays, poetry, works of nonfiction) to its collection continually. Choose a version ending in .txt to view immediately on your computer screen. Gutenberg eReader in Android MarketPlace $2.99 supports text & html.]
  2. Der Spiegel® Projekt Gutenberg-DE [1994] [Gunther Hille: Projekt Gutenberg-DE claims copyrights on all its products. In 2004 the German project ran a proofreading website using Distributed Proofreaders software, without mentioning the resulting books would not be as free as those of the American project. “People started proofreading in good faith, only to find out later that the fruits of their labour would receive a copyright claim & be sold, without renumeration going to the volunteers.” Distraught Wikipedia author suggests the Nemesis-Archive (Greek nemos: Sacred Grove) of German literature. – Heise News]
  3. University of Pennsylvania Library® Online Books Page [1993] [Online reading & PDF download: Listing >30,000 Books on the Web. Foreign Languages. Edited by John Mark Ockerbloom.]
  4. ABU: L’Association des Bibliophiles Universeles® la Bibliothèque Universelle [April 1993] [Paris: The Association of Universal Book Lovers is dedicated to producing e-text versions of public domain French texts. In France a Bibliothèque is the equivalent of a USA Library, while the French Librarie is a bookseller store. “L’accès libre au texte intégrale d’oeuvres du domaine public francophone sur Internet depuis 1993. 288 textes de 101 auteurs.”]
  5. Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science® ULIB: Universal LIBrary (formerly The Million Book Project) [1996] & Carnegie-Mellon University® Panopto Video [Free-to-read public-domain books in many languages, using OCR: Optical Character Recognition to enable full text searching. Mirror sites in India, China, Internet Archive, Bibliotheca Alexandrina. “Books that have been scanned to date are not yet all available online, & no single site has copies of all the books that are available online. In partnership with the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization, the United States National Agricultural Library, & university libraries with quality agriculture collections, the project is digitizing materials & developing plans for a knowledge network.” Partners: NSF: National Science Foundation, University of California Libraries at Merced, Digital Library of India, Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, 22 scanning centers in India, 18 centers in China, including a mega-center in a free-trade zone to avoid customs delays with shipments of books from the United States, Egypt & Hawaii. – Wikipedia]
  6. Michio Tomita® Aozora Bunko: Blue Sky Library [1997] [Japanese digital library also known as the Open Air Library created to provide broadly available, free access to Japanese literary works whose copyrights had expired. Driving force behind the project was 1 man — Michio Tomita. Files can be downloaded in PDF format or viewed in HTML format. — Wikipedia]
  7. Maatschappij der Nederlandse Letterkunde® DBNL: Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren: Society of Dutch Literature® Digital Library for Dutch Literature [1999] [Editor: René van Stipriaan. Contains 1000s of literary texts.]
  8. University of Alicante® BVMC: Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes ò MCDL: Miguel de Cervantes Digital Library [1999] [Alicante, Spain: 1st digital archive of Spanish-language texts on the Internet. Miguel de Cervantes is a 16th century Spanish author. Books are in TEI® XML: eXtended Markup Language format. Àreas: Literatura Española, Biblioteca Americana, Biblioteca Joan Lluis Vives, Letras Galegas.]
  9. Bibliotecas Rurales Argentinas: Biblioteca Virtual Universal: Argentine Rural Libraries Assocation® Universal Virtual Library [1999] [Crecer Project: Cambiar idioma: change language: Spanish, English, French, Italian. Contador: Dr. Juan Carlos Ostrovsky. Bibliotecas Latinamericanas: Godoy Cruz 2087 CP 1414, Ciudad de Buenos, Argentina]
  10. TifloNexos® TifloLibros [1999] [Buenos Aires, Argentina: Primera biblioteca digital para ciegos de habla hispana: 1st Spanish-speaking digital repository for the blind: Adolfo Alsina 2604, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 1090.]
  11. Elaleph [April 17, 1999] [Argentina: 3 de Febrero 2274 6B, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires 1428: Spanish book seller.]
  12. Libros en Red [2000] [Argentina: Spanish e-book seller. Free s: libros gratis: ¡Publica tu libro! Somos pioneros en edicón en e-book y en papel. ¡Y ahora también editamos tu libro en Amazon® Kindle Edition y en Barnes & Noble® Nook Book!]
  13. Todo.com [2001] [1st seller of ebooks in Spanish]
  14. Institute of Peruvian Studies® La Biblioteca Virtual de Cholonautas [2001] [Acesso gratuita: Free access: Virtual Library specializing in social sciences. This title caught my attention: No más danzas de ratones grises: sobre interculturalidad, democracia y educación, López, Luis Enrique.]
  15. BooksOnBoard Store [2006] [Austin, TX, USA: Ebooks & audiobooks in 6 different formats. According to Wikipedia the 1st to sell ebooks for Apple® iPhones in 2008.]
  16. Loïc Roussel, Hadrien Gardeur, David Julien® Feedbooks [June 2006] [Public domain digital library based in Paris, France. E-books with high-quality typesetting in multiple formats: EPUB, Kindle, & PDF.]
  17. Zenodot Verlagsgesellschaft GmbH® Zeno [September 2007] [Pronounced tseno: Digital library with German texts, started by Zenodot, a German publishing house & sister enterprise of Directmedia Publishing GmbH. The largest fulltext online digital library in the German language. – Volltextbibliothek Zeno.org startet mit kostenlosem Lesenmaterial, Heise Online, ©September 30, 2007]
  18. Cuneform Digital Library Initiative, Marefa, Nashiri, Project Laurens Janzoon Coster, Project Sugita Genpaku, The Latin Library
  19. Europeana [November 20, 2008] [3 million digital objects: films, photos, paintings, sounds, maps, manuscripts, books, newspapers & archival papers from the past 2,000 years & >1,000 institutions in the 27 EU states. EU Information Society Commissioner Vivian Reding. Connecting our cultural heritage — Wired Magazine]
  20. Ventus Publishing® BookBoon [1988] [Denmark: No registration: PDF books for students & travelers. — Stockton, CA Library]
  21. Book Yards [2002] [Canada: Pick a language flag at top. Videos, search engine.Classic Romantic French & English Authors: Honoré de Balzac, Yeats, Chaucer. Pierre Lefebvre, 5000 Industriel /15, St. Eustache, Québéc J7R53]
  22. DigBib: Digital Bibliotek [March 17, 2004] [An archive of German literature. Karl-Marx-Str. 175, Berlin, 2043, DE]
  23. EBook Lobby [2008] [UK: Categories range from business, art, computing & education. Some are online & some are links to other websites for a download. Adam Gaines, 52 Mitford Close, Washington, NE380HB GB]
  24. StartSpot Mediaworks, Inc.™ Book Spot™ [1997] [USA: No registration: Free PDF files. 1033 University Pl, Suite 420, Evanston, IL 60201]
  25. MathThinking Technologies Inc.® Free ComputerBooks [1998] [Computer, Programming, Mathematics, Technical Books, Lecture Notes & Tutorials. 12 top level categories, & over 150 sub-categories. — HKDC: HongKiat, 20 Best Websites to Download Free e-Books, Domains by Proxy LLC. & Nels Dzyre, 10 Free Android Video Editors To Help Perfect Your Videos On-The-Go, HongKiat ©2018: HongKiat uses Google® DoubleClick, DART Cookie & Web Beacons. “If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email at me[at]hongkiat[dot]com. ©2018” Fresh Squeezed Apps® VidStitch (Combine photos, videos & soundtrack into a collage for Instagram. Battery hog.), Zeoxy® AndroVid Video Editor Pro (UK: Dorset: 3 Innes Ct. Station Rd. Merge, split, trim & transcode videos on-the-go. Add text, music, & effects.), NexStreaming Corp® KineMaster (Korea: Apple® iPhone & Google® Android™ :-\ $4.99 per month to remove watermark. Import Video Formats: Commission électrotechnique internationale® Motion joint Photographics Experts Group 4th Dimension .mp4 1999, 3rd Generation Partnership Project® .3gp, Apple® Quicktime™ Movie .mov 1993: All 3: ITU: International Telegraph Union’ Video Coding Experts Group® H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile & AAC: Advanced Audio Coding LC: Low Complexity /PCM: Pulse Code Modulation, Export Video Format: .mp4 with H.264 Baseline & AAC: Advanced Audio Coding LC: Low Complexity, Sajid Mamsa, KineMaster: How To Add Barn Door On Transition In Android Phone {Hindi - Urdu} #SAJID [Episodes - 5], Google® YouTube Video ©Dec 21, 2017), antvPlayer® Media Converter (Convert videos into  Commission électrotechnique internationale® .mp4 1999 that KineMaster likes, 3rd Generation Partnership Project® 3gp, MicroSoft® AVI: Audio Video Interleave Format 1992, Commission électrotechnique internationale® MPEG: Motion joint Photographic Experts Group & Adobe® FLV: FLash Video formats), (Google® Play) Roman 10® VidCon: Video Convertor Android™ (837kB. Compatible with Android™ Éclair 2.0>: Battery hog. Alka Saha, Techgyd.com “ffmpeg library support allows it to convert any video format to mpeg4 & h.264 videos including formats like Microsoft® ASF: Advanced Systems Format, WMV: Windows Media Video & AVI: Audio Video Interleave, Adobe® FLash Video, Commission électrotechnique internationale® MPEG: Motion joint Photographic Experts Group & DV4: Digital Video 4 est. 1995, Xiph® OGG & OGV, Real Networks® RM: Real Media, Google® WEBM est. 2010, Rovi® DIVX: DIgital Video eXpress [3 DivX CODECs: COmpressionDEcompressions; the original MPEG-4 Part 2 est. 2001, H.264/MPEG-4 HD: High Definition & HEVC: High Efficiency Video Coding Ultra HD.], Steve Lhomme® MKV: MatrosKa Video est. 2002, Apple® QuickTime™ MOVie. ”.Extract audio into Frauenhofer® MP3 or AAC: Advanced Audio Coding. Maintain original quality by adjusting settings of the video.), QuVideo Inc.® VivaVideo Pro (China: Pro unlocks Watermark & 5 Minute Duration Limit. Matt Dunn claims a Caller ID Trojan on regular version. 4/18/2018. Sky Kelsey This app is malware. It will send ad tracking information each time you install another app 4/12/2018), Wondershare Software Hong Kong Ltd.® FilmoraGo (Hong Kong: Developer: Ivan Guo, Flat/Rm. 901, 9/F Finance Building, 245 Des Voeux Rd. Central: Supports 9:16 portrait project ratio for mobile telephones. Transitions & Filter Effects. Export Video Format: .mp4 with H.264 Baseline & AAC: Advanced Audio Coding LC: Low Complexity. Filmora Title at end.), CyberLink Corp.® PowerDirector Pro est. 2014 & ActionDirector Mobile Video Editor est. 2016 (Taiwan: Jau Huang. PowerDirector Version 3 for Android™ Gingerbread to Marshmallow operating systems, Version 4 for Jellybean to Oreo operating systems. Fee to unlock & remove watermarks.)]
  26. John Eye® getfreeëbooks: ALL THE EBOOKS YOU NEED [2007]
  27. Many Books [Free ebooks in multiple languages]
  28. PDFbooks [2007] [Zaire: 4,700 downloadable public domain e-books.]
  29. Gustavo Vega® Read Easily [September 23, 2005] [México: Online library designed to provide you an adaptive reading experience! Apartado Postal #157, Cuautitlan Izcalli 54701 MX]
  30. Huang Lang® Shucang [May 14, 2011] [Canada: Chinese. Huang Lang, Blue Cross Centre, 3rd Floor, 644 Main St. Moncton, New Brunswick E1C9J8]
    9 Apps for Printing From Your Android Phone, By James Adams | 21 October 2010
  1. Mobile Dynamix® Printershare™ Premium [Demo, $12.95]: The app will use the Wi-Fi network to locate printers. Select contacts, web pages, or pictures you wish to print & press the button. The version of Printershare will print test pages & up to 20 pages. The premium version removes those limitations. [2017 “Print on nearby wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth™) & direct USB-OTG connected printers, Print on Windows shared (SMB/CIFS) or Mac shared printers; Print via Google Cloud Print .”]
  2. BreezyPrint Corporation® Breezyprint [$]: Works with any specified printer over the wireless network. 14-day Trial. Windows drivers only. [“Dear CNET, You have missed the point of the exercise ENTIRELY. It is about printing from the phone WITHOUT the computer! If I have to go to the other room & hit the power button to TURN ON the PC to print, I might as well HIT THE PRINT button after I press the power button. No app or service needed for that. No registration required. I wanted to print to my NETWORK printer which is NOT attached to the PC. It is attached to my WiFi ROUTER. I would LIKE to send a PDF from the phone TO THE IP of my printer, which is on the same WiFi LAN as my phone. As I do from: my laptop, my PC, my PDA. Having to turn on the PC or running it & subsidizing ComED on the off-chance I MIGHT wanna print a page or 2 one day = FAIL!” TomaszK1 – CNET® Android Atlas]
  3. Seikikōgaku kenkyūsho 精機光學研究所: Precision Optical Industry Co. Ltd.® Canon キヤノン株式会社® Easy PhotoPrint [$0]: Japan: For Canon® Pixma wireless inkjet printers. For Google® Android™ 1.6>, Apple® iOs, MicroSoft® Windows Phone 7.0>. [30-2 Shimomaruko 3-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 146-8501. TYO: 7751, NYSE: CAJ. ¥3.557 trillion. Founder: Goro Yoshida, Takeshi Mitarai, Saburo Uchida. Chairman & CEO: Fujio Mitarai. Canon after Buddhist bodhisattva Guan Yin: The Goddess of Mercy, known in Japanese as Kannon. Ichiro Endo is the inventor of the Canon® Bubble Jet Printer in 1985, The World’s 1st inkjet printer. Inkjets use dye-based ink that fades under direct light & is not waterproof without specialized coating or lamination after printing. U.S Patent 6,319,530 food-grade color edible ink cartridges print on rice paper/frosting sheets. Trend: lightfast pigment ink. Professional wide format printers employing a wider range of inks (solvent, acrylic, fabric), most of which require piezo inkjet heads & extensive maintenance. When a microchip reports cartridge is empty or out of date the printer stops printing. Service codes & circuit ‘flashers’. Tracking dots. Canon’s 1st laser printer, dry all-in-1 toner cartridge with CD-player laser for Canon® PC: Personal Copier-20 (1982. Toner #LBP-CX), HP® LaserJet (1984: No Adobe® PostScript® Toner #HP92285A), Apple® LaserWriter (1985: Adobe® PostScript®/Haloid XeroX–Diablo Data Systems® Diablo 630 [Daisywheel]. Toner cartridge #M0180. A 77lb beast :-)). “The concept was to package the printer toner with all the other components that tended to wear out & require service (e.g. photoconductive drum, charging & cleaning systems) in a customer replaceable cartridge. When the toner was depleted, the customer plugged in a new cartridge & in effect had an almost new printer.” Used until Canon’s 600dpi Microfine Toner of 1992. – Jim Hall, HP LaserJet — The Early History (PDF: Portable Document File) USA: Boise, Idaho: Hewlett-Packard ©2011]
  4. CyCom Technology Corp.® CyPria [¥450]: Japanese, English, Chinese: Supported Seiko Epson セイコーエプソン株式会社® Stylus Wi-Fi inkjet printers. [“Epson® Aculaser printer is not a PostScript printer, nor does Epson sell any optional PostScript software drivers for purchase. The regular printer driver that comes with the printer does not understand EPS: Encapsulated PostScript formats, which is why images may not print or will appear bit-mapped or pixilated if they do.” Epson® Claria inks smudge easily. Epson has lost their court cases due to ink.] [iProof Systems Inc.® PowerRIP™ ScreenPrint PostScript® 3™ Compatible Print Driver (2006 DRM: Online Activation Code: Apple® OSX 10.2–10.4) For 15 models of Epson Stylus Inkjet Colour Printer: Pro 4000, 4800, Color 1520, 3000, Photo 1270, 1280, 1290, R1800, 2100, 2200, R2400, Color Pro 7600, 7800, 9600, 9800. Make a Composite Proof from DCS: Desktop Color Separations: Quark® 6, Adobe® InDesign® CS, Adobe® Acrobat 7 CMYK Aldus® TIFF: Tag Image File Format 2400 resolution, Adobe® Illustrator 10. 56 step iProof Press Color Match™ colorbars. “Evaluate your proofs in standard lighting conditions such as 5000 kelvin brightness, or in daylight preferably within 3 feet of a north window. Soft natural daylight is the key to proper illumination.” ]
  5. Hewlett-Packard® HP iPrint Photo & Hewlett-Packard® Snapfish Photo Printing Service [$0]: USA: iPrint for HP Wi-Fi Printers. New with HP iPrint photo: Print Adobe® PDF: Portable Document Files, full page printing: A4, letter or legal size paper. [HP® Business Inkjet 2600 PostScript 3 Emulation, HP® DesignJet 120 PostScript 3, HP® 10PS Proofer w/CtP Harlequin RIP/HP RIP. Aug 5, 2011: Suggestions for personal PostScript® Level 3™ Printer? Xerox® Phaser 3250N monochome, Dell® 3110DN. Scott W: “HP: Hewlett–Packard® PCL: Printer Command Language means nothing on a Mac. For Macs it’s either Adobe® PostScript® or Apple Computer® Easy Software Solutions® CUPS: Common UNIX: Uniplexed Information & Computing Service®, Printing System & CUPS is not great.” – Adobe Forums.]
  6. Burazā ブラザー工業株式会社® Brother iPrint & Scan [$]: Nagoya, Japan: For Brother Wi-Fi Printers. Print up to 5 4×6 in. copies of a document. [TYO: 6448. ¥497 billion. Founded 1908 as Yasui Sewing Machine Co. Chairman: Yoshihiro Yasui. Laser models that have Adobe® PostScript®3™ & Color Inkjet All-in-Ones. BL_3/BR: BRother-Script® 3™ is their postscript language emulation printer driver. “When printing a Adobe® PDF: Portable Document File that uses fonts that are not embedded in the file, characters may be replaced with characters of a different font, or may be garbled.”]
  7. Samsung: 3 Stars: 삼성전자® Samsung MobilePrint [$0]: Korea: For Samsung Wi-Fi Printers only. Print directly by Wi-Fi. For Android™ 2.1>, Apple® iPhone OS 3.2> & MicroSoft® Windows Phone 7>
    Replace your laptop with a tablet, by Patrick Miller, PC World, September 2011: Tablets are slick, lightweight, & fast. No wonder they’re the new tech hotness. If you still can’t imagine letting go of your beloved laptop, here are a few tips to help make your transition to a tablet easier.
  1. First, be sure to get a good virtual network computing app so that you can log in to your home or work PC from your tablet over an Internet connection. A VNC app serves as an inexpensive & highly practical insurance policy in case you run into an application or website that your tablet can’t handle. In a recent roundup of remote-login apps, we rated LogMeIn Ignition ($30) as our top choice on the iOS side, & Dell® Wyse Pocket-Cloud Pro ($15) as the best option on the Android side.
  2. While you’re at it, deck out your tablet with a few sweet office-productivity apps: RIM: Research In Motion® DataViz® DocumentsToGo ($15, iOS/ Android) & Google® Quickoffice HD ($15, iOS/Android) should cover basic office-document writing & editing needs.
  3. iPad owners who pine for a laptop’s physical layout (& its hardware keyboard) might like the $120 ClamCase, which functions as an all-in-one iPad case, stand, & Bluetooth keyboard (accessories that you’d probably buy anyway) & resembles a laptop. With the ClamCase, you can switch to a standard laptop layout whenever you need to buckle down & get serious work done.
    Beckett Media LLC® Beckett Guide to Phone Apps Magazine Your Guide to Smartphone Security: 6 ways to protect your phone – & your personal data – from vicious hackers, by William Bonin, Jr, Issue #7: October 2011: 4635 McEwan Road, Dallas, TX, USA 75244. +1-972-991-6657. ISSN: 2158-608X. $9.99 USA, President: Brian Gulledge, Editor: Erin Lang Mascerola, Art Director: Chelsea Harrison, Ad Traffic & Digital Coordinator: Patty Burnell. Published 4 times a year. ...More & more smartphone owners are learning the hard way that viruses, spyware & phishing attacks are as prevalent on smartphones as they are on PCs.
  1. Set your phone to lock after a period of time & set up a password on your phone — Ponemon Institute
  2. Remote wipe: erase all the data on your phone if lost. Netqin Antivirus from Shanghai remotely locates, locks, or erases a lost phone.
  3. Beware 3rd Party Apps: “As more & more smartphones become available, one of the great advantages is a growing app market that doesn’t require you to purchase apps from a single vendor. But that blessing can also be a curse: The lack of central oversight of the apps available in the marketplace opens the door for hijinks. If your smartphone is linked to an approved app store then you don’t have much to worry about. However, even Android Market, the official app store for Android phones, has found a number of ill-intended applications available on its shelves. WARNING: Apps purchased through 3rd party sites are particularly susceptible to infestation” Trend Micro estimates 45% of smartphone users have been victims of malware attacks. Lookout Inc® Lookout Mobile Security scans for malware & spyware.
  4. Clamp Down on Permissions: “What to do if you must purchase 3rd party apps? When applications install, they ask your permission to access certain data on your phone. Don’t just blindly accept all of these requests. Does a Solitaire game really need access to your contacts? If a permission request seems suspicious don’t accept it. See if the app will work properly without the permission. And if not, do a little investigating on your own to see if the app developer has a bad reputation.”
  5. Careful with the Bluetooth: Discovery feature turned off will not advertise your phone is available for connecting to. Mentions stealing data as bluesnarfing. “If you use a Bluetooth, be careful where you use it – the public Wi-Fi may end up costing you in the end!”
  6. Don’t lend your phone to strangers. Don’t respond to text messages or follow links in text messages you receive from an unknown sender. Don’t allow social networking applications to have access to your contacts, passwords or log-ins. Don’t use your personal smartphone for business unless you’ve taken steps to secure your company’s confidential business data. Kryptos Communications® Kryptos @$4.99 month & NitroDesk® TouchDown Exchange encryption for business. (Nearby ad for VegasSports® Sports Gambling Software).
    Android software mentioned in issue:

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